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Introduction about free movie streaming site

Every now and then we all search for free movie streaming options, you just saw your favorite movie is out in theatres or you heard about a newly launched series but when you search for it but then it is not available for free or it is on some other paid subscription-based movie streaming app. For instance, Sex Education released its season 2 on 17th January but it is exclusively available on Netflix and not on Amazon Prime or any other paid movie streaming app. 

This is when usually a user searches for apps to watch the latest TV shows for free. The very first names that will pop up are definitely going to be 123 movies or cotomovies. Both these free movie streaming apps have been around for quite a while and are regarded as the top best free movie streaming apps in the market. If you still are not convinced I have written an entire article covering almost all the available free movie streaming apps and websites in the market. 

What is 123 movies

123 movies was already trending as one of the best free movie streaming websites but then the Motion Picture Association of America started tracking the website and termed it as the most popular illegal website of the world. 123movies also holds another infamous record for being the most used pirated website in the UK and US in 2016. 123 movies have an automated process wherein if any latest movie or TV show is launched it automatically finds free streaming torrent links and adds it on its portal. 123 movies are available as a website and as an app.

What is cotomovies

Cotomovies was launched way after 123 movies but with the same purpose to become one of the best if not the best free latest movie streaming site. And after the MPAA tagged 123 movies as the most popular illegal website there was a surge of traffic on cotomovies. And many users even went on to say that cotomovies is the best alternative to 123movies, however, that lasted only for a while as 123movies made its comeback soon and this time with even more added content and a faster loading website. Hene began the rivalry for which is the best free movie streaming app.  

Both 123movies and cotomovies are available for download on iOS, Android, MAC, PC, FireStick TV, and Amazon FireStick, since both free streaming apps are third-party apps I have written a detailed guide on steps to download both free streaming apps in particular devices. Below is the link to the particular guides,

1. How to download cotomovies

2.How to download 123 movies 

Features of cotomovies                                     


-No subscription needed

-Lite App

-Live TV

-Displays ads

-Offline downloads available

-Daily updates 

-Selected Anime available

Features of 123 movies


-No sign up needed

-Offline Videos

-Theatre Mode

-No ads

-One-click download

-Mobile friendly UI

-Plethora of options


Let’s settle the debate once and for all if you compare the features of 123 movies and cotomovies you can see that both free streaming movie sites are almost evenly matched but 123 movies aces cotomovies as it displays fewer ads and loads faster on mobile also the theatre mode was helpful as it blanked out all unnecessary content while streaming a movie.

Safety concerns wise cotomovies gets the nod over 123 movies as no matter the updates 123 movies get there is no getting away from the fact that it is termed as the worst pirated website by the MPAA.

Content-wise both free streaming apps provided relevant HD quality links, however here too, cotomovies aced 123 movies as it has Live TV and a few popular anime as well.

In my opinion, cotomovies wins this evenly contested battle for the best free streaming website it aced 123 movies content wise and safety issues wise. Let us know your opinions or if we missed out anything.

***Please note this article is simply meant for educational purposes Geekymint does not intend to promote the use of 123 movies or cotomovies.*** 

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