6 best text summary generator tools in 2023

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Text Summary generator

Currently, we live in a world where we have so much information available to us yet it is difficult for us to gain even most of it. It is quite hard for us to keep up with even an iota of the information or articles uploaded on a daily basis. So how do we take in information in an efficient manner and not spend much time on it? 

Whether you’re a student, professor, researcher you have a ton of material to go through in a limited amount of time.

For this, there are text summarizer tools and text summarizer websites available to help you out. These tools and websites are automated that help their users fetch a concise version of huge texts by detecting the key points in the text provided. Few of them also have an algorithm that proofreads the texts for you, saving you the time to correct any errors.

I have compiled a list of the best text summary generator tools, text summarizer websites, and text summarizer apps along with their features:


Resoomer is a very convenient and one of the summarizing tools as a software and best text summarizer website. It helps you by detecting the crucial parts of the text that has been shared and reduces it to a summary. It encourages you to be more productive while saving time and effort by summarizing texts for you in just a click.

Resoomer can:

  • Find the important parts in your texts
  • Downsize the text as a summary
  • Analyze your texts and highlight the significant paragraphs for you.

Open Text Summarizer

The Open Text Summarizer is definitely one of the best and feature-filled text summarizer websites or web interface. It uses an automatic text summarizing technique where a computer program summarizes the document or passage. The summarizer website gives you the summary or highlighted text of your passage or document. It is an open-source tool.

It links with Ubuntu, Fedora, and Linus distros. The program can go through the text to and identify the important sentences. Open Text Summarizer also supports more than 25 languages.

AbiWord and Kword which are word processors link to the library and summarize your documents on the console through the command-line tool. This makes OTS a library and a command-line tool.

The text summarizer website returns the summarized text as HTML or text. You can edit the XML files rule and support more languages.


With SMMRY, you can understand texts in a very efficient manner which is done by returning the text with only the important parts 

SMMRY as one of the best text summarizer websites uses a core algorithm to rank the sentence by significance, eliminates insignificant examples, extra transition phrases, and clauses, focus on the topic using the keyword

SMMRY’s core algorithm functions by:

  • Calculating the frequency of each word in the text
  • Each word is assigned points depending on the popularity
  • Connecting words with their grammatical counterparts (eg. “Leaf” and “Leaves”)
  • Divides the text into different sentences
  • Detect the full stops that indicate the end of a sentence (eg. ‘p.m.’ does not)
  • Returns the text with the highest-ranked sentences in a chronological manner

Intellexer Summarizer

Intellexer Summarizer is one of the most feature-filled text summarizer websites. The summary created will only contain the central idea of the text. It provides different types of summary. It does not hold a limit to the input text size.

The feature provided by this Summarizer website are:

  • Any format document summary
  • Efficient summaries
  • Easy navigation
  • Manageable summary size
  • Integration into internet explorer, windows explorer, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x, MS Word 2010, MS Outlook 2007, Windows Vista is available


SummarizeBot is a great option on the list of best summarization websites. It is AI and block-chain powered summarization tool that analyzes the multimedia files, documents, or a web link, identifies the main ideas, and converts it into a short summary.

You can share information with SummarizeBot through Facebook messenger or Slack to get your result. It processes your information and gives you a summary, the most important key phrases and keywords. 

SummarizeBot is one of the best text Summarizer tools for business as it structures the data by creating a better version.

Features of SummarizeBot:

  • It identifies the significant parts of the passage and gives you a concise version of your text
  • Let’s you choose the summary size
  • Makes your text more understanding with only the important keywords.
  • Lets you download, save, and share the summary for free.


Obviously, one of the big tools that have been recently launched in ChatGPT that is able to basically write and type whatever you want it to do. So, you can easily use this AI tool to generate any text or provide you with a summary of a text. 

All you have to do to generate a text summary is simply create a free account on ChatGPT and submit the text on its dialogue box and ask it to give you a quick summary of the text. 

Within a few seconds, the AI tool should be able to read all the material and provide you with a summary of the text, highlighting what all are the important points in the article, and what points you can easily avoid. 

It is a really effective tool that is able to do a whole lot more than just provide you with a text summary of the article. 

Since ChatGPT is a ridiculously powerful AI tool that is able to write codes and do a whole lot of things, as well. 

I have written a separate article where I have discussed some of its alternatives that you can try out for specific reasons, as well. You can read it, to know more about it. 
As for this article, ChatGPT is one of the best, if not the best text summary generator tool that you can try out in 2023.

There you go, with the help of this list, you can save time and energy and gain as much knowledge as you wish while being efficient. These best summarizer tools will make sure you get the correct information in the most concise version of the text you want that contains all the important ideas and keywords.

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi

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