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The online casino has had a surge in popularity over the course of the past 15 years. Recent studies suggest that there are over 2,000 online casinos, some making over $10 billion a year.

With games like Blackjack successfully transferring to online casinos, more people are playing online than offline.

Benefits of game playing

Playing games is a fun way to pass the time, but it has been proven to enhance your brain. When you think about it, your brain needs exercise like every other organ in your body.

You may be really good at some things – particularly when it comes to your job. While if you don’t practice others, you lose those skills over time.

So what benefits does playing casino games like blackjack bring?

  • Brain stimulation

When you play games where you need to use your mathematical skills, you’re stimulating the mind.

  • Better focus

You need to pay attention to the game you’re playing, or you might miss a chance to win. Online casino games require you to focus for longer than five minutes, and this can help in other areas.

  • Enhanced cognitive ability

Believe it or not, playing games broadens the mind. Because they make you see problems in different ways, they are training your brain’s analytical skills

  • Accelerates brain function

When you win casino games, your brain is flooded with dopamine. As well as helping improve your mood, it also helps you learn new facts. 

So not only is playing online casino games a lot of fun, but it’s good for your brain.

Easy or hard games?

Of course, some games are harder than others. It makes sense that different people are drawn to different games.

For some, it’s simply a stylistic preference, but for others, it’s because they want something that tests their brain. Playing games can be an escape for some people, while other people like to challenge themselves in their downtime.

If you feel like you play games for more than just light entertainment, then which games would suit you?

Games better suited to higher intelligence

In general, where a game relies on chance, it is not as appealing to intelligent players. People who have above-average intelligence want to be able to problem-solve.

Games of chance include bingo, roulette, and slots. There is no way that you can influence the outcome of these games.

If you want a game that uses your brain, these aren’t for you.

People with higher brain power are attracted to games where the outcome of the game depends on their skill. The top three games that fit into this category are:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Pai Gow

These are games that you can’t just sit down and play without knowing the rules. Also, the better you understand the rules, the more you can use them in your favor.

When you play with skill, you can also lower the house edge, which gives you more chance of winning. Everyone is playing to win, so this is an exciting prospect.

In live games, it’s worth remembering that those around you are probably skilled too. However, in Blackjack, you’re playing against the house and the other players are not your opponents.

Why Blackjack is a game for intelligent people

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The aim of the game with Blackjack is to get a hand as close to 21 as possible. If you invest time in learning the strategy of the game though, it becomes more complicated.

The dealer can’t play strategically, his cards and actions dictate the gameplay. This gives you an advantage if you know what you’re doing.

First, you need to know how many game decisions you are making per hour. The more decisions you make, the more likely you are to lose money.

If you can slow your gameplay down, and crucially, play strategically, then you stand to win more.

Learning Blackjack basic strategy

Intelligent people are drawn to strategy. Blackjack is a game where basic strategy can make a big difference to your game.

The top five basics that you should learn to make a difference in Blackjack are:

  1. Always split Aces
  2. Don’t ever split tens
  3. Always split 8’s
  4. Stand on a soft 20
  5. Always hit on 8

There are many more rules you can learn that will enhance your gameplay and help you to win.

There are many books on Blackjack strategy so if it’s something you enjoy, invest time in learning about it. This will considerably increase your chances of winning.

There are several different strategies that you can apply:

  • The Hi-Lo Count
  • The Knock-Out Count
  • Hi-Opt strategy

Of course, mastering the art of card counting can help you in Blackjack, which works in the live game. It’s a skill that can be picked up if you’re really good at maths.

However, card counting is frowned upon and can get you banned from playing in casinos. Ben Affleck has been handed a lifetime ban for doing so at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

No one plays to lose, and intelligent people like using their brains to help them win. Thus a game like Blackjack suits their needs perfectly.

Using your mathematical and critical thinking skills is good for your brain function. So playing games like Blackjack can pay off both your wealth and your health.

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