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Top 7 best Epub Reader for Mac in 2021

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Epub Reader for Mac

Trying to find a free Epub reader that reads all formats of ebooks including DRM files for your Mac? Well, we got you covered. 

Epub readers are the applications that let you read epub content i.e the ebooks. They are usually preferred more than PDFs because they are designed to read it in a way as if you are reading a book of some kind.

However, the preferred way to read any ebook is through devices like the Kindle, you can also read it on your Mac with the below-listed applications. We have also listed the best Epub readers for Windows. Below is the 7 best Epub reader for Mac.

What is the best Epub reader for Mac?

NameBest ForPriceOur RatingWebsite
Adobe Digital EditionDRM filesFree4/5
CalibreFree epub readerFree3.5/5
Epubor ReaderAll types of ebook formatsPaid[$24.99 – $99.99]3.5/5
FredaProfessional featuresFree3.5/5
Neat ReaderEbook readingFree but has a paid plan as well[$19.99 – $49.99]3/5
StanzaEbook ReadingFree2.5/5
Kitabu Ebook ReadingFree2.5/5

1. Adobe Digital Edition 

Adobe Digital Edition is an Epub reader provided by Adobe for Mac and Windows PC. Digital Edition is the best Epub reader for Mac available because of one bug feature: It can read DRM files.

DRM is usually applied on some selected ebooks which are usually paid for and therefore not all Epub readers can read those files. And given that it is from Adobe, you can easily relax back and trust your epub reader.

Along with DRM capability, you can also customize your bookshelf on Digital Edition so that you can easily access your favorite ebooks. 

Price of Adobe Digital Edition

The best part is that you can use Adobe Digital Edition for free 

Features of Adobe Digital Edition

  • Support DRE files
  • Free to use
  • Highlight the text
  • Simple to use 

Pro and Cons of Adobe Digital Edition

✅DRE support available  ❌UI is a bit old
✅Product from Adobe  ❌App can act a bit buggy
✅Used by apps like Google Play, Sony and Kobo 

Review on Adobe Digital Edition

Digital Edition is the best free Epub reader available for your Mac, it has all the features you would expect from an Adobe product and is free to use as well, which is saying something because this is the same company that charges a lot of money for Photoshop.

Rating on Adobe Digital Edition

Digital Editon gets a rating of 4/5 stars

2. Calibre

Calibre- An epub reader for mac

Calibre is also a great epub reader for Mac as it is an open-source epub reader that allows you to convert your ebooks into various different formats such as EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PRC, TXT, HTMLZ, and more.

Through Calibre you can also transfer your ebook to other ebook reader hardware via a USB cable or through wifi.

Price of Calibre

Calibre is free of cost 

Features of Calibre

  • Function of sharing ebooks on different platforms available 
  • Open-sourced and free of cost  
  • Simple to use 

Pro and Cons of Calibre

✅Free to use❌Poor and Basic UI
✅Ability to convert Ebooks formats  ❌No special features 
❌No DRM support

Review on Calibre

Calibre is a great epub reader application for your mac through which you can actually read some great ebooks available in the market but it doesn’t support DRM protected files which could be a bit of a setback for some people.

Rating on Calibre 

Calibre gets 3.5/5 stars 

3. Epubor Reader

Epub readers

Epubore Reader is a paid app that lets you read your ebooks. It is available on all the formats on which you can read an ebook, along with this Epubor Reader can read various different ebooks formats such as EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PRC, TXT, HTMLZ, etc.

It can also remove DRM from various files so that can make some people interested in paying for its subscription fee.

Price of Epubor Reader

1 year license: $24.99 (1 PC/ 1 year)

Lifetime License: $49.99 (1PC/ Lifetime)

Family license: $99.99 (2-5 PCs/Lifetime)

Features of Epubor Reader

  • Customize your reading platform
  • Keep all your e-books in one library.
  • Reads various ebooks in different formats
  • Change between vertical and horizontal viewing 

Pro and Cons of  Epubor Reader

✅Powerful Engine❌Paid 
✅Reads numerous ebooks format 
✅Removes DRM

Review on Epubor Reader 

Epubor Reader is actually a pretty great application but there are also various applications available that do what it does for free, but the good thing is that its paid plans are not that expensive as well so you can give it a try.

