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Complete Guide On Yahoo News with Best Yahoo News Alternatives

If you have ever used or logged on to Yahoo mail, (I know Gmail has more users today) you likely must have noticed the news section on the website. Given that Google does have its own news section but it’s not connected with Gmail, we often choose to not notice. Or you could say that Gmail is so good that it does not require integration of news on its website. Yahoo was the most popular in the 1990s when email was introduced to the world. But this popularity crashed when Google made an entry into the market. Since then, nobody has been able to knock Google from their perch. 

Nonetheless, Yahoo gives us that feature and we should respect that. Yahoo news has its own set of fans. But plenty doesn’t know about it at all. This article is for you if you don’t know much about it. It’s also for you if you know anything about it. Whether you know or you don’t, by the end of this article you will surely get to know something new. So let’s get into it. 

What is Yahoo News? 

Yahoo News is a news website, created by famous electronic mail company Yahoo! The website is owned by Verizon Media. Initially, Yahoo in the 1990s was an Internet giant only to be taken over by Google in recent years. News.yahoo.com is their website. But you can also use Yahoo news by logging on to yahoo.com which is their email website. 

What’s good about Yahoo News? 

Yahoo News has plenty of great features integrated on the website. To start with Yahoo has a vast majority of topics it gives us news on. For example, the recent Coronavirus outbreak is a different category on the website in itself. Other categories include Cricket, Finance, National news, etc. The website has made space for weird topics like Fake news. You can also scroll into specialized categories like movies, women, lifestyle, etc. 

What I love about Yahoo news is that it is to the point. It does not give news that is going to bore you. They never seem to stretch it. If you are short on time, Yahoo should definitely be your go-to news outlet. 

Yahoo News has a strong social media presence as well. You can find yahoo news on Facebook and Twitter where news is updated frequently. On Twitter, the website has 1.1 million followers.

In.yahoo.com which is the Homepage of Yahoo is full of news from various news outlets. The variety of sources and categories on this website is mind-blowing. 

What’s not so good about Yahoo News? 

Sadly, the app is going to shut already. After a takeover by Verizon it was shut in 2017. 

What are the alternatives to Yahoo News? 

Yahoo News is a decent news outlet but surely there are various others in the market. Below are 15 of the best Yahoo news alternatives you will find on the internet. They are well researched and you’ll likely be pleased with any of them. 

PS: They’re in no certain order. 

Top 15 Yahoo News Alternatives To Read Authentic News


The most complete news outlet I came across during this research. Paperoak has plenty of benefits that you’d certainly not find elsewhere. Only in your sleep, you’d find an app that is absolutely free to use. Plus, it’s ad-free. The readability of their articles is phenomenal, to say the least. The app is so fast, I wonder what it runs on. 

What Paperoak does is, it compiles articles from various different websites and presents to readers on their UI. It describes itself as an RSS reader. The other features provided on this app include 

● The ability to save articles offline 

● Search and filter articles by topics and websites to find the best fit for yourself ● Import RSS/Atom feed and OMPL feed on the web app 

The only downside with Paperoak is that it’s not available on iOS. 

Don’t understand English? The app covers German and Portuguese languages as well. If you don’t understand those two either, then, read further. 

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Inoreader is a minimal and easy to use interface. This is a great news outlet combined with a simple interface. This makes it easy for all users to use and sort out their favorite topics. The minimal design makes it a very fast app which is great for people always on the go. Some people are certainly not interested in what other people think about something. These features I’m going to tell you is definitely for you. Switch off the comments and social media integration feature. Just news. If you think in any way that a simple interface would be devoid of any good features, read below 

● Night Mode Compatibilty 

● Easy to remove duplicate content 

● Available on all platforms 

Inoreader comes with some cons as well. Not that they outweigh any of the pros, but they will surely bug you. Firstly, the free version of the app is not ad-free. That’s the case with most apps today. You’d have to pay money for a better experience. Plus, if you are a free user, there are other functions as well that you cannot use. These include limited use of the search bar and filters. Additionally, Inoreader only provides content from 1 month ago. Wish to read anything from more than a month ago and you’ll be disappointed. 


Feedly also is another popular app in the market right now. It definitely has gained plenty of speed due to its natural futuristic business model. It provides its users with plenty of variety and unique points for sales. 

Firstly, it has a clean and easy to use UI. It’s by far better than any of the interfaces I have named on this list. Secondly, it has made it very easy for users to find the right content for themselves. They use their AI Leo to make suggestions and find what’s best for you. Thirdly, it lets you customize, select, save, and keep articles for further reading. This is possible using their ‘boards’ feature (think Pinterest). 

