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The Best Cricket Streaming Websites in 2021 (Safe & Working)

What’s up my geek squad? I hope all of you are doing fine and are safe at home. As we all know we are stuck in our households due to the ongoing pandemic but that in no way means we can not enjoy indoors, right? So here we are with a list of top-notch Live cricket streaming websites that will keep you entertained in these gloomy moments.

These live cricket streaming websites are specifically designed to deliver great performance and high-quality content. Now that the Indian Premier League is running live from Dubai you just can not afford to miss all these thrilling and breathtaking matches. Trust me, some of them are so easy to use and widely known that even you must have used it in a way or the other. Before we proceed with the list of high ranking live cricket streaming websites, we would love to mention that we, through our Articles try to provide you with all the nifty solutions to your online streaming queries. In this case, we have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions.

All the above questions are answered in some way or the other in our list of the best live cricket streaming websites. Now before we move on to the details about these unbelievable websites and applications let me first introduce you to our top picks for this year which is as follows:-

The Best Cricket Streaming Websites (Safe & Working)

Here Are Our Top Picks For The Best Live Cricket Streaming Sites In 2020 (Free & Safe)


Hotstar is a live cricket streaming website which is indeed very well known in the Indian subcontinent. It has made the mark by bagging up all the most popular cricketing events. Hotstar is one of the best if not the best websites for live cricket match streaming and impacted the live cricket tv broadcast by delivering an easy to use interface and high-quality streaming options.

The downside to this streaming platform is that the HD streaming option is a paid option. But there is a free streaming option too with just a few minute’s delay in transmission of the live matches.


2.SonyLIV Sports

If we talk about the best live cricket streaming sites or anything else live sports streaming related and if you are looking for a legal and a reliable platform, we just can not miss the SonyLIV Sports website and application. This live cricket streaming platform is brought to you by the tech giant Sony. It has a user-friendly interface and is also available on iOS and Android devices. This website can make your life easier by automatically setting the video quality of the stream according to your internet speed.

It provides the user with the details of all the scheduled and ongoing matches and along with the live streaming of the sports like cricket, NBA, European football, and many other sporting events, SonyLIV also provides you with a variety of other movies and TV shows for your entertainment offseason. Which is not available on other popular OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.



Here’s a cricket oriented live streaming website which is quite well known and has been used by millions. Cricbuzz is a live cricket streaming site that is designed to provide its users with features like live audio commentary and live score if some are not able to see the whole match.

The Cricbuzz smartphone app is also very simple and easy to wield and is available for both the iOS and Android devices. 

Cricbuzz also consists of a variety of quirky features like match statistics, trivia, funny moments, and cricket news which makes it a complete package for all the cricket enthusiasts out there who are looking for everything cricket related in a single application or a website.

This indeed in my opinion is one of its kind live cricket streaming websites.


4.Willow TV

Willow TV is of high quality and allows the user to stream the live cricket match in HD. This live cricket streaming site is majorly available for the cricket fans in the USA and is not free as it comes with a 14.99$/mo price tag for its subscription.

As far as the other countries are concerned, you can always use a VPN which is a virtual private network for streaming this website outside of the United States.

Apart from the geo-availability issue and quite a hefty price for its subscription, Willow TV is a good app for the live stream of the cricket match in HD.



BCCI ( The Board of Control for Cricket in India  ) is a quasi-government body in India now with 6 regional control boards under its supervision. The BCCI is the richest sports body which comes under the ICC. The official website of the BCCI is in itself a live cricket match streaming site.

You can not only stream domestic and international matches but also the other variants of the sport like the T-20 and the one-days. This is probably the only live cricket streaming website that I have come across which can stream in Hindi as well.

It’s a clean user interface and website which is full of options like instant live score, cricket news, and match roster/ schedules. All these things make it one of the best ways to stream live cricket matches.



ESPNcricinfo is a worthy player in the world of live cricket streaming and live sport streaming websites. A free to use website with an option to transmit the variety of titles like the ICC world cup, T-20 world cup, champions trophy, and the Indian Premier League. With other features like the live score section and the cricket news section, ESPNcricinfois one of the credible and well known live cricket streaming websites which you should definitely check out.


7.Enjoy Live Cricket Streaming on Reddit

Yes, I know, I know it was a surprise but believe me when I say this that I was surprised as well when I found out that Reddit is a live cricket streaming site too.

Though this well-known platform doesn’t host any live cricket match directly or officially, you can still use live cricket and T-20 IPL subreddits to get the unofficial links to the live matches and can also chat with different fans while you enjoy your game.

As this platform is an unofficial way to live stream cricket matches, it does not have links for each and every upcoming game, which in my opinion is the only downside to it.


8.Enjoy Live Cricket Streaming on Google Assistant

This is the easiest way to get your live scores of any match which is live at that minute, you just have to ask your Google assistant or just open the Google app and customize the discovery feature to live updates from a trusted source without any delay on your home screen.

Apart from setting up alarms, singing songs for you, and telling you lame but funny jokes Google assistant can provide you it’s assistance with the live score and other cricket related to the latest news with just a tap of a button.

Like Google alleviates your knickknack with all the possible search results/ information it can provide you, Google assistant can in the same way provide you with live cricket streaming sites with just a command of your voice.



The Skysports website is a very well built and easy to use live cricket streaming site. It gives you the wholesome experience of all the sport live streams by giving you the option to stream any live cricket tv match from anywhere on your mobile phone and laptops with ease.

You can also stream boxing, golf, and football on this live sports streaming platform. This is one of a kind space that gives you the chance to enjoy high-quality content for free.

It’s algorithm automatically adapts to the changes in your network speed and modifies the quality of the stream accordingly without bulldozing your live streaming experience.


10.Enjoy Live Cricket Streaming on Facebook

 Yes, our beloved Facebook also has some tricks up its sleeve. Just like Reddit, you won’t be able to find each and every match to live stream but you can just type “cricket” in the search box and check the video section to watch all the available live cricketing events.

Just like Reddit, you can also chat with your friends and all the other cricket enthusiasts while you enjoy the game in a very well-created video player which adjusts the quality of the live stream automatically based on your internet speed.


My final thoughts

All the above mentioned live cricket streaming sites are carefully researched and selected to provide you with the best way to stream a live cricket match or any other sports for that matter. All the above-mentioned websites are not placed in any particular manner and the ratings which are provided below each and every one of them is based on many standards and criteria like it should not only be easy to use but should also be easy to access and should provide the users with beautiful live streaming preferably without charging any money or at least should not be over the top expensive.

All of the above-mentioned websites and their ratings are my opinions and are some of the live cricket streaming sites that I would easily recommend to any cricket/sports enthusiasts.  You can also read our articles about our recommendations on the best soccer streaming websites.

Thanks a lot for tuning in today, if you liked it, please share and comment down below which are some of your favorite live streaming websites or anything which you want us to write about.

Tune in again for more of such informative and fun articles and write-ups that’s it for today see you guys in the next one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best live cricket streaming site?

How can I watch live cricket on my Android or IOS devices?

Use any of these free streaming apps to watch live cricket on iOS or Android devices.

How can stream live sports for free?

How can stream live sports legally?

You can stream sports legally using these websites

Which is the best live cricket match streaming website?

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