Rating on Epubor Reader

We give Epubor Reader a rating of 3.5/5 stars 

4. Freda


Freda is also a free epub reader for mac which does a whole lot more by giving you features such as text to speech, speed reading, and auto-scroll which you usually don’t get for free in epub readers.

Along with all this, Freda also gives you the option to import your favorite ebooks from OneDrive, Dropbox, or even the app Calibre.

Price of Freda

Freda is free to use

Features of Freda

  • Text-to-speech 
  • Speed reading
  • Auto-scroll 
  • Importing books 

Pro and Cons of Freda

✅Free to use  ❌Doesn’t support DRM files
✅Access to numerous catalogs  ❌Ads
✅Function to export bookmarks and annotations  

Review on Freda

Freda was earlier available only for Windows 8 and 10 but now it is available for Mac and that can be very attractive for various Mac users. It is a great application that you can really be benefitted from reading ebooks.

Rating on Freda

We give Freda a rating of 3.5/5 stars 

5. Neat Reader

Neat Reader

Neat Reader is also a powerful paid epub reader available which you can also access from their website and you wouldn’t have to download their app. But if you want to download their app, it is available for Windows, Mac, Kindle, Android, and IOS.

Its free plan should be enough for you to enjoy your ebooks but in the Paid plan they give you a bunch of more features such as cloud storage up to 10 GB, no ads, and more. 

Price of Neat Reader

Neat Reader is free to use but also has a paid plan:

Annual Plan: $19.99/ year 

Lifelong Plan: $49.99/ lifelong

Features of Neat Reader

  • Dark mode 
  • 10 GB cloud storage 
  • Available on various devices

 Pro and Cons of Neat Reader 

✅Main functions available in the free plans ❌No DRM support
✅Simple UI ❌Supports only for Epub format
✅Customization Option available on Premium plans 

Review on Neat Reader

Neat Reader is a pretty neat solution for reading ebooks but I would advice not to use its Premium version because even that doesn’t support DRM files and has more or less the same features that you will get on its free version.

Rating on Neat Reader

We give Neat Reader a rating of 3/5 stars 

6. Stanza

Stanza is also a free application to read your ebooks. It offers a clean and simple application to use and is exclusive to Mac os only. It is a very first-gen model of epub readers therefore it can be a tad bit slow to load.

Price of Stanza

Stanza is free to use 

Features of Stanza

  • Customization options
  • Simple UI 
  • Supports major ebooks formats

Pro and Cons of Stanza

✅Free of cost ❌Doesn’t work properly on new updates
✅Elegant UI ❌Slow to use
✅ ❌No sync over the cloud

Review on Stanza

Stanza is also a great application you can choose to read your ebooks but it isn’t quite up to date and that can be a bit annoying.

Rating on Stanza

Stanza gets a rating of 2.5/5 stars 

7. Kitabu


Kitabu is also an epub reader for Mac that is free to install. It has a nice and simple UI to use and you can easily drag and drop your ebook on the platform and you can enjoy your books.

It should be noted that Kitabu also doesn’t support DRM files and is just a reader so don’t expect some fancy features as well. 

Price of Kitabu

Kitabu is free to use  

Features of Kitabu

  • Supports Apple Sandbox
  • Ebook library can be viewed Horizontally and Vertically
  • Selection of Book Pane
  • Plays both audio and video 

Pro and Cons of Kitabu

✅Free to use ❌No DRM support
✅Tons of features ❌Buggy application
 ❌Page slider jumps
❌Latest Mac Updates can tamper with downloading the application

Review on Kitabu

Kitabu has some good features but its overall rating and review are a bit underwhelming, people have faced numerous problems with this application but it seems that they have listened to them and have updated the app a bit. Still not the best epub reader for mac out there, but certainly not the worst.

Rating on Kitabu

Kitabu gets a rating of 2.5/5 stars 

Final note 

Personally speaking, I am a sucker for physical books but if you want to enjoy your ebooks on your mac then the above-mentioned application should definitely help you. 

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

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