9 weird websites that would put a smile on your face

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So when you are looking to pass time at work or at home you definitely need to check out these weird websites that would put a smile on your face. I bet you would share some of these useless websites on this list with your friends and loved ones. Here is a list of 15 weird websites that would definitely put a smile on your beautiful face.

Disclaimer: The sites that I am about to mention below are so absurd and pointless that it could end up with you having a whole new perception about the internet world but hey with all that’s going on around the world, maybe the useless web can actually refresh your mood. Rest assures here are some of the top weird websites to keep you entertained and put a smile on your face.

The top weird websites on the internet

Staggering Beauty

weird websites

Staggering Beauty is a site that truly is a time-wasting useless website. First and foremost, don’t go by its name it’s not a fashion or makeup website but actually a pointless site that has a black object which moves along with your cursor.

The faster you move your cursor the faster the black object moves. I have shared this site with most of my friends and they had a hearty laugh.  This site is somewhat similar to Google Chrome,s endless runner game, both have no point or objective but when people love to take a break such web useless content is really welcomed.

Website: http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/

Rainy Mood

weird websites

Rainy Mood is a site that plays rain sounds. that really resembles the sound as if it is raining outside. I love using this website, especially while sleeping as the sound of the rain makes me feel good. To term, this website useless would not be right, but it certainly finds itself in the category of the top weird sites. Interestingly enough people can also find the Rainy Mood app on the Google play store simply by the click of the button. It really is true that in today’s day and age you can get an app for everything on the internet. Need to hear the sound of rain, its simple download an app.



weird websites

Everydayim is a very weird website that just has the word hustlin on it, literally! The word huslin is written in big characters with changing colors. The colors resemble the lights of a club which a bright and keep changing quickly. It just shows that the internet is really filled with interesting things, who wouldn’t love to take their house party to the next level. In a dark room full of people clicking a button and displaying the word “Hustlin” can be one way to do so.

Believe it or not, I myself have used this site in a few of the house parties I have visited and it was fun for a while but the lights were not flashy. The next time you ever wish to take your house parties to the next level or must I say Hustlin to get your party all groovy, you now have a site to do so.

Website: http://everydayim.com/

Bury Me With My Money

weird websites

Bury Me With My Money who does not like the sound of it but if you don’t have enough money you should check out this site. I would not say this website is weird rather I would term it as an interesting platform to feature in the world of internet. As soon as you open the site a guy in his red jacket falls down and says “ Bury me with my money”.

The sound of the man is astoundingly hilarious and I find my self laughing every time I open this site. If you know an egoistic rich person or ever come across one, sharing this site can be a subtle way of pointing the obvious.

Website: http://burymewithmymoney.com/

Amazon Dating

weird websites

Don’t be stunned Amazon has not started a dating website. Thank you Jeff Bezos for not entering this one niche. Amazon dating is in no way associated with Amazon. It simply has a few images of people with age, height, and their likes.

One of the most intriguing parts of Amazon dating is that it looks quite similar to Amazon. The “Your Last Relationship Tab” has to be its best feature as it sends you to a music video on Youtube of Britney Spears – Toxic. As soon as I got to know about this fun site I shared it with all my friends who are single and we had a good laugh.

Website: https://amazondating.co/

I look like Barack Obama

weird websites

For people who do not know who Barack Obama is please look away, Developed by a guy who claims he looks similar to Barack Obama, he believes that everyone has to potential to look like the former President of the United States of America by the click of a button. According to the developer, several people have stopped him to let him know that he looks similar to the former US President Barack Obama.

Don’t believe me? Open this site and check for yourself. Miss Michelle Obama will need to up her game, thanks to this site there are going to be several Obama doppelgangers over the internet.

Website: https://ilooklikebarackobama.com/

Please Like

weird websites

Please Like is a has to be one of the weirdest websites on this list. Please Like just has a small like image on its page that sends you to a Facebook page that you need to like.

As press time the Please like has got 362k likes on its Facebook page. If you ever feel bored or just wish to annoy your colleagues send them this link and run, literally!

Website: http://pleaselike.com/

Weird or confusing

weird websites

Weird or Confusing is a site that has the words “Sell me something Weird or Confusing” It takes you to an eBay page where weird gifts are sold.

It will not something which would get a smile on your face cause it’s trying to sell you something. I would not recommend you to share this weird website with your friend. But if it’s nearing a holiday season then yes its totally justifiable to send people subtle reminders.

Website: https://weirdorconfusing.com/


weird websites

This site is weird but in an adventurous way, on this website, you will find rare images of the world’s best stealth boats. These boats are of the finest quality with such an intrinsic view for detail that it cannot be seen until you enlarge the image.

StealthBoats makes it to the list of weird websites because what can be weirder than enlarging images to look for Stealth boats.

Website: https://stealthboats.com

Endless Horse

weird websites

Ever had one of those days where it feels as if the day is just not going to end? This may sound weird but perhaps seeing an image of a horse with the longest legs might get you through the day. Don’t judge me, the internet is filled with crazy things. Who knows, maybe by the time you find the Horses feet you will get through the end of a boring day.

Website: https://endlesshorse.com

Ninja Flex

weird websites

This is one of those weird websites that is dedicated to motivating you in a hilarious way. When you open the website there are two symbols one of a ninja and one of a pumped-up arm. Keep moving the cursor from one image to another to hear a weird man repeat the words “Ninja” and “Flex”.

If you wish to completely zone out from the chaotic day to day routine, sitting in a dark corner, and hearing a steroid infused dude screaming the words “Ninja Flex” at you might be the cheerful motivation you need.

Website: https://ninjaflex.com

Quick Draw

weird websites

The internet is filled with loads of stuff to keep you entertained throughout the day even if you are bored or lonely. One such example is QuickDraw over here, this is such an interestingly weird website that lets you draw images for google to guess what you are drawing. The world’s largest search engine is indeed is your best friend, the feature of Google’s voice search is arguably outdated by now. So in comes Pictionary and you don’t even need to worry about not having any best friends, as usual, Google is your savior.


The next time you find yourself wondering, where can I go when I’m bored, make sure to check out this collection of the best weird websites of all time. The internet is filled with cheerful content to keep you entertained and sometimes it can come in the form of the weirdest ways. Let us know in the comment section if you found this helpful, or well weird.

Website: https://quickdraw.com

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