7 free VIP Row alternatives & substitutes

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What is VIP Row?

VIP Row is a sports streaming site that lets its users watch across various different sporting events and matches from different parts of the world. 

The website has design elements that seem borrowed from other similarly named websites, such as VIP League and VIP Box, for that matter. 

It’s probably because they are all made and distributed by the same group of people and developers. 

Regardless of its design elements, VIP Row has been in a bit of a lull lately; that can be because of its quality or maybe because the developers aren’t able to focus on the site when they have so similar sites to focus on. Here is our detailed review on How to watch football for free.

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Reason to look for sites like VIP Row

Reason 1 – Not accessible 

The number one reason to look for any site’s alternative is the fact that they aren’t accessible to use. 

There could be a number of reasons as to why this has happened, the most obvious being that it is an illegally streaming website and has been taken down by the officials for copyright infringement.

If that’s the case, then you should definitely check out some other alternatives to the website.

Reason 2 – Compatibility issues

Usually, with such websites, there isn’t much compatibility anyway because you only get to watch the streams from your browser only. 

But some of these websites have started to get compatible with your smartphone’s browser as well so that you can tune in from your phone and stream the matches on the go as well. 

That’s not the case with VIP Row. You can only access VIP Row’s website if you are on your desktop or a laptop, which is a shame because many people love to watch their sports on different devices.

Reason 3 – Pop-up ads 

Pop-up ads are very annoying, and more so if you are watching an important match and with a single click of a button, you are welcomed by more pop-up ads that distract you from your game.

Well, that’s the basic experience you could expect if you ever decided to stream your games on VIP Row because it has been home to many pop-up ads, and they are always no fun, even if you use an ad-blocker.

Best VIP Row Alternatives



LiveTV has the most generic name you could ever find for any website ever. But the services it provides are not generic, so you are in safe hands. 

LiveTV.sx has been a website that has been working since 2006, according to the website, which makes this website one of the earliest websites that streams online content. And that is pretty impressive.

There are some other things also that are pretty impressive for such a vintage site; let’s start discussing them.

What we liked about LiveTV.sx

LiveTV.sx has a good content library for a website this old; you basically get to watch the majority of the big sporting events such as NHL, NBA, NFL, and even more. 

It also claims that it also streams FIFA, but I highly doubt that simply because FIFA streaming is very expensive and is something that is very heavily controlled and practised so that sites like VIP Row don’t easily stream it online.

What we didn’t like about LiveTV.sx

LiveTV.sx has the most basic website that you will ever find on any live sports streaming website. Granted, it is a website that was launched in 2006, but that doesn’t mean that it has to look like one as well.

The website also shares a commonality with VIP Row, which is the fact that you won’t be able to stream any sports on this website if you are accessing it via your smartphone. Which again seems very 2006-ish. 

Why did we choose LiveTV.sx as a VIP Row alternative?

Granted, VIP Row has a better website than LiveTV. That’s where its advantages end.

LiveTV.sx is a website that has a fairly good amount of streams available when compared to other sites like VIP Row. 

It has some of the better features and streaming quality and definitely feels like a better version of VIP Row.

Review and rating of LiveTV.sx

LiveTV.sx is not a perfect website by any means. It has some proper flaws here and there that I have mentioned above. But it is a website that works, and it works well! 

The website has a lot of sporting events and matches to offer to its common audience, and because of this, it seems pretty great as it commits to the promise it makes about streaming sports.

It has a great community of people who are most active and like to support the website, and because of this, I would be rating LiveTV.sx 3/5 stars.

Sport Surge

sport surge

Sport Surge is another website that goes to many lengths to bring you the best sporting links available online to you. Sport Surge was a website whose primary focus used to be NBA, NFL, and MLB.

But over the years, they have gone above and beyond to start streaming other content like Football, UFC, MotoGP and more. So, you do have a lot many choices now when compared to earlier.

What we liked about Sport Surge

Sport Surge has a great user interface to start with, it is nice, neat, and clean, and you can basically tell what is going on on its website. It also has a dark mode available on it, so that is an extra plus point.

