200+ Top Best Funny WiFi Network Names

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Funny Wifi names

The first thing you do when you get a new wireless internet router is to give it a name(also known as Service Set Identifier or SSID). Sure, you can always go with the default name or something practical but that’s boring. Besides, there is the pressure these days to come up with a cool or funny WiFi name which can sometimes be more difficult than naming a child.

If you’re also confused about what to name your WiFi, worry not. Take a peek at our list of clever and funny WiFi names that will have you, or anyone else who sees it, laugh out loud. Naming a WiFi has become an art and one in which we are here to help you succeed.

Best 70+ Funny WiFi Name Ideas

  • Wi Believe I Can Fi
  • Drop it Like its Hotspot
  • Keep It on the Download
  • Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
  • The LAN of the Free
  • Look Ma, No Wires
  • Router? I Hardly Know Her!
  • Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s WiFi
  • Wi-Fight The Feeling
  • Formerly Known as Prints
  • Winter WonderLAN
  • Wi-Finders Keepers
  • Feeling Routy
  • No Wi-Fi For You!
  • Leaky Sync
  • Ask Me Out on a Data
  • That’s One Hotspot
  • Tear Down This Firewall
  • Bandwidth Together
  • Girls Gone Wireless
  • You Shall Not Password
  • No LAN for the Wicked
  • Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  • Networking 9 to 5
  • It Burns When IP
  • Stuck the LANding
  • Martin Router King
  • Christopher No-LAN
  • Never Gonna Give You Up
  • I Know What You Browsed Last Summer
  • Wi of the Figer
  • Wi-Not?
  • Where the Wild Pings Are
  • America’s Next Top Modem
  • That’s What She SSID
  • Wi-Fi and Chill
  • I’m Feeling a Connection
  • The Promised LAN
  • A LAN Time Ago
  • Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  • How Hot is Your Spot?
  • Loading Funny Wi-Fi Name
  • I’m Under Your Bed
  • Look Behind You
  • Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi
  • Searching…
  • Network Connection Lost
  • Get Off My LAN
  • Virus Detected
  • Free Viruses Detected
  • Mom, Click Here for Internet
  • IP When IPing
  • Life in the Fast LAN
  • Internet Explorer
  • New Kids on the Block
  • Code Commander
  • Digital Dynasty
  • Nebula Nexus
  • Free Wifi, JK LOL
  • Bandwidth Boutique
  • Router Rendezvous
  • AOL Dial-Up
  • Wi-Fi Art Thou Romeo
  • The Creep Next Door
  • Password is Password
  • Please Click for Indentity Theft
  • NSA Listening Post
  • Malware Repository
  • I Heard the Neighbor’s Wi-Fi is Better
  • Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  • Not the Wi-Fi You’re Looking For
  • John Wilkes Bluetooth
  • Titanic Syncing
  • The Wi-Fi Must Go On

