Top 7 WiziWig Alternatives for football, baseball, and basketball streaming

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WiziWig is a secure website from which you stream sports such as Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and loads more. The live streaming service also lets you watch live sports and TV along with an added radio broadcast option called Wiziwig radio as well. 

But like all free sports streaming sites, WiziWig isn’t also perfect and it can make you want to find some alternatives to it and we have done just that for you.

The main website shut down due to legal and copyright issues hence we have listed the 7 WiziWig alternatives, free and paid, that will let you enjoy your sports. 

List of best WiziWig Alternatives

NameBest ForPriceOur Rating
Fubo TVAll things livePaid[$64.99 – $79.99]4/5
Stream2WatchLive sports streaming and Live TvFree4/5
BatmanstreamLive sportsFree3/5
CrackstreamsVarious links for streamingFree3/5
HesGoalFootball streaming and moreFree3/5
Ronaldo7.netRonaldo news and live football streamingFree3.5/5
Laola1.TvLegal Live sports streamingFree3/5

1. Fubo TV


Now let’s start the list with something legal because come on its time guys to start out spending a touch from your wallet and treat yourself with some premium content. Fubo TV, like WiziWiz, is a streaming site that focuses totally on Sporting events like MLB, NFL, NBA, and more.

And Fubo TV doesn’t stop at sporting events, it also streams live tv such as BBC, ABC, ABC News Live, Comedy Central, Disney XD and 100+ live channels. It can actually also act as an alternate to your Cable TV subscription.

Price of Fubo TV

Fubo TV gives a 7-day free trial and after which you’d need to buy its subscription plans:-

Fubo Starter:- $64.99/month

Fubo Pro:- $69.99/month

Fubo Elite:- $79.99/month 

 Features of Fubo TV

✔Live sports streaming available

✔Live channels included also

✔Streams are available in 4K

✔Movies and television available for shows on-demand 

Pro and Cons of Fubo TV

✅Tons of live sports channels available ❌Paid plans
✅100+ live tv channels available ❌Live sports streaming can be limited to 720p
✅Application available as well❌Expensive add-ons  

Review on Fubo TV

Fubo TV should be your buy if you’re trying to find live sports coverage and more. It’s an excellent stable platform with cheap and affordable subscription plans. DVR is also available on all plans and so much more. If you’re a sports enthusiast then this could be your first buy, if you’re a general entertainment enthusiast then also this could be your first buy.

But if you’re not satisfied with Fubo we’ve compiled an inventory of FuboTV alternatives (Free and Paid) only for you.

Rating on Fubo TV

Fubo TV gets a rating of 4/5 stars. 

2.  Stream2watch


Stream2watch is a similar site like WiziWig wherein it streams all your favorite sports like MLB, NBA, Motorsports, WWE, and far more such events. It’s an excellent website with a sleek dark mode, 

a great search bar for searching a channel or sport.

Stream2watch also claims that their media players have the power to vary the languages so on cater to a bigger audience. 

Price of Stream2watch

You can watch Stream2watch for free 

Features of Stream2watch

✔Live sporting event schedule present

✔Live tv available also

✔Various categories of sports are available also   

Pro and Cons of Stream2watch

✅Great website to use❌Pop up ads
✅Various categories of channels❌Illegal to stream
✅Great media player 
✅Can be streamed from any smartphone

Review on Stream2watch

Stream2watch should be your choice if you’re trying to find streaming sports for free of charge. it’s an excellent website, a great media player, a huge category for live sports channels and live tv also. Just be sure to use a VPN because there could be some chance that your Internet service provider could be blocking the streaming site.

Overall Stream2watch may be a definite alternative to WiziWig.

Rating on Stream2watch

Stream2watch gets a rating of 4/5 stars. 

3. Batmanstream


When you hear Batman you certainly don’t believe him as a streaming site to stream live sports, but this website makes you believe that. Batmanstream provides you with sports like Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Motorsports, and more.

Batmanstream also features a live chatting feature available that lets users chat while watching the games which is often a neat little feature for those that want to share their viewpoints. Alongside that Batmanstream also shows IPL which has now begun again, so Indians fans would like it also.  

Price of Batmanstream

You can stream Batmanstream for free.

Features of Batmanstream

✔Numerous sports available 

✔Live chatting feature for people 

Pro and Cons of Batmanstream

✅Live sports channel available❌No live tv available
✅Free to access❌Illegal to stream
✅IPL can also be streamed ❌Not a secure website 
❌Many ads on the site

Review on Batmanstream

Batmanstream is an okay website that streams your favourite sports but not being a secured website doesn’t bring a wave of confidence into the user’s mind and alongside that you simply have many ads, even after using an ad blocker, which makes it an alright alternative to WiziWig.

