How to watch live football matches for free on PC/Mobile

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As a die-hard football fan, I totally get the pain of not being able to watch a sporting event. Just because the FA decided not to broadcast your favourite clubs’ match on TV, in your country it shouldn’t stop you from watching your team play. Or, your mom decided that you can’t watch television anymore because of your grades. Nevermind the reason, here are my 10 personal suggestions on how to watch live streaming football for free on PC or Mobile.

The sites suggested below are mainly free and in high quality. A small suggestion before I tell you about these football websites: Download an Adblocker or a VPN for a smooth experience. This article has been divided into two sections. The first one is based on how to stream live football on PC and the other one on Mobile Devices. Let’s jump into part 1.

How to stream live football matches on PC and Mobile

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The best sites to watch live football matches for free on PC

First Row

Call me biased, but I listed FirstRowsports first on this list mainly because my experience with the first row has been great. This website will surely cater to all your needs. Other than football, it also streams sports like Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, Baseball, etc. The link for each match is posted 45 minutes before the start time. This gives you plenty of time to make yourself ready. First row sports do not require sign-in, as well. The interface is so easy to use, you’ll be streaming live football in minutes. It works best on PC. Although the ads cause a minor delay in streaming, it still is the best website to stream football.


Created by a Ronaldo fan, I enjoy watching live content on this website because of the website graphics. The website is so beautiful and aesthetic, you will love it as well (not so much if you’re a Messi fan). Ronaldo 7, gives you all the details about the GOAT. This includes news, stats, videos, and his biography which is nothing less than heaven for a CR7 fan.


Laola1.TV is number one on plenty of lists for live football streaming websites. No matter what corner of the world you are in, Laola1. TV is there for you. You will enjoy using this because its basic content is free of cost. But, if you wish to enjoy your experience a little more, Laola1.TV gives you the following

1. Recording of matches

2. Commercial free content

3. Streaming of up to 4 events at once

4. HD content.

All of this at 5$ a month only, which is a great deal. It also comes in 2 languages, German and English.

Live Soccer TV

You will absolutely love this website if you like things to be simple and fast. Live Soccer TV is straight-up quality content. It provides it, users, with live soccer scores, live soccer streaming and is available on both PC and Mobile platforms. You’re sorted if you choose to watch your match in a sports pub in America or Canada. Since, it especially lists the pubs that are screening the games on the website, which is a big win. The final message, if you want something that is fast and functional, go to Live Soccer TV.


Do you like to watch football in your native language? If you do, your search ends with Stream2Watch. This website gives the best streaming content in Russian, French, Italian, and English languages. It also claims to broadcast more than 15000 matches per year, which is a lot. Moreover, it is free. I already have given plenty of reasons as to why use this website. Here’s one why not to, it has plenty of ads, due to which the content takes time to load. I highly suggest a VPN for this website.

The best sites to watch live football matches for free on Mobile

365 Scores

365 scores give its users an amazing overall experience. It consists of Sports like football, tennis, basketball, soccer, and many more. Features are abundant with live scores, news, highlights, videos, and live standings. 365 scores is a beautiful, user-friendly application. You can get a customized experience on the application. What this means is, you could choose the kind of notifications you receive and the channels you would like to watch. It’s very handy to receive live news, tables, and fixtures on this app. Overall, it will cover and satisfy all your requirements.


Free to use, ESPN is a very established mobile application, which you must’ve already heard of. It is known for its high-class punditry, news, and live football streaming. With 3 channels, that run 24/7, ESPN is serving a total of 100 million viewers just in the US. Reliable, efficient, and a star amongst other applications, its safe to download and rely on this.

La Liga TV

As the name suggests, this app sticks to La Liga only. Although it’s just for one league, the content it provides is no less than great. You can save videos from the past and watch them later on. It provides live updates to scores, fixtures, tables, etc. Customize the application according to your own needs, as well. All you got to do is select your favorite team and player and receive more updates about them. What stands out with the app is it works perfectly fine on both iOs and Android devices. You’ll get a similar experience on both, and the access to live football streaming is extremely easy. Also, not to forget, it’s free.

CBS Sports

This is my personal favorite when it comes to streaming on mobile phones. It free to use and an advanced application. It’s features stand out from the other applications since it allows us to keep track of up to 8 matches at once. Similar to La Liga TV, CBS Sports gives you a customized experience. All you got to do is choose your favorite team and you are ready to go. In fact, you can change the look of your application based on your favorite team of choice. Isn’t that amazing? Another feature that makes CBS different from others is it covers plenty of other sports worldwide with similar performance. Exactly what, a  sports enthusiast would want.


This application is user friendly and has an attractive interface, as well. It allows you to stream many sports like rugby, football, cricket, and tennis. One feature, that the above application is not providing is live commentary. It also has a chatbox, where you can chat with other viewers online. You will receive notifications for all the upcoming matches time-to-time. And it’s totally free to use. Sometimes I use this app in case there is a match I couldn’t watch live. The highlights are good as well, you’ll be able to watch all the important match events without amiss.


It’s always handy to download some tools to watch football or any other sport. But with so many options on the Internet to choose from, it can be hard to find one that covers your personal needs. There are some other options that I couldn’t cover in the article as well, but they too are great. These include Flashscore, UKTVNow, etc. Since now you know all about how to stream live football on PC or Mobile, all you need to do is try and experience one of these apps. Let me know what your favorite application or website is in the comments. Also, don’t forget to download a VPN or an Adblocker for a smoother experience. You can learn all about VPNs and AdBlockers here.

Yash Chhabria

Yash Chhabria

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