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Top 5 best Flippa Alternatives for buying and selling websites

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Flippa alternatives

Flippa is a site where users can buy and sell their websites. But through times a lot of people have faced many issues with the website. There have been many false payments and a lot of sellers were found to be frauds. 

So below I have listed 5 of the best Flippa Alternatives for you. The below-listed websites have reported no such complaints as Flippa and are trusted by many people in the business.

Whare are the best Flippa Alternatives?

NameBest ForOur RatingWebsite
FE InternationalBuying and Selling websites4/5
Empire FlippersBuying and Selling websites4/5
Investors ClubBuying and Selling websites3.5/5
SedoDomain Exchange4/5
eBayOnline shopping and also buying and selling of sites3/5

1. FE International

FE international

Starting off the list, we have FE International. FE International is one of the most recognized sites for online businesses. 

They know what they are doing and have only genuine buyers and sellers on their sites. You can list your site on FE international with ease. The website has a wide range of websites to buy and if you are a seller then they have listed sites in every niche.

The process of buying and selling is seamless and sellers have sold sites worth over 1 million as well.

Pro and Cons of FE International

✅Industry-leaders ❌Great fees for buyers
✅Vetted buyers program 
✅Great turnarounds 

Review on FE International

FE International is a great site for both buyers and sellers for online businesses. It’s a great Flippa Alternative for you and should be immediately tried.

Rating on FE International

FE International gets a rating of 4/5 stars 

2. Empire Flippers

Number two on the list of Flippa Alternatives, we have Empire Flippers. Empire Flippers only deals with websites that have been around for a certain amount of time and have a fair share of monthly visitors. 

Empire Flippers have been awarded many times because of their great service to its customers. The team at empire flipers does the background check on every website and buyers do not have to worry.

Pro and Cons of Empire Flippers

✅Not a scam ❌Expensive fee for first-time sellers
✅Trusted by the industry members ❌Deals with established websites
✅Safe to use 

Review on Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is a great Flippa Alternative, they are also one of the most trusted companies available out there for buying and selling websites.

Rating on Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers gets a rating of 4/5 stars

3. Investors Club

investors club

Investors Club is also a great site to check out if you are into buying selling websites. They are very new in the market, being launched in 2020, but they already have a lot of people interested in them.

The great thing about Investors Club is that it is a membership-run program and membership is usually free for the buyers. And since they are relatively new in the game, they have very low fees. Its prefer for investors and seller as it has a range of websites in multiple niches.

Pro and Cons of Investors Club

✅Low fee ❌New in the market
✅Wide Price range 
✅Good deals 

Review on Investors Club

Investors Club still has a long way to go because they are relatively new in the market, but for a start, they are doing pretty great. You can try them out if you are looking to buy or sell your website.

Rating on Investors Club

Investors Club gets a rating of 3.5/5 stars

4. Sedo

Up next we have Sedo. Sedo isn’t technically a Flippa alternative because it doesn’t deal with buying and selling of online businesses. But it does deal with something similar, domains. Sedo deals with buying, selling or parking domains.

They have been in this for a very long time and are also trusted by a lot of people. So, if you are looking to do something with domains, then Sedo could be a great alternative for you.

Pro and Cons of Sedo

✅Industry leaders ❌Domain specific
✅Fre Parking  ❌Hefty commissions check
✅Provides service to settle the deal between you and the seller 

Review on Sedo

Sedo is a great site for you if you are into buying or selling domains. It is the core of online businesses and that’s why it deserves to be on this list.

Rating on Sedo

Sedo gets a rating of 4/5 stars

5. eBay

ebay logo

 Yes, eBay! eBay has an option to buy and sell websites. It can be accessed by going on “Internet Business and Websites” under the banner “Business and Industrial”. Like everything you buy on eBay, you have to be careful while buying or selling on it.

Since it is not a proper designated site like the rest of the above-mentioned sites, the sellers can be frauds. You can try out eBay for auctioning on some small websites and if you have a good experience with it, then you can continue onto bigger bids and sites. 

Pro and Cons of eBay

✅Good user database and sellers ❌High chances of fraud cases
✅Has Auction ability 
✅No membership fee 

Review on eBay

eBay is a great site to buy a whole lot of things and now they offer Business offers as well. But you should dip into that only if you are 100% sure about what you are getting into because at the end of the day it’s your money.

Rating on eBay

eBay gets a rating of 3/5 stars.

Which flippa alternative you should go for?

We would highly recommend Empire flipper as there are well known in the website selling space. Buyers do not have to do much R&D.

Investors club is also a great alternative to flippa. If you have a website that has constant revenue per month and looking to sell it the Empire Flipper is the right site.

If you are only planning to sell a domain we would recommend Sedo.

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