Top 7 Best Vyond Alternatives To Make Animated Videos

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Vyond alternatives

Animation video-making apps and online sites are honestly a boon to all those creative souls whose passion lies in creating animated content for the enjoyment of all. Fans who are into anime and cartoons, tend to want to try out animation and video making with their own hands a lot of the time. And to support them, a lot of animated-video-making apps have come up to satiate their need for creation and imagination.

I myself am really into animated content, and time and again I have tried out a few animated-video-making tools and software to see what it is all about. Needless to say, I discovered a lot of cool platforms during this phase, apps and online websites that offer animation-creating services which could be easily grasped by even a beginner like me.

What is Vyond?

Vyond is one such animation-video-making software that I came across in this journey. It lets you create professional-level animated videos for various industry and work-related purposes and even stream them at the same time as a live video conference. All these features make it an extremely useful tool to create powerful and inspiring graphic presentations that you can use to better describe your strategy. 

There are numerous other websites like Vyond that offer similar services pertaining to animated video making. Let us take a look at some of these very cool Vyond alternatives and their services to help you get a better idea of what all this is about!

Vyond Alternatives Quick Summary

NameBest ForPriceOur RatingWebsite Links
AnimakerCreating animated videos, best for beginners and non-designersFree Plan Basic Plan for $20/month
Starter Plan for $35/month
Pro Plan for $79/month
Enterprise Plan for Custom Pricing
MoovlyCreating cool animations, downloading your work, and sharing them on other platformsFree Plan Pro Plan for $49/month
Max Plan for $99/month
Enterprise Plan for Custom Pricing
PowtoonCreating video ads, GIFs, whiteboard videos, presentations, unique social media, etc.Free planPro for $3.75/month
Pro+ for $12.10/month
Agency for $20.19/month
PreziCreating animated videos, making charts, infographics, reports, etc.Prezi Basic for free
Prezi Plus for $10/month
Prezi Premium for $14/month
Renderforest Video MakerMaking video animations, website templates, mock-ups, brand logos, etc.Free PackageLite Package for $5.37/month
Amateur Package for $8.60/month
Pro Package for $16.13/month
Agency Package for $32.28/month
Adobe AnimateCreating animated videos for TV shows, games, and the web, making high-quality animations$22.54/month9/10
VideoScribeMaking whiteboard animations, sharing your work on other platforms and social mediaMonthy Plan for $20.17/month
Annual Plan for $9.41/month
One-off Plan for $565

Vyond Alternatives In Depth Analysis


This is probably the most popular Vyond alternative that is available for you to create inspiring and beautiful animations on. On this DIY animation and video-making platform, you can create animated content without much effort. The best part is that even beginners and non-designers can use this platform to create animated and live-action videos! 

Animaker platform


  • Free Plan 
  • Basic Plan for $20/month
  • Starter Plan for $35/month
  • Pro Plan for $79/month
  • Enterprise Plan for Custom Pricing


  • It is equipped with a simple Drag and Drop Builder
  • It also comes with a Character Builder
  • You get to use over 100M+ stock videos and photos
  • You get access to over 1000 templates
  • You can create videos in 4k resolution
  • You get access to other features like Instant Resizing


✅ Pretty much anyone can use Animaker to create amazing animated videos even newbies in the field

✅ You post these videos on various social media

✅ You get a free trial version to check out the platform first for a limited time period


❌ The software lags a lot

❌ The UI is a little bit cluttered

❌ Certain download settings cause the video quality to disintegrate after the initial download


Animaker is by far the best Vyond alternative I came across and it really taught me a lot in every step. It is really easy to use and beginners can learn a lot from this software about the basics of animation video making. So, if you are someone planning to get into this, please consider giving Animaker a try!

Rating: 9/10


This is by far one of the best Vyond alternatives that you can use to create engaging and vibrant animated videos for work purposes or simply just for fun. Moovly. Using this platform, you’ll be able to create professional-looking videos that will definitely impress your audience. It is loaded with various features that bring out the best in you. 

Moovly for making animations


  • Free Plan 
  • Pro Plan for $49/month
  • Max Plan for $99/month
  • Enterprise Plan for Custom Pricing


  • You can make animated videos and edit them on this editing app like Vyond
  • It is a browser-based drag and drop video creation tool
  • You can upload your own videos, audio files and images
  • You can get access to is 1.3M+ free media objects
  • You can try out and purchase over 100 million additional media
  • You can create videos in a lot of different styles and shapes
  • You can add animations and transitions, add music and voice
  • You can also animate text
  • It comes with an in-built text to voice converter
  • You can also add subtitles to your videos


✅ It is a great app for beginners

✅ Their customer service is highly responsive and will answer all your doubts and questions

✅ It is an extremely user-friendly tool.


❌ Customers have complained about a lot of software glitches

❌ There have been also complaints about missing templates

❌ You can only download 50 videos every month

❌ This Vyond alternative is extremely overpriced.


Moovly is an extremely good animated video editing software and a boon to beginners like me. I could use it with so much ease which I did not expect and my opinion of it only increased with every use. I will definitely recommend this software to all beginner designers like me as you will definitely find this app to be really useful.

Rating: 8/10


With this Vyond substitute, you can create professional animated videos without much hassle or effort. You can create various kinds of videos and other animated content using this forum and it truly makes your creative process a comfortable and engaging one. A number of globally popular companies like Coca-Cola, Pfizer, eBay, etc. use this Vyond replacement software to create their designs and animated content.



  • Free plan
  • Pro for $3.75/month
  • Pro+ for $12.10/month
  • Agency for $20.19/month


  • You can create whiteboard videos on this Vyond alternative
  • You can also create video ads and gifs
  • If you are looking to spice up your presentations, Powtton is an amazing tool for that
  • You can create your own unique social media, screen recordings and authentic animations on Powtoon.