Sport Surge has been popular for its no-ad policy on its website. So you wouldn’t have to worry about the nonsensical ads bothering you again and again while you are watching your favourite sport!

This is a great point because so many times, the websites just are overpowered with ads and pop-up ads that ruin the overall experience!

What we didn’t like about Sport Surge

Sport Surge, at the moment, is currently in its beta version, so you will have to see whether or not you like it or not because that’s also the reason why the website is currently ad-free and is run on donations.

Once it gets properly made and everything, then maybe there will be different features that you could be expecting on it, and that is something that I am hoping won’t happen. At least the non-ad part.

Why did we choose  Sport Surge as a VIP Row alternative?

Sport Surge has an impressive lineup of sports events on its website, combine that with a no-ad experience, and you have yourself a great website that allows you to watch your favourite sport for free.

It is miles ahead in terms of a great website when compared to VIP Row and has some other neat little features as well that VIP Row clearly lacked, and for the reason which I mentioned Sport Surge on this website.

Review and rating of Sport Surge

Sport Surge is currently being on donations and is in its beta form, so you can make the most out of it right now because they require the audience to give them feedback. 

Because it is easy for them to run on a beta version of the website right now, once they have collected enough information, then they would set off to make it look like any other sports streaming website.

But for now, it works properly and works really well. For that reason, I would rate Sport Surge 3.5/5 stars.

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Stream East


Stream East is probably the best online sports streaming website that you have not heard about. If you have, then congratulations! Because you are one of the few chosen people who know about it!

Stream East has been my favourite sports streaming site for a while now, and it is because of the many little features that it has to offer to its viewers that enhance your entire experience of watching live sports for free!

What we liked about Stream East

Stream East offers you a great variety of sports such as NFL, NBA, F1 racing, and so much more. It has a world-class website design that will make your jaw drop as to how good it is for the price you are paying – which is none.

The website is also mostly ad-free as it is run on donations, like Sport Surge, for that matter. And if you really like it, then the website also offers a premium subscription starting from $5/month.

Over here, you would be welcomed with a number of premium features for which you would be paying 5x more if it was an actual streaming service!

What we didn’t like about Stream East

Nothing is perfect in this life and neither is Stream East for that matter. Stream East’s links are only available if you create a free account on their site. That wouldn’t be a problem for 9/10 people.

I just happen to be that 1/10 who finds it a bit uncomfortable to provide my email to such a site, and the more I am learning about data privacy, the more uncomfortable I get. 

Another not-so-great point about Stream East is the fact that you aren’t able to watch recorded matches on it, it only streams live matches and that is a slight bummer as well!

Why did we choose Stream East as a VIP Row alternative?

Stream East is better than VIP Row in everything possible. It has a great-looking website, its streams are high quality, and you can also use Stream East on your phone’s browser as well.

It was everything that I had mentioned as to why the general audience should start looking for alternatives to VIP Row, and Stream East completely fulfils all of them and that is one of the great things about the website!

Review and rating of Stream East

Stream East has been my go-to recommending website for a long time now. It has almost all the features and functions that I would want to see on a free sports streaming website. 

It has a great design. Everyone who uses Stream East loves it for what it has to offer, and if you haven’t tried it out yourself, maybe you will be one of those people as well!

I would be rating Stream East 4/5 stars!

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720p Stream

720p Stream is a website that I have recently come across and have also mentioned it in a couple of other articles as well because of what it has to offer.

720p Stream is mostly a video hosting website that has been laid out beautifully with a great UI. What it does is that it collects the best streaming links of all sports from across the internet. 

And after collecting the links, it neatly puts them down in different categories of sports that the website has to offer to its viewers!

What we liked about 720p Stream

720p, as the name would suggest, has the streaming links that stream the content in High Definition. All the streams on this website have this resolution as a base resolution. 

This is a key and an important factor when it comes to such websites because usually, sites like these tend to have the worst possible links that would play out the sport in the most horrible resolution possible.