Top 100+ Funny WiFi Names for Nerds

  • Wi-Fi Art Thou Romeo?
  • Titanic Syncing
  • Wi-Fi Ms. American Pie
  • Yer a Wi-Fi, Harry
  • Lord Voldemodem
  • Obi-WAN Kenobi
  • Connecto Patronum
  • LAN Solo
  • LAN of Thrones
  • Winternet is Coming
  • Embrace the Power of the Wi-Fi
  • No LAN for the Wicked
  • Silence of the LANS
  • 99 Problems But Wi-Fi Ain’t One
  • LAN of Legends
  • Lord of the Ping
  • Gotta Connect ‘Em All!
  • Torrent Gump
  • Clash of LANs
  • Wu-Tag LAN
  • Another Brick in the Firewall
  • I Think Therefore I Am…On the Internet
  • Gordon FreeLAN
  • Hogwarts Hall of Wi-Fi
  • Chance the Router
  • A LANister Never Forgets
  • Panic at the Cisco
  • Inigo the Modem
  • rIP Hedwig
  • Jar Jar Linksys
  • These are Not the Droids You’re Looking For
  • For Whom the Belkin Tolls
  • Accio Internet
  • Let the Wi-Fi Win
  • Lag Out Loud
  • The Ping of the North
  • Luke, I am Your Wi-Fi
  • Upload the Rain Download in Africa
  • House of Black and Wifi
  • Now You See Me…
  • New England Clam Router
  • Linksys Lohan
  • Enter the Dragon’s Wifi
  • LAN of Milk and Honey
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?
  • Bilbo Laggins
  • Spiderman’s World Wide Web
  • It’s a Small World Wi-Fi Internet
  • 404: Wi-Fi Unavailable
  • Under Maintenance
  • All Men Must Wifi
  • WiFi Leviosa
  • Never Say Never Again
  • Download Another Day
  • The Sites’ Watch
  • Quantum of Wireless
  • The Dark Web Rises
  • Black Pinger
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
  • Internet of Infinity Stones
  • Guardians of the Gateway
  • Iron LAN
  • The Router Redemption
  • DeadNetPool
  • The Godfather of Downloads
  • It’s a Wonderful WiFi
  • Jurassic Park Web
  • Rocky Wireless
  • Saving Private LANs
  • The Optimus Prime Gateway
  • 2001: A Wireless Odyssey
  • Livin’ with the LANs
  • Raiders of the Lost Torrents
  • Beauty and the Broadcast
  • Despicable Data Downloads
  • Son of a Gun
  • The Big Bang Broadband
  • Gladiator Next Door
  • Home Alone
  • No Country for Old Router
  • The Girl with the Hotspot
  • 50 Shades of WiFi
  • V for Very Fast
  • A Braveheart’s Internet
  • WiFi of Wakanda
  • The Trueman’s WiFi
  • The Secret Chamber
  • The WiFi Fanatic
  • How I Met Your Wi-Fi
  • This WiFi is Infected
  • Warp Speed
  • Hack the Planet
  • Area 51
  • The Geeky Network
  • The Net Awakens
  • WiFi Genie
  • The Door to Narnia
  • Warren Buffers
  • Pass with Password
  • Siri, Are They Here for Free WiFi?
  • Kentucky Wi-Fry Chicken
  • Entry to the Wormhole
  • The Last LANbender
  • The Psychic WiFi
  • JackPott
  • Right Where You Left Me
  • High Fi the WiFi
  • Couldn’t Connect to the Network
  • Right Where You Left Me
  • At Your Service 24/7
  • Hufflepuff Hub
  • Slytherin Surf
  • Gryffindor Gateway
  • Ravenclaw Router
  • Ping Predator
  • The WiFi That Lived
  • Trojan Treasure
  • Malware Mansion
  • Upload Utopia
  • Neo’s Network
  • Galactic Gateway
  • Horde Hotspot
  • Summoner’s Signal
  • Nuketown Network
  • Covenant Connection
  • Alliance Airwaves
  • StarkNet
  • Navi Network
  • Binary Bandwidth
  • Gone Phishing

30 Best Kid-friendly Funny WiFi Names

  • Byte Me, Not
  • Nacho Wi-Fi
  • DisneyLAN
  • Willy Wonka’s Wi-Fi Factory
  • Moo LAN
  • Bill Wi the Science Fi
  • Look Ma, No Wires!
  • Go Go Gadget Internet
  • Feed Me
  • IP a Lot
  • Untrusted Network
  • Virus-Infected Wifi
  • URL of Sandwich
  • Clean Your Glasses!
  • Exactly What You’re Looking For
  • Chicken Crossed the Road to Steal Our Wifi
  • I’m Always Watching
  • Never Gonna Give You Wifi
  • Nothing But Net
  • The Restricted Section
  • LANdalf
  • Krusty Krab Wi-Fi
  • You Can’t Touch This
  • Mom’s Spaghetti
  • The Router Awakens
  • Dora, The Internet Explorer
  • Banana Stand Money
  • Wi-Finders Keepers
  • Taco Wi-Fi Truck

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Wi-Fi Second Name?

The second name of Wi-Fi or WiFi is Wireless Fidelity. It uses radio waves to transmit data from the router to Wi-Fi-connected devices like mobile phones, TVs, tablets, and computers. Wi-Fi is widely used in homes and offices to link devices and provide internet connection.

Is Wi-Fi Name Important?

Yes, a Wi-Fi network name is important. Also known as service set identifier(SSID), it helps stations or devices connect to the desired network when multiple independent ones are operating in the same physical area. All wireless networks have a default name but it is better to change it to something unique to make it more difficult for hackers to get access to your network.

How Should I Name My Wi-Fi?

You can name your Wi-Fi anything you like. It is always a good idea to change the default network name to something more unique. While naming your Wi-Fi, you should avoid names containing your address, last name, or anything personal. 

Most people use references from their favorite movie or TV show or clever puns as Wi-Fi names. You can also use it to flash a passive-aggressive message to those nosy neighbors.

Does Changing Wi-Fi Name Affect Speed?

No, changing Wi-Fi name does not affect its speed at all. The connected devices would disconnect once when you change the name and they would have to rejoin with the new name. Other than that, a Wi-Fi’s name has no connection to the network speed.

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