Top 6 ChatGPT alternatives & substitutes

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What is ChatGPT?

I am pretty sure that you must have heard the name about ChatGPT, even if you are slightly interested in the world of computers or have a social media account on any platform, such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

AI has always been in the conversation mix, and we have been using AI a lot more than we used to use back 10 years ago. 

However, with these new AI chatboxes, such as ChatGPT and many others, we are seeing a new age of AI that may require some new laws to maintain the usage of AI and the accountability of someone using an AI for work. 

ChatGPT, obviously, is the most popular option that most people know about, but there are also some other similar AI applications that are trying to catch up with ChatGPT and its other features. 

So in this article, I will be discussing some of the best ChatGPT alternatives that you can try out right now. 

Reason to look for sites like ChatGPT

Before we get started, I just want to say that currently, ChatGPT is one of the best AI tools present in the market right now. 

Since most people are using it more often, it is also the one that is able to improve the quickest among the other AI applications because it is getting a lot of data from the people who are using it. 

Still, ChatGPT has its own share of flaws, and here are some of them because of which you can try to look for its alternatives. 

Reason 1 – Being overloaded by users

The main reason why a lot of people are trying to look for ChatGPT alternatives is because of the overabundance of people who are using ChatGPT. 

Due to this, the servers of ChatGPT are not available to use, and people are locked out of it. 

This can be pretty annoying for anybody who is trying this service for the first time, and if you are also someone who has faced such issues, then you are better off using some of the alternatives that are available.

Reason 2 – No Authoritative source of information

ChatGPT is able to answer a lot of questions, but its main source of information is through the internet and the different numbers of websites that are available online; it is not sure from which website ChatGPT is taking its information. 

I am mentioning this because a number of times people have faced issues where users have asked ChatGPT a certain question, and ChatGPT has given an answer, but it is not the correct answer. 

This is also a good thing because it lets the users know that they can’t fully depend on ChatGPT for all the answers, and they should do their own research as well because there are times that ChatGPT has gotten the answers wrong. 

Reason 3 – AI ethical issues

This reason is not just limited to ChatGPT but to all the available options in the world of AI because, a lot of times, the overall image or music that is produced through AI, it can very easily fool an untrained eye. 

There are also a number of times when you are trying to figure out whether there is some usage of an AI but are not able to find that AI has been used or not. 

MKBHD, the popular tech YouTube channel, actually made a really great video where he played an audio track featuring Jay Z, but Jay Z never sang and it was an AI application that replicated his voice. 

The same is the case with the overall image that is produced through AI. If you would have seen Pope Francis wearing a white jacket and belived it to be true, then you also got fooled of AI image production. 

The one tell that is available whether an AI has produced an image is if you look at the number of fingers of any human. Usually, you would see only four fingers rather than five fingers. 

So, such issues of ethical problems is actually quite alarming for the people who are working in the creative field as many people are easily able to put AI-made images and claim it as their own work. 

And ChatGPT is the biggest culprit of such cases as it is the most-used AI tool currently. 

Another ethical issue in image cases is also the fact that AI takes impressions from a different number of images that are avaialble online and then creates an image through the data. 

So, for a lot of artists who have published their work and have their work used by AIs such as ChatGPT don’t get any credits whatsoever for the new images that are produced. 

So these are some of the ethical issues that have come up because of the high number of usage of ChatGPT, and ChatGPT should come up with some potential answers to such problems, as well.

6 ChatGPT like AI software

So with all that said and mentioned, here are some of the best ChatGPT alternatives, you can try out. 

All of these alternatives work as great AI tools that work well with specific usage or work as an all-rounder AI tool, something like ChatGPT. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s discuss all the possible alternatives to ChatGPT. 



ChatSonic is one of the better ChatGPT alternatives present in the market right now. ChatSonic is developed by WriteSonic as a part of their AI writing tools, and it is built on the same platform as ChatGPT has been. 

This application recently got a new update that allows it to understand complex and more nuanced writing than what is available with ChatGPT’s free version. It is also a chatting tool application, similar to ChatGPT. 

There is much more to discuss about this application, so without wasting any more time, let’s get into it. 

What we liked about ChatSonic

ChatSonic has a lot of tools on offer that allow you to write a number of different articles and help improve your writing style in many different formats. 

The overall library of content that is available also provides you with AI-generated ideas that can help writers come over a creative block or help them brainstorm a number of different ideas. 

You get a number of different types of templates to choose from, the AI also has an in-built plagiarism-checker tool enabled that allows users to immediately check the level of plagiarism that is in their written material. 

And you can do a whole lot more when you are using ChatSonic for creative purposes. 

What we didn’t like about ChatSonic

ChatSonic is mostly an AI that can help you in writing a number of articles, so it is a little confusing as to why it has a word limit on the overall length of the articles. 

If you are using the free version of ChatSonic, you only get the option to write 2500 words, and if you are paid member who is paying $19/month for the service, then also you are limited to only 15,000 words for a month. 

Fifteen thousand words sound a lot, but if you are a content writer who is used to writing 3500 words per article, then you will only be able to write not more than 5 articles using ChatSonic.

