Top Best Websites like AndyPants

Websites like AndyPants

Custom avatars are all the rage these days. They can be used on social media profiles, logos, role-playing games, and in the world of virtual reality. Such characters further have use cases in marketing videos, educational content, customer service, recruit training, and assisted living.

Character creation is no longer a niche thing, thanks to all the websites and software that make it accessible for laypeople. Andypants is one such viral platform that allows the creation of characters online. Continuing in the same vein, we will talk about websites like Andypants that are excellent for generating characters from scratch.

14 Top Charater Creator Websites Like Andypants

Character Creator

Character Creator is the most comprehensive online character-creating website and a great alternative to Andypants. Here, you can create full-body characters, customizing everything about them. You can add and delete clothing layers and accessories, such as sunglasses, necklaces, etc., for various looks.

It has a digital human shader tool that you can use to render the characters’ eyes, teeth, and hair in real-time. Character Creator gives you access to an extensive collection of tools and about 60,000 elements from its asset library.

The platform also lets you add pets like cats, dogs, eagles, and more alongside the characters. It is the best Andypants alternative for people with zero graphic design knowledge and those new to character creation.


Another top website like Andypants is MakeHuman. This free, open-source tool can be used with many operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and iOS. You can easily create fully functional three-dimensional avatars in a few minutes here.

MakeHuman helps you create hyper-realistic human models with all the sliders it offers. You can use these sliders to customize variables such as height, weight, ethnicity, and gender. The platform has a user-friendly interface; you can easily customize body parts and accessories.


Avatarmaker is an online website for character creation like Andypants. It is rather no-nonsense as compared to some of the other options here, but gets the job done as quickly as possible. This platform makes the job easier for you by listing all the essential tools on the home page itself.

On Avatarmaker, you get several choices to customize variables like face shape, color, nose, and lips- down to the minutest detail possible. These avatars can be downloaded in standard PNG and Vector formats. You can download the avatars for PNG in 200 x 200 and 400 x 400 pixel sizes.


Another reliable software on our list, like Andypants, is iClone. One of the best avatar creation websites, you can make 3D animated characters in real-time here. It has many tools for motion workflow, animation, and graphics that make it an easy task to create 3D characters.

iClone further has game engines and a good number of plug-ins that make it a hit among game developers. You can also use it to create animated educational content and other fun characters. iClone gets regular updates and introduces new capabilities with every subsequent version.


Cartoonify is definitely one of the best websites for character creation. While its interface and design are similar to Avatarmaker’s, it is even faster than the latter. You can find the essential tools and features on the home page itself. The Cartoonify software is also quick at processing changes while you are playing around with the features.

Cartoonify is a hit among users because it has fewer intrusive ads than similar websites. You can use both PNG and Vector formats to download characters, which are also available in 600 x 600 pixels.


Our next recommended Andypants alternative is Avachara. This is one tool that takes customization to the next level. Several sub-tools are available under the general character creation head, such as Anime Avatar Maker Tools, Portrait Maker, and Anime Pretty Girl Maker.

Avachara is an excellent editing tool that anyone can use to create unique avatars and characters. It has many tools and customization options that make it a fun experience. There is also an interactive avatar editor here that helps you modify every element of your avatar. You can download your characters in PNG as well as JPEG formats.


Canva is pretty famous among designers and non-designers alike for creating eye-catching visuals and graphic designs. It is not a platform specializing in character creation but offers some pre-designed avatar templates that you can customize per your needs.

It has several tools to help you modify your character’s features, such as hairstyle, clothing, and facial features. These avatars can be integrated into your website or social media profiles to build a consistent online presence.

Canva is the perfect platform for people who do not want to spend time creating a character from scratch.


Picrew is popular among manga and anime fans for character creation. It has been around for a long time and enables users to create anime characters, and even full stories about them and share them with their family and friends. Here, you can customize every detail about your character- be it facial features, hairstyles, jewelry, or makeup, and you can add or take out any element.

You can also use other anime stories and characters if you need help figuring out where to begin.


Picassohead is for people who want to create avatars that fully express their creativity and artistic vision. There is a blank canvas here on which you can drag and drop elements like nose, eyes, hair, and lips to create a new character. It is a one-of-a-kind platform that helps you make avatars that stand out from the rest.

There is auto-adjustment for some aspects of the avatars for ease of use, and Picassohead also lets you add your signature at the bottom like painters. However, it does not have an option to save or download the characters directly. You have to take a screenshot and email it to yourself or your friends to save your character.

Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga is also quite popular among internet users for developing avatars. It is available on Android and iOS devices and can be used to create custom anime characters. Taking reference from the original manga or anime series, it helps you customize the characters as per your liking.

You can create manga and anime characters and standard and cartoon avatars here. Face Your Manga has the most comprehensive face shape range across different character creation websites. It also lets you write words of your choice in the available fonts on the avatars.

The website lets you download the avatars, but you must provide your email and relevant personal information. However, you can bypass this by giving a temporary email address.


Charat is the best platform if you’re into Chibi characters. This website specializes in Chibi characters and is one of the best online avatar makers for that particular aesthetic. It offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface and has pre-made builds that users can customize according to their preferences.

You can also directly share your creations from Charat to other social media sites.


You should check out MarvelHQ if you want to make custom Marvel superhero avatars. Get started by choosing your gender and then customize your character accordingly. It has pretty extensive customization options and lets you modify everything from colors to shapes to accessories.

MarvelHQ also has an interactive avatar creator that includes background music and different poses and moves for the characters. 

Ready Player Me

Launched in 2020, Ready Player Me is a relatively new avatar creator software. It is an excellent Andypants alternative that helps you create avatars that can be used on different platforms. You don’t even need to repeatedly log in before making your videos. Further, Ready Player Me helps you link all the selected features to just one avatar.

The platform has a catalog of over 20,000 faces, but you can also use your own photos to create an avatar. It even has a section for developers who want to make NPC characters for their games. 


These days, people make and use avatars or custom characters to express their personalities online. Fotor is a widely used tool for this. It lets you create cartoons, anime, gaming, and NFT avatars and add text to them. You can also use your own photos to make custom avatars.

After the editing, you can download the high-resolution characters to upload to other platforms.

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