And if you have something like 720p (which isn’t too bad) as the standard quality of resolution, then that works wonders for your website as well. It also helps in keeping down the traffic and running the site smoothly.

What we didn’t like about 720p Stream

720p Stream is a suspect of malware and viruses, so you have to be very careful as to what links you click on and which links you don’t. Because the site has been infected and it is recommended that you use a VPN to access it.

Other than that, the site also has more pop-up ads when compared to other free streaming sites such as Stream East and Sports Surge. It is not a lot, but certainly on the level where it can start to get annoying.

Why did we choose  720p Stream as a VIP Row alternative?

I mean, why not? The site clearly has lots to offer in terms of good content. The website has a great category of sports and sporting events to stream, and you get all of this for free use on its website.

It is almost everything that one can ask for on such a website. A lot of people love it for what it has to offer; maybe you can also be the one who starts to appreciate the website for what it is.

Review and rating of 720p Stream

720p Stream has some areas of improvement, don’t get me wrong about that, but then again, the overall experience isn’t hindered by what it already has to offer. 

It’s a simple website designed to entertain hard-core sports fans all across the world, and it delivers on the promise. I personally like it and would like to recommend it to you as well.

I would be rating 720p 3.5/5 stars!

Cric Free

live cricket tv

Cric Free is also one of the more recognisable names when it comes to streaming sports online for free. Cric free had originally started out as a website that would focus on streaming Cricket matches.

But as the time passed and it got bigger and bigger in popularity, Cric Free also started to go into different sports and basically expand its target demographic.

Now on Cric Free, you get a lot of different types of sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, and more!

What we liked about Cric Free

Cric Free has a fairly good website on which you can watch the sports that you want to see. It also has a nice chatbox feature that will have been entertained as the match goes on and continues. 

You are also provided with some nice streaming links on its website that will enable you to watch the matches for free in good resolutions across different watching platforms. 

What we didn’t like about Cric Free

When you use Cric Free, you have to register yourself on the website to watch the streams; there is no other way around it. 

And I had expressed my concern regarding this matter already when I talked about the things that I didn’t like about my favourite sports streaming website Stream East.

The website also is filled with a lot of pop-up ads that tend to distract you and redirect you to different websites over and over again!

Are you not happy with cric free? Are not able to get access to cric free? We have listed the best cric free alternatives.

Why did we choose Cric Free as a VIP Row alternative?

Cric Free, even though it has its faults, is still fairly better when compared to other streaming sites like VIP Row, for that matter. 

It has a great chat box feature, which is common in such websites, but this something that delivers on the promise and has a fun website to check out and use overall. 

It is appreciated by people across the globe, and maybe you would find something in it to appreciate as well!

Review and rating of Cric Free

I have written a number of articles on Cric Free as well because it is a website that has a good amount of people searching it and using it for streaming their sports for free.

It definitely has some flaws, such as mandatory registration and a lot of pop-up ads, which is something that is not super uncommon in sites like these but then again, it does provide a good experience. 

I would be rating Cric Free 3/5 stars!



Stream2Watch was a website that I thought was one of the oldest websites that had started streaming sports online, but thanks to this article, I found out that there are some other websites older than it, such as LiveTV.sx. 

Regardless of its origin, Stream2Watch is a very popular website when it comes to streaming sports online for free on the internet. 

It has tons of sports and great features, because of which many people still come back to it over and over again to check it out!

What we liked about Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch, as I mentioned, has a number of sports and links available on its website. Over here, you can expect to watch all the latest and trending sporting events such as NBA, NFL, UFC, F1, and many more.

It also has a great chatting box with a feature known as ‘Smart Block’ where it will basically block out any inappropriate and spam-y messages on the live chat so that you don’t get interrupted when you are enjoying your sport.

It’s a feature that you normally don’t see in sites like these, and it’s a welcomed feature, to say the least!

What we didn’t like about Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch has a lot of plus points, but the only negative point I feel is its website. It spent all of its time and energy on building a website that has great streaming links, but the overall website seems like an afterthought.

