16 best games like Wizard101 for MMORPG lovers

Games like Wizard101

Wizard 101 is a multiplayer online role-playing game that released on September 2nd, 2008. Since then, there are many games like Wizard101 that tried to replicate the success and reach of Wizard 10. Many of those games are not even sub-par as per Wizard 101 standards so in this article,

I have compiled a list of only the worthy games like Wizard101, so the next time you need a break from Wizard 101 you will not have to spend hours looking for an alternative. 

About Wizard 101

Before we get into the alternatives let’s briefly sum up why Wizard 101 is so popular among fans.

Published by Kingsisle entertainment, Wizard 101 is a role-playing game where a player plays the role of a young student who loves experimenting with wizardry and witchcraft. In the game, Spiral (name of the protagonist) has to unlock various magical powers in order to save the universe.

The rich graphics combined with a vibrant magic effect gives a very attractive effect to its combat system when you cast spells on the demons.

The enemies in Wizard101 also have extraordinary characteristics so it will require more than just brute strength to take them down. As a gamer, you really enjoy strategically conquering quests on Wizard 101 which makes it one of the best games in the role-playing niche.

When you begin the game you have to select a character and choose skills and close of roles which will suit best for your game strategy.

Visit Game Site Wizard 101 already has millions of players all over the world. You can check out the game here. Now without further adieu let’s take a look at all the other free online games like Wizard 101.

Wizard101 Game Specifications:

  • Platforms: Macintosh operating systems (Mac), Microsoft Windows
  • Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment
  • Genre: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

System Requirements for Wizard101 Free Online Game

 For WindowsFor Mac
Internet ConnectionRequiredRequired
OSWindows operating system with Microsoft Vista Service Pack 2 or higher supportMac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or above
Processor1GHz Intel ProcessorIntel-based Macintosh system running Mac OS X
Disk Space 5 GB of free disk space5 GB of free disk space
RAM Space512 MB512 MB
Video CardBest results with GeForce 2 or equivalent (standard in most PCs) 
DirectX 9.0 C or above 

Top Games like Wizard101

Here is a list of the best multiplayer online role-playing games like Wizard101 for Android, PC, PS4, Xbox, on Steam with System Requirements.

#1 Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Marvel Super Hero Squad online is a game that is a natural blend of MMO gameplay and social specs. 

The target audience of Wizard 101 is mostly teenagers. The characters in Marvel Super Hero Squad are very teen focussed that will help you improve your social interaction skills.

The MMORPG game already has over fifty thousand downloads so you can virtually interact with many fellow gamers as well. 

The game offers you a chance to play and interact while in the virtual avatar of classic Marvel characters of Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man among other Marvel superheroes.

The game allows you to give your marvel superhero total customization using the items and materials available in-game. The gameplay is quite simple which is a good exercise for your fingers and brain. Make sure to enjoy the journey on your way to defeating all enemies and the boss enemy. 

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Wii,PlayStation Portable, Wii, Nintendo DS

#2 MilMo

Unlike Wizard 101’s radiant graphics, has a very calm feel to it with very lovable characters. MilMo is one of the best alternatives to Wizard 101 is you are looking for a change from the usual fighting games.

You can play and complete the fun adventures of MilMo on your browser itself so the next time you need a break from your hectic work schedule does give this game a try. MilMo is programmed with characters that best appeal to a younger audience. In this MMORPG game, you begin your adventure on an island and you have to go on a glorious adventure to several other islands. Along the journey, you can interact with fellow MilMo players whole exploring the land and collecting treasures.

While exploring the islands you also have to face tuff battles again enemies and complete quests. Your enemies are monsters and boss monsters so prepare yourself for some action along the way. Once defeated, the game villains also allow you to choose the punishment stipulation for them.

Platform: Browser

#3 Villagers and Heroes

Originally known as Mystical Land Villager and Heroes is a free MMORPG with some pretty dark and deep content. In this game just like Wizard 101, you have to kill various enemies and gather awards, these enemies, and not so easy to kill because of the different avatars that they can transform into. You can store all your awards in the inventory and use them wisely on the right occasion.

To win rewards and conquer more lands you will have to complete numerous quests in the game. To start the game you first have to choose your character’s class from a wizard, warrior, priest, or hunter. Villagers and Heroes are not just limited to combats as the game features an extensive line of activities like social gathering, crafting, building your home, or just trade things. With such awesome features, Wizard and Hunter are regarded as an MMORPG where you can enjoy virtual interactive activities along with other players.

Platform: Mac, PC

#4 Dungeon Blitz

Dungeon Blitz

Dungeon Blitz is one of the few games like Wizard 101 that allow users to enjoy side-scrolling controlling mechanisms in MMO mode. You can play the game directly on your browser.

You can also play this game with your friends without the need for a LAN network. Open Dungeon Blitz and socially interact with new players. The game sends you to a land called Elyria where a massive ship is dropped on your virtual character.

Your objective in the game is to level up while on the way to exploring the entire land. Dungeon Blitz is a very exciting game that sends you on an adventure of fighting monsters, collecting things, meeting new players, and exploring the entire map.

