12 Best Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog

best google adsense alternatives

Google Adsense Description

Google Adsense is a contextual ad networking program and a display ad network platform. It is one of the best ways to make money online from home. 

You do not need any investment to start earning through Google Adsense all you need is a blog or a website.

Google AdSense has been the number one choice of making money online for years now, so the question arises why would you need to look for an AdSense alternative for your blog or website.

There are several reasons why you should look for AdSense alternatives for your website.

Diversified income source

Adsense alternatives are the best way to multiply your income source through your blog. You can earn double what you are earning by using an AdSense alternative on your website.

 Easy setup

The process of getting your AdSense account has admittedly gotten even more complex over time. You may end up waiting for months before you get your AdSense account approved. In the meantime, you can use an AdSense alternative to monetize your blog.

Earn higher bounties online

One of the best features of an AdSense alternative is that you can earn bounties for placing specific ad banners. These bounties can range anywhere from $50 to $200 per sign-up.

So if you have a website or a blog with good traffic you could earn a decent chunk through ad bounties.

No minimum content requirement

Google Adsense can reject your AdSense approval request for minimum content whereas most of the AdSense alternatives will let you place ads despite the percentage of content on your website. 

If you have a single-page blog or a website your best bet to monetize it is to opt for a Google AdSense alternative.

Google Adsense has strict content policies

When it comes to adhering to strict content policies, Google maintains a firm stance. And while it is understandable, Google Adsense is known for banning an AdSense account even if you have made a single click on your own ad. 

Adsense banned blog

For some unforeseen reason, you have ended up getting your blog banned from placing ads through Google Adsense. 

So while you appeal against the ban and wait for an answer which usually takes months you can switch to an AdSense alternative from the list below.

Overall while google AdSense does have incredible benefits its flaws and drawbacks cannot go unnoticed.

It is better to be well equipped in case your AdSense targets are not being reached and let’s admit an added stream of income for all your hard work does not hurt.

Here are the best and latest Adsense alternatives. 

Note: I have tried and tested each AdSense alternative for a month on several of my personal blogs and have compiled this list mentioning the features, rating, pros and cons of each Adsense alternative. 


One of the best Google Adsense alternatives is Adsterra, a very smooth advertising platform that has unconventional ad formats with an expanding number of brands using the advertising network. 

This ad network is an esteemed brand that gives innovative solutions to publishers and even advertisers who wish to try something different from Google’s clutch. Adsterra is a good Google Adsense alternative for blogging or websites as it makes sure it is protected from malware by putting the ads through a proprietary fraud system.

Another reason Adsterra is a favorable Adsense alternative for websites or blogs is the easy monetization of traffic, providing publishers a 100% fill rate and the industry’s highest CPM. You just have to put a code on your website and manage campaigns from a control panel, making the platform extremely user-friendly.


  • Multiple payment methods
  • Reaches over hundreds of geographic locations
  • Committed account managers available
  • More than 10 billion ad impressions per month
  • An extensive variety of ad types, including pop-unders


  • Not a good option for low-volume sites
  • High payout minimum for bank transfers
  • A custom domain is needed
  • CPM for display ads and videos is not so competitive

A few reasons why Adsterra is an excellent Google Adsense alternative

  • It has 20,000 active ad campaigns
  • They reach over 190 countries
  • An account manager who is always available on call to help is provided to publishers and advertisers
  • 600,000 leads last month
  • They serve more than 10 billion ad impressions per month.

Payment Details

  • Payout options include PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Skrill, Paxum, and e-payments
  • There are two payments every 15 days
  • For Wire Transfers, the payout threshold is $1,000
  • For PayPal and Bitcoin, the payout threshold is $100
  • For ePayments, Webmoney and Paxum, the payout threshold is $5

Rating: 4.5/5

Meridian at Sovrn.com

Sovrn makes an extraordinary Google Adsense alternative for your blogs or websites. There are various ads offered by the network for publishers to use. Being a CPM network, Sovrn pays you for the number of expressions made by the ad instead of the clicks that lead to it.

Publishers are accepted only on an invite-only basis by the network, however strict traffic requirements are not involved. Sovrn also provides a backfill feature that lets you choose alternative ads when the network does not have one for you. These features make Sovrn a top-notch Adsense alternative for websites or blogs. You also have Adsense as an option to backfill.


