What is 3D-Secure or all about online payment security technology

When you shop online and pay, you provide your card number, expiration date and CVC2/CVV2 code. It is sensitive information, and if it falls into the wrong hands, all the funds on the card could be at risk of theft. Card-issuing companies seek new methods to protect customer information and transactions every year. One of the latest innovations in digital security is the 3D Secure protocol. In this article, you will learn more about this technology, how it works and how Wallester uses it in practice as an additional protection method.

3D Secure: what is it?

3D Secure is a technology that allows you to prevent fraudulent actions. It was first used by Visa’s international payment service in 2001. Wallester is an official partner of Visa. It also uses this protection protocol to ensure the security of online payments with cards issued by the card issuing platform Wallester. The essence of the technology is that before paying for an online purchase with a card, its holder will need to pass an additional authentication step. It provides a hundred per cent guarantee that it is the cardholder who uses the card. The name 3D Secure was chosen because the technology provides security in three ways:

  • verification of the domain that belongs to the issuer who issued the customer’s card;
  • verification of the payment system through which the transaction is made;
  • verification of the domain of the merchant’s bank to which the payment is sent.

Many payment card issuers now use this security protocol. In Visa payment service, it is also known as Verified by Visa/Visa Secure.

Principle of operation

Everyone who has paid for online purchases with a Visa card has encountered the technology of 3D authentication when, after entering the data and pressing the “Pay” button, the user goes to the next page. After these actions, the user is automatically redirected to the page where they must confirm the order. It is the authentication step of the issuer who issued the card.

The next step is to enter the password and confirm the payment. It is possible via 2 methods:

  • Use a permanent password that was set at the time of receiving the card;
  • Use a one-time password sent automatically to the cardholder’s cell phone or displayed in the card issuer’s mobile application.

If the code is entered correctly, the card issuer approves the payment, and the user returns to the site where he made the purchase. They will immediately receive a notification that the transaction was successful.

Benefits of the technology

The main task of the 3D Secure protocol is to protect businesses and their customers from fraudsters who use the confidential information of cardholders in their scams. Merchants use such technology to reduce the likelihood of chargebacks. If a payment passes the three-level authentication, the merchant removes liability for that payment. This technology allows merchants to reduce the number of unauthorized chargebacks and saves them the time they would have spent on potential disputes.

If 3D Secure technology is used, the payment card provider becomes responsible for the security of the payment. But this only happens if the buyer claims that the transaction was made without their knowledge. In such a situation, the payment system, not the merchant, will handle the refund.

Many customers may be confused to undergo additional authentication steps when purchasing online. Explaining that additional steps are necessary to ensure their security is important. At the same time, the additional security does not require the customer to pay any additional fees.

Features of using 3D Secure on the Wallester platform

Wallester is a multifunctional platform for issuing cards for any purpose. These can be physical and virtual cards, debit, credit and prepaid. They can be used to withdraw cash, make transfers, pay for purchases in retail stores and make online payments. A high level of protection for online payments is provided by the modern technology of cardholder authentication – 3D Secure. In addition to reliable protection from fraudsters, there are several other advantages of using this protocol:

  • Easy customization. The cardholder can independently set the type of verification. They can choose the best method of user verification for them according to the specifics of his business or based on personal preferences;
  • Easy optimization of the authentication process. The users can customize 3D Secure themselves. It will help to simplify cardholder identification, if necessary, without compromising payment security;
  • Saving money on integration. All cards issued through the Wallester platform immediately support 3D Secure technology. There is no need to integrate further the security protocol, much less resort to third-party software providers.

Wallester guarantees the security of all payments made online using our cards. We do not require additional security fees by utilizing the 3D Secure security protocol. All our customers can rest assured that access to their card data is securely guarded. In addition, Wallester’s innovative platform features a built-in fraud detection and prevention system. Automated fraud monitoring combined with 3D Secure protocol ensures complete security of transactions made within the card program.

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