✅ Unlimited premium exports are a possibility with Powtoon

✅ You get to design your own characters

✅ You can use up to 100GB worth of storage space


❌ The free version is not as equipped with features as the Premium versions

❌ This Vyond alternative is rather expensive for start-ups and individual designers


Powtoon has been a great animation video-creating software for ages and will continue to do so in the near future. I was simply amazed by the whole range of features that it comes packed with and not to mention, I decided to include it in this listicle. Animators, next time you are looking for good software to edit your videos on, please do consider giving Powtoon a chance!

Rating: 8/10


Prezi is a video editing app similar to Vyond that helps you create enthralling animated videos that are visually aesthetic and will surely grab the undivided attention of your viewers. Beginners and non-designers who want to get into the world of animated video content can definitely root for Prezi to give you one hell of a starting experience with the same.

Software to create animations


  • Prezi Basic for free
  • Prezi Plus for $10/month
  • Prezi Premium for $14/month


  • It is compatible with various video conferencing applications like oom, Microsoft Teams, CISCO Webex, GoTo Webinar, Google Meet, etc.
  • Prezi Present lets you make inspiring and engaging presentations
  • You can also play your video alongside your live presentation at the same time
  • You can create charts, infographics, maps, reports and more with Prezi Design


✅ Prezi Premium plans give access to unlimited content

✅ You can also use its advanced image editing feature to edit your pictures

✅ You can also use Prezi offline with the Premium and Plus plans

✅ You can put your own voice-over to your presentations


❌ The free version lacks most of the features included in the Plus and Premium plans

❌ The Premium plan especially is a little expensive


Prezi’s features have made it possible to create high-quality professional videos that will surely impress the audience. Since I am not exactly in the professional field, this software didn’t do much for me but those who use it regularly have a lot of good things to say about it.

Rating: 8/10

Renderforest Video Maker

This is one of the best Vyond alternatives that I came across while I was going through my animation designing phase. Renderforest Videomaker is an excellent software just like Vyond where you can not only create animated videos but also other animation-related content like logos, mock-ups, websites, etc. This is a damn good app for any industry professional who is looking to enhance their work with animated content. 

Renderforest logo


  • Free Package
  • Lite Package for $5.37/month
  • Amateur Package for $8.60/month
  • Pro Package for $16.13/month
  • Agency Package for $32.28/month


  • You can create all-purpose video templates
  • The mock-ups that you create turn out to be extremely realistic
  • You can also unlock customizable website templates
  • Renderforest Video Maker makes it possible to create logo for your brand
  • Using this platform, you can get access to professional graphic design templates


✅ You can make 720p to 1080p resolution videos

✅ You can create 60 minutes videos

✅ Premium designs and full-color customizations are possible with this video making app

✅ The mock-ups are of extremely high quality

✅ With the paid plans you can make up to 3 websites


❌ The free plan is not very conducive as it does not offer most of the premium features

❌ The free plan only allows you to make 360p resolution videos

❌ You can only make videos up to 1 minute with a free plan


This is by far one of the most efficient Vyond alternatives that let you work with a variety of ideas and projects which are just not stuck within the bubble of animation videos. That is what makes this tool so special and lets your creativity flow.

Rating: 9/10

Adobe Animate

This is one of the coolest Vyond alternatives and probably the best app for editing animations in the Adobe family. Using Adobe Premiere, you can create beautiful animations for the web, games, and TV shows. If you are looking to create interactive content, then Adobe Animate is your go-to solution for sure.

Adobe Animate logo




  • Adobe Animate lets you create vibrant animations for games, TV shows and for the web
  • You can even create banner ads using this software
  • You can use this platform for editing cartoons
  • You can bring to life doodles and avatars using this tool


✅ This software lets you publish your works to multiple platforms and social media

✅ You can put up your work in any format on these platforms

✅ It offers you a “Getting Started” tutorial to help you navigate its UI


❌ This app is not really for beginners

❌ It is rather expensive and overhyped


This Adobe family member is much better than Premiere Pro in my opinion although it is comparatively a lesser-known member. I have never personally used this but my animator and graphic designer friends have some high praises to sing about this particular Vyond alternative.

Rating: 9/10


This is one of the most amazing Vyond alternatives in my opinion that you can use to create show-stopping visuals in 2D, video presentations, and other animated content. It offers various features to aid you through your work process and truly it makes animated video creating an effortless job from start to finish.

VideoScribe logo


  • Monthy Plan for $20.17/month
  • Annual Plan for $9.41/month
  • One-off Plan for $565


  • You get access to various kinds of templates
  • You can make whiteboard animations using this software
  • There are tips and tutorials to aid you through your process of creating video animations
  • You can also use it to work offline
  • You can import music and fonts and even record voice overs
  • You get various video resolution options


✅ It is versatile and easy to use

✅ You get a free trial version to check out the website first and then decide to settle with it

✅ You can publish your work on the web


❌ The vector rendering for imported pieces are not up to the mark

❌ The PNG rendering program is also faulty

❌ The platform requires an audio editor


VideoScribe is an extremely efficient animated video-making software that seriously helped a beginner like me to get some insight into this whole deal about animation. I will be forever helpful to its Tips and Tutorials that guided me through my entire work process on this software.

Rating: 10/10

Final Thoughts

Animated video-making apps have proven to be a game-changer in the world of animation and design and now even you can create magnificent animations sitting in the comfort of your homes. There are so many other apps than the ones I’ve already mentioned in this listicle that you can use to make and edit cartoons, animated videos, and other content.

So which Vyond alternative will you go for? Let us know what you think!

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