  • Works alongside Adsense
  • Detailed analytics
  • CPM network
  • Server-to-server bidding


  • Does support affiliate campaigns or CPC
  • Low CPM rates for non-US traffic

Payment Details

  • Payout threshold is $25 regardless of the method
  • Payment options include eCheck, PayPal, ACH and wire transfer
  • Net30 payment schedule

Rating: 4.5/5


Skimlinks, another great alternative for Google Adsense which mainly specializes in affiliate marketing. Regardless of which program you work with, Skimlinks has got it covered for you. It is also user-friendly. The existing links will turn into affiliate links automatically once the Javascript code is installed onto your site which will lead to earning revenues.

This Adsense alternative for blogs or sites gives you access to 48,000+ e-commerce merchants as they have partnered up with more than 50 networks.


  • Robust analytics tools
  • Toolbar extension available
  • Integrates into the site smoothly
  • Numerous affiliate programs available
  • Has a low payment threshold


  • Charges high fees
  • Traditional display ads are not offered
  • Offers limited customer support

Payment Details

  • Payment through PayPal, check or direct bank deposit
  • Payout threshold is $10
  • There is a 30-day payout schedule, except some commission which could take longer

Rating: 4/5


Media.net is an esteemed platform as a Google Adsense alternative that focuses on contextual ads. Media.net also provides native ads, display ads, and offers pay-per-click advertising that is handled by the Yahoo!/Bing network. This makes it a strong contender to Google Adsense and an excellent Adsense alternative.

Media.net is one of the best Adsense alternatives for the various customization tools it provides. It allows you to adjust the whole design and color scheme to suit your ad space. They also offer an impressive dashboard that helps you keep track of analytics.


  • Provides flexible adoptions
  • Offers good customer support
  • Pays monthly
  • Has a user-friendly dashboard


  • Can have web traffic only from the US, UK, and Canada
  • Visitors must double-click ads
  • Does not update ad revenue in real-time

Payment Details

  • Payout options include Wire Transfer and PayPal
  • The payment threshold is $1,000
  • Has Net30 payment schedule

Rating: 4/5


Ezoic is another excellent alternative for Google Adsense. This network centralizes publishers and offers dynamic tools that will help you achieve your full monetization potential. What makes this an efficient Adsense alternative is ample features provided including an ad tester, a layout tester, a site speed calculator along with an analytics tool that helps you monitor the performance of an ad.

Ezoic is a preferable Adsense alternative for your website or blogs as it is compatible with everything from WordPress to Cloudflare CDN making it easy to incorporate with your site. It also provides a flexible consent and privacy consent system to meet CCPA or GDPR compliance. 


  • Has good security and privacy features
  • Advanced management and analytics tools
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Excellent affiliate program
  • Google Amp converter for mobile sites
  • Low payout minimum


  • The site must comply with Google’s policies

Payment Details

  • Payout threshold is only $20
  • Net30 payment schedule
  • Payment options include direct bank deposits, wire transfers, cheques, PayPal and Payoneer

Rating: 4.5/5


Adblade focuses on native ads making it a good Adsense alternative for blogging or websites. The brands they work with a very esteemed leaving no chance for inappropriate ads that could show up on your site. They have a good reputation among advertisers and webmasters as well. 

The company uses various security features to make sure your site is protected. This Google Adsense alternative uses relatively attractive thumbnails and posts to advertise the products and services, keeping the ads clean and subtle.


  • They provide good security features
  • The reporting tools are very effective
  • They offer helpful customer support
  • They provide simple display ad units and native shopping ads
  • It has a self-serve platform for the brands they work with


  • They have a high payment threshold
  • They have a lower CPC and COM

Payment Details

  • They have a payment threshold of $100
  • The payment options they use are PayPal, direct deposit, wire transfers or checks
  • They use the Net30 payment schedule

Rating: 4.5/5


With the help of PropellerAds, you can monetize your blog in innumerable ways with any type of ad making this a good option as a Google Adsense alternative for blogs and websites. The platform accepts sites easily however they give priority to sites dealing with digital media and technology.

The platform specializes in pop-under ads and also helps you monetize mobiles apps and sites. It is easy to make maximum use of the platform with the help of numerous optimization tools.


