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About Reddit

Reddit is said to be the most famous platform on the internet to find out what’s happening around the world. It keeps up with its tagline ‘Front page of the Internet’ as it is always updated and it’s quick. Reddit has a hugely diverse audience due to its content varying from politics, cool inventions, entertainment, technology sector etc.

Reddit also lets you be anonymous which helps its users be part of discussions on hundreds of different topics. It provides an open platform for users to talk about different topics, share their views, share different things, etc.

However, lately Reddit usage has been reducing and users have been exiting the platform for various reasons. These users are searching for similar sites like Reddit that allows them to have similar discussions so they can have more healthy discussions.

I have listed 10 Reddit alternatives every Reddit user should know about


reddit alternative

Voat was established a little over a year ago and it has already become one of the most preferred Reddit alternatives and replicas on the internet. It has a similar interface to Reddit’s so it will feel like home Voat a suitable Reddit alternative for the long term Reddit users.

There are minimal and expected differences between the two like Voat uses ‘subversives’ for similar things just the way Reddit users ‘subreddits’ for different things and where Reddit would use an ‘r’, Voat uses ‘v’ to consider it original.

When it comes to leniency, Reddit has been going hard on subreddits based on hate and banking then frequently, whereas Voat had apparently said that you are allowed to post anything that’s not illegal. You can also take part in Voat’s partner program and get paid for paying quality content.


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Quora is considered more as a Yahoo! Answers contender than a Reddit one. But it does bring up intellectual discussions while answering simple questions making it a good Reddit alternative. Quora is a platform for the users to ask questions on the site and other users can answer it if they think they know something about the topic.

You have the option to just ask more questions, have experts answer them or you can answer other’s questions if you have a lot of knowledge regarding the topic. You can filter your interested topics and Quora will display all the queries and questions regarding the topic, you can answer as many questions as you want.

Your expert level in the community will increase as you keep answering more questions. Another great feature of this Reddit alternative is you can follow experts and they can follow you back as well. Quora also provides an entire community that lets you have healthy discussions with peers of the community without dealing with any spam posts or comments.

Hacker News (Y Combinator)

best Reddit alternatives

Hacker News is a news compilation site that is basic and straightforward. Not only does it display only news but it also has no sidebars, flashy signs, or widgets on the site. It is an excellent Reddit alternative as it covers news for tech enthusiasts, geeks, entrepreneurs, start-up enthusiasts, and hackers.

News regarding mostly technology from all around the world is posted on the News Y Combinator channel. How popular a new post is judged by the points given to it. Each user has the option to upvote a news article and give it a point taking it up the table. The news posts are sourced from reliable sources like Washing Post, The New York Times, etc.

As long as you have registered for an account, you can submit a story (simply by clicking the submit button at the top of the page), comment on a story, or upvote on a story. By commenting on a post, you can be part of discussions regarding it and communicate your opinion. You could say that News Y Combinator is a place for the hackers, by the hackers.


Reddit alternatives

Nothing beats StumbleUpon when it comes to finding the greatest and latest on the internet as it is one of the best Reddit alternatives to find brilliant things submitted by different people from around the world.it actually helps you to ‘stumble upon’ a variety of things varying from discoveries, stories to news, etc posted by fellow stumblers.

You can start by going through the explore page and you start to discover amazing things. From there you can continue to like/dislike content, save the pages, share the page and keep stumbling. The motto of this platform is ‘Keep stumbling until you find something interesting’.


best reddit alternative

For all the geeks out there Slashdot is a must-bookmark on your browser. As a Reddit alternative, it offers the latest news regarding only technology and from thousands of sources.

We all know finding and reading news on different websites is a little inconvenient. Slashdot helps by providing technology news from different sources on the front page.

It also allows you to take part in the comments and discussion to state your opinions on the story.


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4Chan is an imageboard that allows users to post images on their favorite boards and leave comments on other people’s posts as well. It is one of the most appreciated communities and Reddit alternatives.

On this platform, you do not need an account at all to shared images or comment on any of your favorite boards. The boards used by 4Chan are basically categories that vary from movies, technology, music, video games, Japanese anime, and many more.

It is a very child secure Reddit alternative as it has a separate section adult content where NSFW posts and pictures are posted. 4Chan allows people to post anything anonymously by using any name to share your content.

Product Hunt

best reddit alternatives

Product Hunt is a platform that lets you hunt for the perfect products that you’re looking for in the market.

Product Hunt makes sure it delivers the best of everything to you, from tech to the greatest games. It also provides you with a list of great products that include top mobile apps, the hottest games, website designs, and a lot more from the technology sector.

Users can also create their own lists and share them on the platform. You can create something and share it on the platform or you can comment on other user’s creations. If you want to find anything new like mobile apps or even just a game, Product Hunt is the alternative for Reddit if you’re looking for something new in the tech area.


reddit alternatives

9Gag is not exactly a Reddit competitor but it sure is the most hilarious platform on the internet. It took off as a basic website for users to share memes and funny pictures, but lately, it has turned into a community of great people. It can be used as a Reddit alternative as now there are useful things being posted leading to meaningful discussions in the comment sections.

Sometimes even the comment section can be more entertaining than the post. 9Gag is the perfect platform to laugh your heart out and just relax. 9Gag has also added new sections for people with diverse interests.


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If you’re looking for all the latest news from around the world on one site, NewsVine is your go-to place. It’s the best Reddit alternative for news. It is a news source that is crowdsourced giving you the latest and best news and stories by its users.

Another reason it’s a great alternative for Reddit is that it gathers news stories from popular and reliable sources like The Associated Press and more. The most popular or read stories are up on the front page where it is viewed by millions who visit the site often.

By creating different nations on your interests you can have healthy discussions with fellow users. It also allows you to write your own news stories or articles from other credible publications and submit them.



Discord is also a really popular social media platform that users from all across the globe have been using for quite some time now. It is not an exact alternative to Reddit, but it is a really cool platform where huge groups of the community can chat and play games and interact. 

 Along with all this, Discord also offers the option of having Voice and Video calls, as well. The video call streaming on Discord is some of the best I have seen on any video call platform. This is because of some different engine that Discord uses. 

The image quality on Discord is genuinely really good and clear for both the users. However, that’s not all what’s great about it. Discord has a paid plan, but its free platform offers users more than enough features and tools to use. 

You are able to play games, watch YouTube videos with your friends, and if you pay for its services, then you can create your very own servers on Discord that can be accessed by a group of community of people, and you can share your thoughts on a particular topic. 

As I mentioned above, it is not an exact alternative to Reddit, as Reddit is more of a visual social media platform, but just like Reddit, you are able to create your own community and server on Discord and it works out pretty well, as well. 

There is a lot that you can do on Discord, and if you haven’t use it yet, you should give it a try.

Final Words

These are all the sites like Reddit, a few of them similar focusing only on specific topics or fields making it easier for their respective users. However, they all sure will come in handy. If you know or use any other sites similar to Reddit, share it with us in the comments section.

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