With all good, Feedly has plenty to improve on as well. You might find all of this annoying. And it is, I don’t blame you. The website needs to definitely work on the following: ● Slow Interface (It’s good it shouldn’t take too long to load as well 🙁 ) 

● No Notifications 

● No Offline Support 

● Logging-in on the website is also buggy, and couldn’t get worse. 

● It has good features but they’re paid

That’s it. I’d leave it to you for further interpretation. 


Flipboard is an app that is available on both iOs and Android devices. This app is great for personalization. I rate this app highly, due to the options it gives its users. You’d have a total

social media experience on it. Although, it’s going to be on the topics and news you have chosen to follow of course. It allows you to follow threads of your choice. All this is done prior to you register your account. Think on the lines of adding friends on Facebook. 

Flipboard has a minimalist interface. Just like so many others on our list. I was pleased with the variety of topics offered to me on its website. Not only does it give you what’s important to know, it even tells you what feels good to know. It’ll leave you hooked, surely. 

Bing News 

It’s so similar to Yahoo news you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference. Bing news does everything that Yahoo news can/will do for you. It makes you a list of trending stories. You’d see it come from different sources, like Facebook, Twitter, or by Bing themself. 

Bing is managed by Microsoft. Thus, it’s obvious that the website is well-managed and updated. You can personalize your home feed on Bing, but only to a certain extent. This is done through their Interest Manager setting. It’s easy to do and needs no explanation. 

Google News 

Google News definitely and easily is the most popular on this list. The list would be left incomplete without Google News. It certainly is the best in the business. A very easy way to access Google news is through its search engine. Found on the right side after images you’ll find their news column. 

Google uses the best sources on the Internet to give you what you are looking for. I am assured that if you don’t find something elsewhere, google should be the place you come to. All news websites try their best to rank high on Google’s search engine. Google does not have criteria for old news either. Expect to find news on it even if it is a decade old(er). 


The most popular app in India, Inshorts has made itself a name that only a few others could. It has stuck to its policy of providing news in as short and simple words as possible. The word limit for any news is just 60 words. The app is frequently updating news without fail and you’ll never skip an update. You can choose to click on the source/link below and read the news in more detail. Although, the 60 words provide you enough to know the crux. Certainly, the app is fast and easy to use. Also, it’s free. The commercials are a problem, but it’s only minor. Just like

Flipboard, during registration, it lets you choose from a plethora of topics which makes it highly customized. 

The only issue with Inshorts is that it’s only India oriented. The ‘In’ in Inshorts stands for India. That’s a big con if you are from anywhere else. 


Nuzzle is a beautiful website. Typically, it is for daily news. The unique selling point of Nuzzle is that it provides news to professionals to improve intellect. No other news outlet claims to do so. It does this at a very quick speed and once you start to use the app, you’ll know how intriguing it is. 

Nuzzle was awarded plenty of prestigious awards, namely one of the best apps of Google Play Store in 2016. Apart from this, Nuzzle has a decent interface. Coupled, with fast and efficient processing. You might face some problems while using the app like bugs, but they’re minor at best. 


News360 is one of the smartest and personalized apps trending today. It’s AI learns according to what news you like and click upon. Those are the only notifications you receive on a day to day basis. You cannot control when you receive them but you can control what you receive from them. Additionally, you will be provided a small summary (like Inshorts) before the start of any article. This means if you do not find anything interesting you can easily swipe to the next one. 

News360 is available both on Android and Apple devices and is versatile. Expect the app to run smoothly on both devices without using a lot of space or data from your network. Additionally features like offline reading, instant updates, and heavily awarded by plenty of news outlets mean it is definitely one to think about. 

Recent News 

News personalization & customization is the new trend today. Recent News is no different in this race and has adapted the same policy. You will have news that is customized for you. There is no point in repeating how it is done through the AI. 

What differentiates Recent News from other apps is the ability for cross-platform synchronization. This means that you can save or bookmark a news story on the app and find it

bookmarked on your tablet. The UI is decent at best. It’s fast. You can find Recent News on welcome.ai 

Last Words 

Yahoo sadly is shutting down pretty soon. I expect plenty of people to find and look for alternatives to Yahoo News Digest. Sincerely, I feel the above list is sufficient and should cover your need for an alternate Yahoo News source.

Yash Chhabria
Yash Chhabria is a Sports Management student. His interests lie in Sports, Fitness and Self-Help. He loves to express himself, and finds geekymint to be the perfect platform to do so. He wants to share his knowledge and help the world change for the better. His Instagram Id heproblemsolver, suggests his purpose for life.


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