At the start of the game you have to choose your character, firstly you have to decide if you want to play as a male or a female and then choose a class from rogue, paladin, and mage. The Gameplay is a good blend of scary dungeons and the outer world. To play this game you will require a proper balance of skills and strategy to gather useful items that help your journey. If you lose a battle you can also drop your loot.

Platform: Browser

#5 Epic Duel

Epic Duel

Epic Duel is the closest alternative to Wizard 101 in terms of graphics and characters. This game does not restrict you to just character modification rather it also allows you to modify your weapons. 

Epic Duel and Wizard 101 both feature a very colourful universe with very futuristic characters involved. Both games offer a similar combat system and graphics to make it known as one of the Wizard101 alternatives. To get the feel of Wizard 101 with additional characters I would recommend giving Epic Duel a try.

Epic Duel is compatible with any browser. This robotic game lets you experience both PvE and PvP without spending a dollar. You can either play a 1v1 combat or team up with a friend for a 2v2 duel on this game while harnessing your gaming skills. The more duel you win the more you nurture your character so upgrade your skills and steer your character to glory.

Other then futuristic characters Epic Duel features pretty much the same as the wizard 101in terms of gameplay, skills, levels, classes, etc. 

Platform: Browser

#6 Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates

This MMO game is for those youngsters who are fans of pirate theme games. Puzzle Pirates was released in 2003, way before Wizard 101.

The developers constantly update the game with exciting items that you would find on a pirate ship. Because of its constantly updated surroundings and new features, Puzzle Pirates is a great Wizard 101 alternative. You can play the game for free online or download it on any device.

Puzzle Pirates lets you play with some cute pirate characters on a very soothing background. As the game is an MMO, you can come on board on this pirate ship meet some new friends and have social interaction with random people.

The pirate game also contains inbuild minigames in the form of puzzles to keep your mind occupied. You can solve these puzzles as a single player or team up with someone and have a puzzle battle with another group.

The objective of the MMO game is to set your flag on a new island with the help of your crew and collect treasures on the way. Have fun sailing across the oceans, finding treasures, captaining a pirate crew, and finding treasure while meeting new people. Bon Voyage!

Platform: Browser, Linux, PC

#7 Pirate101


The next game like Wizard 101 is also a classic MMORPG pirate game that is designed for young adults and teens. This pirate game has a Lord Of The Rings kind of vibe with similar gameplay like Wizard101. 

Developed by KingsIsle Entertainment, Pirate1010 released in 2012 and went on to be an instant hit among gamers. It currently sits just shy of 1.2 million downloads worldwide.

Gamers really took a liking to this dark pirate theme-based game and with frequent updates, KingsIsle Entertainment surely knows a thing or two about keeping their users happy. 

The gameplay has an original concept of pirates where you explore the world sailing in a ship with a futuristic touch to it where you can also use skyways to travel. You can also adopt the stray pets that you see along the journey as collectibles. Using wind lanes to travel faster has its benefits but it can also be a very risky gamble, so plan your strategy wisely.

Platform: Mac, PC

#8 Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights give you the same experience as Wizard 101 but with a totally revamped list of activities. This game feels like it is inspired by the Zelda series with a demanding touch of futuristic characters and advanced technologies in MMO mode.

You begin this game as a character named Knight with average attributes with the potential to reach the top along the way. Along with the game, you will come across several elements that require a strategic approach to sharpen your gaming skills.

As part of this game, you will have to fight fierce battles and wisely form a plan to take down the monsters and boss enemies. Your character receives weapons and attributes updates as you win more and more battles.

The game contains a vast array of interactive content including quests, social gatherings, dungeons, etc. Your character can simultaneously carry four weapons wearing different armors with an additional couple of add-ons. 

Platform: Browser, Mac, PC

#9 Dofus

The green background makes Dofus a very attractive MMORPG option if you like to play role-playing games. The vibrant background combined with its well-drawn characters sells the game in itself.

In the Dofus universe, your aim is to explore and exploit villages from all the virtual worlds. The game is categorized into classes of healers, treasure hunters, summoners, and warriors.

There is a lot of options available for customizing your character as per your gaming strategy. When you look at MMO games Dofus stands out from the rest as it features a turn-based combat system that is not easily found in games like Wizard 101.

If you are a rookie gamer you can still win against some big-time games as the game turns wise all you gotta do is make the most out of the opportunity when it’s your turn. This game has a very clash of a clan feel to it with an MMO game effect.

Platform: Linux, Mac, PC

#10 Hero Smash

Hero Smash is a free browser-based interactive game like Wizard101. This game stays true to the essence of the MMO environment which makes it a fan favorite. Developed by Artix Entertainment, Hero Smash comes loaded with amazing visual effects and gameplay which gives you the feel of a heroic performance.

This MMO game allows you to customize your superhero with superpowers of your choice before you begin your journey. These superpowers can be upgraded along the way but you cannot trade for another one so choose wisely.