ChatSonic also lets you create digital images, just like many other AI tools, but the overall experience of creating a digital image using ChatSonic has been reported as fairly unpleasantry compared to other AI tools that generate images. 

Why did we choose ChatSonic as a ChatGPT alternative?

ChatSonic, with all its flaws, is still a good alternative to ChatGPT because it offers users with a variety of different tools, and it is fairly powerful as ChatGPT is. 

You get access to a lot of different types of tools that will help you write, draw, speak, etc., and for those reasons, ChatSonic works as a great alternative to ChatGPT. 

Review and rating of ChatSonic

ChatSonic is a fairly decent alternative to ChatGPT that is available to use right now. Its main focus is on writing and helping people write a number of articles, but it is also limiting in a number of different ways. 

It provides a free version, so you can easily try it yourself and see whether this AI tool works great for you. For the above-mentioned reasons and more, I will rate ChatSonic 3.5/5 stars.

Jasper AI 

Jasper AI is also a writing AI tool that will help you if you are working on your brand, making marketing pieces, or simply trying to write content for a particular topic that is trendy right now in the market. 

Jasper AI, just like ChatGPT, allows users to talk naturally with the AI and use AI to create and brainstorm a number of different ideas that can be quite useful for the user for the particular topic he/she is looking for. 

There is much more to discuss about Jasper AI, so without wasting any more time, let’s get into it. 

What we liked about Jasper AI 

Jasper AI has a unique feature that lets the AI create generative answers to the specific needs of the user without the user having to manually type in everything to get the type of product that they would want. 

Jasper recipes are also pre-made sets of texts that can help in writing a number of different writing materials in a particular format, so that can also be quite useful for people who are looking for ideas and content that are to the point. 

You also have an entire workflow available that will help the users to write the articles and do many other things regarding writing in one sweep, which makes the life of the user that much more simpler. 

What we didn’t like about Jasper AI 

Jasper AI has some pros, but it also has a number of cons as well. For starters, you don’t have a free plan that you have with ChatGPT, and its price starts at $49/month, which is quite a lot for any AI tool, so you have to be really sure whether you want to use this service or not. 

Unlike other AI tools available online, Jasper AI also has a big learning curve that users have to get used if they feel like that they want to continue using this AI tool that will help them in writing these articles. 

Just like other AI tools, Jasper AI cannot be fully trusted with the information that is written by it, and users have to check whether the information provided by the software is legit or not.

Why did we choose Jasper AI as a ChatGPT alternative?

Jasper AI can be used by people who are more into writing articles and other stuff related to writing. It is not an exact ChatGPT alternative because ChatGPT is able to perform a lot of other tasks, as well. 

Still, as an alternative to ChatGPT, you do get a lot of tools and workflow that will help you in writing a number of different articles.

Review and rating of Jasper AI 

As I mentioned above, Jasper AI is a fairly powerful ChatGPT alternative that will help users write a number of different articles, but it is not an exact replacement for ChatGPT. 

The overall pricing of the software is also quite high compared to some of the other AI tools that are available online, and it doesn’t offer a free trial also that will help users to know whether this is a good software for them or not. 

So, for those reasons and more, I will rate Jasper AI 3/5 stars. 



Bard is Google’s answer to Microsoft’s ChatGPT. Launched fairly recently, Google’s Bard slowly started to jump on the AI train and has impressed a number of different users with its overall response time and the number of tasks that are available on this platform. 

Bard has loads of features available to use on its platform, and it is slowly catching up to ChatGPT and the number of tasks that ChatGPT is able to complete on its platform.

There are a lot of things to talk about, Bard, so without wasting any more time, let’s discuss all of them. 

What we liked about Bard

Bard is able to perform a number of different tasks, such as writing formal texts, translating a number of different languages, helping in writing a number of different content, and it is also able to answer different varied questions also.

It also features a number of different functionalities, such as clearing the chat so that you can restart the conversation at any point while you are using the service. 

Along with it, you can also see your previous activity on Bard. Since it is from Google, you also get the option of directly searching for something via Google using Bard. This makes it quite easier for people to use the web engine with the AI tool. 

And Bard also provides a detailed conversation and gives you three different types of write up that you can choose based on the overall content that is written and how well it is written.

What we didn’t like about Bard

One of the common disadvantages about Bard, that is noted by a lot of people is the overall limitation in citing the sources from which Bard is taking its information from and presenting it to the users. 

This can be a bit of an issue for a lot of people, because Bard is also known to use somewhat biased opinions on its chatbox, and it is not so neutral compared to some of the other AI tools present. 

Another thing that I don’t love about Bard is its overall AI, it is quite bland and simple, compared to other AI tools available, and at this point, I am a bit tired of Google’s UI, because it is almost everywhere and it is exactly the same. 

Earlier, Google’s UI used to be a little more dynamic and fun, now they have adapted a simpler look, which works nicely, but it also ends up making everything seem the same and a bit boring to look at also. 

Why did we choose Bard as a ChatGPT alternative?