I personally don’t like its website that much because it just feels very boring and bland, it has got some updates, and there have been some notable changes, but then again, it just feels lacklustre!

Why did we choose  Stream2Watch as a VIP Row alternative?

Apart from the website issue, Stream2Watch completely dominates VIP Row in all sorts of possible ways. 

It has great streaming links, a nice chatting box with a smart feature, a thriving community, and, most of all, great viewing experiences. 

That’s the max one could potentially ask for in a great streaming site that provides its content for free to avail!

Review and rating of Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch has been a favourite fan website for quite some time now, and it is not stopping anytime soon! It’s got great streaming links and a nice service, which is overall packaged at a free cost.

It’s a website that a lot of people have tried and tested, and the website itself has tried and tested a lot of times, but it hasn’t stopped now, and it won’t work in the near future as well.

For those reasons alone, I would be rating Stream2Watch a solid 3.5/5 stars! 

Batman Stream 


Batman Stream is also a good option that you can try out instead of VIP Row because it also offers users to watch a number of different sporting events on its website for free. 

There are also a number of things to discuss about Batman Stream, so without wasting any more time, let’s get into it!

What we liked about Batman Stream

Batman Stream offers users to watch all of the sporting events in 1080p resolution with a number of different links, so even if one of the links doesn’t work out, you can very easily choose any of the other links to watch the games. 

Along with this, the overall website also performs fairly well, there are not a lot of things wrong with the website, and it does nail the whole UX of the site so that users are able to watch all the sporting events easily. 

What we didn’t like about Batman Stream 

Batman Stream is a website that is kind of difficult to find because it has a lot of duplicated websites under the same name, so it gets really difficult to search for the original one. 

So, your best hope to find the right one is to by using a VPN, and VPNs aren’t free, so the overall experience does end up costing indirectly.

Why did we choose Batman Stream as a VIP Row alternative?

Batman Stream is a website that does offer the same list of features and sporting events like VIP Row, the only difference between the two are the looks of their websites. 

Other than that, it does work out as a good alternative as you are not missing a whole lot of things from VIP Row. 

Review and rating of Batman Stream

Batman Stream is a good website that you should try out if you are looking for an alternative to VIP Row, the overall experience is pretty similar to it, and you get to watch live sports for free. 
I will rate Batman Stream 3.5/5 stars.

Our recommendations on the best VIP Row alternative?

VIP Row is a website that has its fan base, but that fan base has started to slow down now, and for all the right reasons. It had some nice little features such as some quick little trivia here and there.

But the overall service it had to offer, whether it be the streaming links, the pop-up ads, and little other small things, made people not continue using it. And these above six sites have the features that they lacked.

They all can be a great replacement to VIP Row because all of them target a different demographic of people and different sports as well. You personally have to try it out yourself to see which ones you find the best.

If I had to choose among these six websites, I think I would have to go with two websites which are: Stream East and Sports Surge.

Why did we choose Stream East and Sports Surge as the best VIP Row alternative?

If you have read the article thoroughly, then you might have guessed that I would be putting these two in this stage of the article or in this segment of the article.

Let’s start off with Stream East. What can I say about it other than praises? It is a website that clearly seems like a website for which you would be paying a good amount of money from your wallet to use.

It’s got a great UI, great collections of streams, and above all, it is mostly ad-free. Yes, you have to log in to use the website. But apart from that issue, the website runs smoothly and has great streams!

Sports Surge. Sports Surge, on the other hand, is a beta version of a website that I feel you should take the maximum advantage of. 

Because since it is in its beta mode, you have all the features that it has to offer, and it gets to you for the price of Free Dollars! The best part about it also is that it is ad-free! 

You can easily just jump on its website, watch the sporting event you want to watch and then not get interrupted!

But, these were my thoughts among the six websites I mentioned that I found the best alternative to VIP Row. Do you agree with my list?

Are there any other websites you use that I haven’t mentioned about? Or do you use a website from these six lists as an alternate? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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