How to reduce Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU usage on task manager


CPU usages on windows 10 PC gets high when Windows Modules Installer Worker takes in a large chunk of your CPU usage. Many users face the same issue on their Windows PC which can cause a lot of lag in apps and get the PC or Laptop heated.

We have 2 ways in which you can solve the Windows Modules Installer Worker problem from your PC. 

What does Windows Modules Installer Worker?

Its very simple Windows Modules Installer Worker checks for updates in windows OS. when the module is checking for updates it uses a lot of CPU usage. 

Windows keeps coming up with updates so Windows Modules Installer Worker automatically looks for updates. 

Fix 1: Disable Windows Update service

Windows Modules Installer Worker would stop updating windows and look for updates in windows 10. If you disable windows update service then Modules Installer Worker would not use your CPU usage. 

Step 1: Open run. Press Windows key and R to open

Step 2: Type services.msc > Ok

services run

Step 3: Find Windows update and double click

windows update properties

Step 4: Go to the Startup type > click disable > Stop > Apply > OK

disable windows update properties

This should for sure solve the problem from  Windows Modules Installer Worker CPU usage. 

If this does not solve your problem then you go with the below method.

#2: Change Wifi settings to metered 

Below are the steps to change your Wi-fi setting to metered to solve Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU problem.

Step 1: Start > Go to Setting

Step 2: Network & Internet > Wi-FI > Advanced Options.

network and internet

Step 3: Tick on the Set metered connection > Click Ok 

Step 4: Restart your Windows PC

Your CPU won’t update windows automatically and the CPU won’t use much of the usage.



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