Bard is probably the only direct alternative to ChatGPT that is available right now in the market. While other AI tools focus on specific topics or functionalities, Bard tries to focus it as a chatbox that can act as a rival to ChatGPT. 

And while ChatGPT is still dominant over Bard because of the number of users who are using its services and the headstart that it had over Bard, it is still impressive how quickly Bard has covered up.

Review and rating of Bard

Bard and ChatGPT are probably going to be the most used and talked about AI tools in the coming years.

ChatGPT, right now is better than Bard because it gives a more human-like conversation, whereas Bard seems like that you are actually conversing with a computer, there is still a long time left for it to improve upon itself. 

If you are into Google and everything related to Google, then you should give Bard a try. I will rate Bard 3.5/5 stars.


copilot github

If you are into coding and have been using ChatGPT for coding, then you might want to look at CoPilot, as it is an AI-powered coding tool that is developed by GitHub that will help users write and develop codes. 

There’s quite a lot to talk about CoPilot, so without wasting any more time let’s discuss all about it. 

What we liked about CoPilot

CoPilot is a fairly powerful AI tool that can help a lot of coders in developing and writing codes easily and efficiently. The platform uses some advanced machine-learning tools that help in providing real-time suggestions and predictions while coding. 

The AI tool also understands your coding while you are working on it, so it will provide useful tips and suggest relevant codes that can help your overall workflow among various other things. 

The platform also supports a number of different programming languages and is integrated well with several different editors.

What we didn’t like about CoPilot

CoPilot is so powerful that it can also be a little distracting sometimes because the platform suggests so many different solutions and tips that it can be a little too overwhelming for a coder to choose or work on it for a long time. 

Another disadvantage of CoPilot is that sometimes the platform recommends codes that are not secure and inefficient, as well. In those cases, it will actually damage the overall coding rather than help the coders, as well. 

There is also licensing problem while using CoPilot, because if you code on CoPilot, technically, the code then belongs to Microsoft, and the users don’t get sole ownership of the code. 

Why did we choose CoPilot as a ChatGPT alternative?

CoPilot and ChatGPT are owned by the same parent company, Microsoft. So, it is like comparing two cousins. 

While ChatGPT is more about normally conversing with an AI that also helps you with coding, CoPilot is designed specifically for coding. And if you are someone who needs help with coding, then you can try out CoPilot.

Review and rating of CoPilot

CoPilot is a fairly powerful tool that can easily help a lot of coders, but there are some legal and logistical things that you have to look for while you are using this service. 

If you are okay with that, then CoPilot is a great AI tool, and for those reasons, I will rate CoPilot 3.5/5 stars. 

Poe by Quora

poe quora

Poe is an intresenting solution that can act as a good ChatGPT alternative because instead of providing a simple AI tool, Poe provides users a number of different AI tools in one page, so that users can easily access and use different types of AI tools at once. 

There is a lot more to discuss about Poe, so without wasting any more time, let’s get into it. 

What we liked about Poe by Quora

With Poe, users can easily access ChatGPT, along with other powerful AI tools, such as Sage, GTP-4, Claude and even Dragonfly to some extent. 

So, with the help of Poe, you don’t have to scroll across a number of different AI tools and you can easily find them on one page and use each of them for their own sets of unique speciality.

What we didn’t like about Poe by Quora

Unlike most of the AI platforms and softwares mentioned in this list, Poe by Quora doesn’t seem to have its own platform.

It has somehow infused a bunch of different AI tools into one website, and it charges you from anything of $19/month to $199.9/year to use those services. 

It feels a little gimmicky and is only suitable for a very small group of people. 

Why did we choose Poe by Quora as a ChatGPT alternative?

Poe by Quora has quite a lot of potential and since already features ChatGPT, it can also act as a good alternative to ChatGPT that also features some other AI tools that will help users in completing the tasks that ChatGPT is not able to do so on its own. 

Review and rating of Poe by Quora

Poe by Quora is not a AI tool like ChatGPT, but it somehow incorporates a number of different AI tools and brings it all onto one website. 

For some people that can be useful, but for most, I don’t know how useful it would be. Because of those reasons, I will rate Poe by Quora 3/5 stars. 

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Our recommendations on the best ChatGPT alternative?

Well, there you have it. An article discussing some of the best ChatGPT alternatives present in the market right now.

All the above-mentioned alteernatives serve different purposes, and you have to see which one works the best for you. However, if I had to pick among the five, then I would probably choose Bard as the best ChatGPT alternative. 

Why did we choose Bard as the best ChatGPT alternative?

As I mentioned in the article, Bard is probably the only alternative on this list that is a direct alternative to ChatGPT.

All the other alternatives I have mentioned in this list use AI to tackle a specific problem, whereas Bard follows the same level of features that ChatGPT follows. 

For now, ChatGPT is better than Bard in many different ways, but that is also thanks to more people using ChatGPT over Bard. However, if Bard keeps on improving, then it can give ChatGPT a bang for its buck. 

As always, these have been my thoughts regarding this topic. What about you? Do you agree with my list of best ChatGPT alternatives? Or do you think that I missed out on few others?

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below!

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