Rating on Batmanstream

Batmanstream gets a rating of 3/5 stars. 

4. Crackstreams


Crackstreams, like WiziWig, is a free-to-stream live sports event website. It’s a reasonably straightforward website where you’ll access your favorite sports free of charge.  

To stream live the site takes you to a not secured website, the stream quality also can vary from time to time. However, you furthermore may need to set your expectations with these sites because they’re streaming paid live sporting events for free of charge. 

Price of Crackstreams

You can use Crackstreams for free of cost 

Features of Crackstreams

✔HD streaming available

✔Option to stream Olympics

✔IPL Streaming 

✔UEFA champions league streaming

Pro and Cons of Crackstreams

HD Stream quality❌Illegal streaming
No VPN required❌No live tv
Less pop-up ads 
Simple website

Review on Crackstreams

Crackstreams is one of the more popular sites out there to stream free sports and it does what it claims to do. It can be a great alternative to WiziWig.

Rating on Crackstreams

We give Crackstreams a rating of 3/5 stars

5. HesGoal


HesGoal is a WiziWig like free streaming platform that mainly focuses on streaming football, which you ought to get by the name of the site. But it also shows other sports also like WWE, IPL, and more.

It’s a reasonably simple website that acts as a base for various websites that stream live sports, this website only takes you to those websites but doesn’t stream it on its own. 

Price of HesGoal

You can use HesGoal for free. 

Features of HesGoal

✔Streaming football site

✔HesGoal News, which provides you even more sports-related news

✔Seeder for websites that stream sports

✔free Ligue 1 match streams

Pro and Cons of HesGoal

✅Free sports streaming ❌Basic website
✅Live sports broadcast from all over the world❌Not a secured site
 ❌No live TV available 
❌Illegal to stream

Review on HesGoal

HesGoal features a big disclaimer about not infringing any copyright as they are not the ones hosting any of the videos but rather provide links to platforms that do so. This should tell you about the website also, it’s not an in-built streaming site that you simply can attend for streaming but rather a base. 

It’s definitely not an alternative to WiziWig but a substitute.

Rating on HesGoal

HesGoal gets a rating of 3/5 stars. 


Ok so if you thought HesGoal was football-specific, then we’ve got the contender to require the crown of football-specific streaming. literally is about Cristiano Ronaldo. But that’s not all this site has got to show, it actually has live football streaming built into its site.

So you’ll get to know Ronaldo (so much so on what proportion he earns every second!), watch his backstory and his current news alongside watch his and others live football matches.  

Price of

You can use for free  

Features of

✔Live football streaming

✔News and backstory about Ronaldo

✔Community chat is also available  

Pro and Cons of

✅Free access to football streaming❌Exclusive to football streaming only
✅News about Ronaldo❌If you aren’t a Ronaldo fan, this is not a website for you 
✅Event stats available before every game  

Review on is a powerful fan page that does quite more than just fangirling about Ronaldo. The site’s built quite is nice and if you check out the stats info before any event then it tells you tons like what are the team lineups, at what time the event goes to start out, what has the competition been thus far between the teams.

But if you’re anything than a Ronaldo fan or maybe a football fan, then this site won’t replace WiziWig for you. 

Rating on gets a rating of 3.5/5 stars. 


Laola1 was a free-to-use, legal service to stream all of your favorite sports but now they are no longer continuing their services and are specializing in various other things. However, their sports broadcasts and therefore the content uploaded by their colleagues are still continuing.

They have various broadcasters and had a premium plan and a free plan for streaming live sporting events. The sole reason why it’s at the last number of the list is due to its disabled services. 

Price of had both a free plan as well as an ad-free plan. 

Features of

✔Numerous sports were available to stream

✔It was Legal website

✔Free of cost 

Pro and Cons of

✅Legal to stream❌No longer in service
✅Their sports broadcasters still working  
✅Free of cost 

Review on could have been on a higher number on this list because it was a go-to site for all the sports enthusiasts but since they are no longer in server, it’s on rock bottom. But then it’s on this list because their broadcasters are still active and you’ll be able to access their content through their website.

Rating on gets a rating of 3/5 stars. 

Final note 

For the final note of this article, I would like to say that yes WiziWig is a great site to stream sports but you have some better and smoother alternatives for it and some of them are even legal. 

And with the time we are in you should opt for some legal options because you get the worth of your money. 

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Sanjit Mansingh

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