The platform can be used along with Google Adsense

  • They have various ad formats
  • They provide the technology to bypass Adblock
  • They have a large publisher community


  • Has no header bidding
  • The platform provides low CPMs

Payment Details

  • The payment options provided are PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfer
  • They follow a 30-day payout schedule
  • The payment thresholds vary; $500 for wire transfers, $100 for Payoneer and $50 for PayPal

Rating: 4/5


Blogher focuses on monetizing blogs that target a female audience. It is a CPM ad network, along with this publishers are offered more opportunities like paid product reviews and sponsored posts. So if you are a publisher looking for more than just advertising services, Blogher is a suggestible Google Adsense alternative for blogs or websites.

Payment Details

  • Payment is done through PayPal
  • They follow a 45-day payment schedule after a month ends
  • The payment threshold is $20

Rating: 4/5


Adversal is a notable Google Adsense alternative if your site or blog gets a decent amount of traffic. The network has a stern requirement for traffic being at least 50,000 visitors. On the plus side, it is easy and quick to sign up.

Adversal also provides other discrete marketing options like numerous banner ad sizes. Affiliate marketing is also provided by the platform.


  • The platform is user-friendly
  • They have a low payout
  • The signup process is quick and easy


  • Sites receiving low volume traffic are not accepted
  • Does not provide as many ad formats

Payment Details

  • The payment threshold is only $20
  • The payment options offered are PayPal, wire transfer and ACH
  • They follow a 65-day payment schedule

Rating: 3.5/5


InfoLinks is one of the most notable platforms for in-text advertising, making it a good pick as a Google Adsense alternative for a website or blog. The network provides expandable ads that go into your site’s content and display ads for the sidebar, along with this your site is indexed by InfoLinks and it searches for keywords to display appropriate ads.

The platform also provides a management tool to give you an analysis of ad performance and traffic, it also helps you control the effect of the ads on your site and the monetization efforts.


  • InfoLinks can be used along with AdSense
  • It is very easy to merge into your site
  • Provides a good administrative tool
  • Offers in-text ads


  • It uses a long payout schedule
  • The ads displayed can be clunky on selective devices
  • The platform does not have much ad variety

Payment Details

  • Payment options vary from PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union to ACH bank transfer and eCheck
  • It follows a 45-day payout schedule
  • The payment threshold is $100 for Western Union and $50 for bank transfers

Rating: 4.5/5


Advertising.com is a brilliant Google AdSense alternative for youtube or websites which is a part of Verizon. They have an extensive option of ad formats and to maximize monetization potential they utilize very effective analytics features.


  • They have numerous types of ads available
  • Their tools and dashboard are user-friendly 
  • They have a low payment threshold


  • Hard to get information before applying
  • The process to get approved by the network is long

Payment Details

  • Payment can be done through check, direct deposit or PayPal
  • The payout threshold is only $25
  • They follow a 30-day payment schedule

Rating: 4.5/5


Monumetric is also another Google Adsense alternative that you can try out as they are big on supporting Bloggers. Monumetric can easily be used by Bloggers who have a mid-size audience. 

Monumetric doesn’t have a cost-per-click model,  instead it has a cost-per-impression model, which means that even if your viewers simply view the ad and not click on it, you are going to get some percentage of the money. 

It has a minimum 10,000 monthly views threshold, for getting qualified on its program, which is best suited for people who have some medium sized audience for their blogs. 

Monumetric was previously also known as The Blogger Network, which, if you can’t already tell by its name, is designed for Bloggers. 

They also offer some great customer care service and also asks the bloggers about the target audience for the ads that would be displaying on their blogs. 


  • Great customer support
  • Cost-per-impression model 
  • Bloggers centric 


  • Minimum 10,000 Monthly views to get registered
  • Bloggers with less than 80,000 Monthly views have to pay a $99 upfront fee for setting up the account.

Payment Details

  • Minimum payment is $10 Dollars 
  • It is paid via PayPal or through Direct deposit 

Rating: 3.5/5


While Google Adsense is undoubtedly the best way to monetize your blog or website for more than one reason. Each of the above-mentioned alternatives to AdSense has its own unique benefits. If I had to choose the best alternative to Adsense my vote would go to ezoic.com. 

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