DivvyCloud: Top 10 DivvyCloud alternatives/Competitors

DivvyCloud Alternatives

About DivvyCloud

DivvyCloud is a feature filled cloud management software and policy automation software that is designed to assist enterprises, start ups, enterprises, agencies.

 DivvyCloud provides complete solutions for Windows specifically. It also offers Billing and Provisioning. It is an advanced platform that uses lifecycle management commands making it convenient for CloudOps teams to organize, troubleshoot, and develop private and public cloud resources. 

To sum it up DivvyCloud is built as a solution to assist cloud computing resources like storage, DNS, networking, instances and load balancers.

The ingenious programme focuses on observing multi/hybrid cloud footprints and event driven infrastructures. To elevate cost governance, compliance and security DivvyCloud provides multi cloud infrastructure automation and visibility. It uses the platform-first strategy to allow customers and partners to use the power to create and provide incomparable cloud management solutions and products.

While DivvyCloud is one of the best cloud management software, it can be a bit expensive so I have compiled a list of the best DivvyCloud alternatives where you can compare the ratings, user reviews, features, and pricing of the top DivvyCloud competitors that will make it easier for you to decide the best-suited cloud management software for your business or organization.

The Best DivvyCloud Competitors

Microsoft Azure

A multi-cloud cost management solution, Azure Cost Management, a great DivvyCloud alternative for Azure users and other cloud resources like AWS and Google. It helps to manage and use Azure is the best way possible. It is a prominent e-commerce management platform that has assisted thousands of e-commerce business enterprises making it an experienced alternative for DivvyCloud. It enables you to keep track of cloud expenditures and usages for your Azure resources and others, optimize the supply chain, satisfy customer’s needs and demands, etc.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage provides instant solutions to your business data. It is used by customers from around the world for current workloads like analytics, IoT, AI, cloud storage for service providers, and video and image repositories. A few of the benefits from this DivvyCloud alternative that customers can get are lowered the cost of storage and better performance. User’s data can be protected with the software’s geo-dispersed or local data protection for better functioning.


CloudRanger is a preferred alternative to DivvyCloud as it is a reliable platforn for enterprise backup and disaster recovery for AWS Cloud. With the help of CloudRanger businesses can protect their assets and resources in the AWS cloud quickly. It is also easy to set up with no code and scripts needed. Users can conveniently automate backup management for AMIs and snapshots, you can manage many AWS accounts from a singe dashboard, copy snapshots to multiple regions for disaster recovery and a lot more.

It provides training through Webinars, documentation, live online and also provides online support.


ParkMyCloud, a Turbonomic company, is a user friendly and feature filled cloud management software that detects and removes wasted aloud spend, reduces cloud costs significantly in Azure, Google Cloud and AWS. This is a great DivvyCloud alternative if you’re in need of a software that is able to detect and eliminate unused cloud resources reducing your cloud expenditures.

Enterprises like National Geographic, Hitachi ID Systems, Workfront and many more are amongst the 1,200 reputed others that use and trust ParkMyCloud to reduce their cloud costs by tens of millions of dollars annually. Another reason ParkMyCloud is a great alternative to DivvyCloud is that it’s SaaS offering lets enterprises to govern, optimize and manage their spend across numerous public clouds very easily


Turbonomic, one of booming technology companies in the virtualization and cloud management space thats launched in 2009. It helps you get the most from your public cloud environment. It is a reliable choice by thousands of enterprises to boost the their IT investments value making it a reliable DivvyCloud alternative.

This feature-rich software reduces your cloud expenses without compromising on quality of performance. The Turbonomic AI is powered by Application Resource Management (ARM) that optimizes the application compliance, cost and performance simultaneously. The software automatically detects and implements the right actions when needed at every layer of the application stack. The applications will get the perfect resources needed simultaneously and in real time.

AT&T, Thomson Reuters and Travelport are few of the customers that use and trust Turbonomic to make sure their applications get the resources that are needed to function reliably, while also using their most importable human resources and infrastructure in the most efficient manner.


Morpheus is a great alternative to DivvyCloud for technology and IT leaders to save money, time and their sanity by granting automatic monitoring, alerts, logging, one click provisioning and a lot more. Many other common IT problems like cloud-lock, Shadow IT and difficult cloud transfer is also solved by Morpheus.

A software company based in US, Morpheus Data, was established in 2014 and has a software product called Morpheus that provides training via webinars, documentation and even in person sessions. It is an application lifecycle management software that offers various features such as billing and provisioning, access control, cost management, capacity analytics, Multi-cloud management, perform analytics, demand monitoring, supply monitoring, SLA management and workflow approval. Along with these features Morpheus offers business hours support, online support and even a free trial. It is also available as SaaS software. 

CloudHealth Management

With the help of CloudHealth Management, a powerful cloud management software that’s used to accelerate business management in the cloud. It’s used for managing and analyzing cloud security, expenses governance and usage. It is suitable for tech startups, government agencies, enterprises, service providers and universities.

CloudHealth is a great alternative to DivvyCloud as it combines with services across the cloud and data center, enabling customers to get access to a central hub of robust data analytics. With the help of an approach focused on policy that is aligned to business processes, customers use CloudHealth to drive cost savings, advance agility, decrease complexity and improve security. It encourages their customers to innovate quicker without sacrificing control or governance.

Amongst the many customers CloudHealth assists Cox Automotive, Amtrak, News Corp, Suncorp, Sumo Logic and Zendesk are the few that make the most of the cloud management software. Having their offices across the globe, CloudHealth is backed by Sapphire Ventures, Knleiner Perkins, Scale Venture Partners and more.


Cloudability enables you to efficiently manage and optimize your cloud tools. As a suitable DivvyCloud alternative it offers businesses to manage, monitor and optimize their cloud expenses. Along with that it offers spend management and a usage tracking feature.

The software is designed to gather and store all the user’s AWS usage data, cloud bills which it then organized into simple reports for users to share easily


vCommander is a software developer by a Canada softeware company Embotics. The software offers training through documentation, live online and even in person sessions. This helpful DivvyCloud alternative offers features like archiving and retention, data mobility, capacity monitoring, disaster recovery, desktop virtualization, version control, virtual machine monitoring and performance management. When it comes to the system requirements, it is available as SaaS software. vCommander offers support during business hours. dinCloud, VirtEngin3 and Nerdio are few alternatives.


ZeroStack is a feature filled Cloud Management Software aimed to assist Enterprises, Startups. It provides complete solutions designed for Windows. As a great DivvyCloud alternative is provides Capacity Analytics, multi cloud management, performance analytics, access control, making sure you have all the features in one place that are needed to manage a cloud.

It gives IT absolute control over billing, costs and chargeback while users are given self-provisioning. MSPs get quick deployment of a complete featured cloud without any huge investments in cloud expertise. With the help of ZeroStack enterprises can reduce costs, increase business and software development agility, streamline IT operations.


Spinbackup, a trusted cloud cycbesecuruty and cloud to cloud back up for G Suite,  protects you against ransomware and other threats. Spinbackup is a suitable DivvyCloud alternative for individuals and businesses of all sizes as it provides unlimited storage, disaster recovery, automated daily backup to S3, deletion control, search solutions and a lot more.

Spinbackup charges start from $2 a month for 30GB and you can pay as you keep utilizing the space with not credit card requirements. Few of the services it backs up are Gmail, Drive, Google Photos, Google calendar and contacts.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a DivvyCloud alternative, there are endless lists. You can choose the perfect one that fits your requirements and make the most of the various features filled software.


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