You can play the game as a hero or join the villains which I’m sure many gamers would enjoy. Hero Smash has a fast-paced combat system so you need to have some intermediate skills to play this game.

Once you have customized your character you have to complete missions that involve killing enemies. The more missions you complete the more you get to explore and level up your skills.

Platform: Browser

#11 Twin Saga

Twin Saga brings life to a vintage castle theme-based game infused with an MMO experience. The game features amazing cosplay and visuals that effortlessly reel in players from all over. Just like you would expect from an alternative to Wizard 101 the class system features several classes for you to choose from. You go on a virtual journey full of exciting quests in this rich graphic game that promotes traveling.

Your character will receive a certain set of skills depending on the class you choose for your character be it a mage, monk, rogue, swordmaster, paladin, cleric, berserker, etc.

The gameplay comes with support for the MMO mode where a player can perform various activities like gathering, fishing, crafting, farming in single-player mode or in multiplayer mode. Terracottage is your castle in Twin Saga where you can craft material and plant crops.

Platform: PC

#12 Amazing World of Gumball

If you are looking for games like Wizard 101 that are suitable for children then the Amazing World of Gumball is the perfect choice for your game. This game lets you enjoy the facilities of a top MMO game where you can spend hours socializing with new people and building friendships virtually. The game features a set of cute characters with “feel-good” that caters towards the younger generation.

Parents can freely allow their kids to play this game as it features a meaningful adventure without any side effects. Before you begin the game you have to choose your avatar from three options of rabbit, cow, or bear.

As you start the game you will have to complete the voice tutorial following which he gameplay will set you in an airship. You will receive instructions in the voice of Queen Vexa who instructs you in a fun-loving way to set up combats. Just like a Bear Grylls adventure, you have to use your skills to cook, do gardening, fishing, shopping, and hunting in this demanding virtual game.

Platform: Android, iOS, PC, Mac,Browser, Android

#13 Elsword Online

Elsword is like a Korean remake of Wizard 101. Both games feature similar gameplay and objectives with unique surroundings which makes it a good Wizard101 alternative. In the MMORPG genre, you expect a game to be action-packed and thrilling which you can find in Elsword Online. any of the games like Wizard101 should come inclusive of MMORPG features and an exhilarating combat system, Elsword Online offers just that with an additional chat system and PvP feature.

You begin the Adventure themes game as part of a group that is okay journey to find the mysterious stone EL. The gameplay offers exciting aspects along with the several quests like collection items from the NPCs, trading then, and exploring more and more regions.

Platform: PC

#14 Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a dark horse among all online interactive games, when you enter the world of this game you will remain speechless. Bigpoint Games knows a thing or two about impressing its audience and after dropping this classic  MMORPG that comes with supports for multiplayer mode it further maintained its stance.

The game takes inspiration from the Diablo series where you have to battle with creepy monsters in a scary-looking map. This game is a lot like RuneScape as it features a similar medieval area background.

Before you start the game you have to select your character from different classes of Dwarfs, Rangers, Mages, and Knights. Chose wisely depending on the skills, abilities, powers that you would like to proceed with.

Platform: PC, Mac

#15 Koyotl

saving the best for the last is one of the most played adventurous MMORPG of all time, this game is nothing but fully loaded. Koyotl is one of the similar games like Wizard101 that runs on an RPG mechanism. The game is available for free on your browser with multiple customization options and a strong battle environment.

This game features a turn-based gameplay combat system which is a blend of skills and basic attacks. To defeat enemies of different shapes and form you will need something more than just brute skills. As you progress you can unlock stronger rings, gloves, weapons, torso, legs, and other aspects.

In this MMORPG you find yourself alone in a vast region that is scattered with evil forces on every step. This game really lets you get lost in a fantasy world of heroes and villains. Koyotl is a classic good vs evil game where you play the protagonist who has to take on evil forces on every step to level up. You can select a character from six races each of which has their own unique skills. The game features a total of four classes two of which are free and the other two are exclusively available for premium members.

Platform: Browser

#16 League Of Legends

League of Legends is also one of the most popular MOBAs present since 2009. In fact, it was one of the most commercially successful online games of its time, and it is also going really strong after more than 10 years now. 

If you have watched the super-hit Netflix series, Arcane: League Of Legends, then you might be quite familiar with all the characters in League Of Legends because that web series is sort of a prequel series of this game. 

However, we are not here to talk about the web series, we are here to talk about the game, and the game is pretty damn good, as well. 

The main highlight of the games is its five-on-five matches that are avaialble on its maps. The overall playability of the game is pretty fun. 

You are easily jumping and throwing everything you have got with your team players against the opponent, and it also rewards you fairly nicely with each victory that you earn in this game.

When you are playing the game, you are easily hooked on the gameplay and you wouldn’t want to skip it because of its great number of champions, superb progression system and great characters, as well. 

It is one of the very few games that has stood strong since its release, and you can still play the games for free, even today. 

Platform : Browser


All the above-mentioned games like Wizard101 are good options if you wish to enjoy the same gameplay of Wizard101 in a different environment with newer characters. I have mentioned games that are playable by adults as well as children, so gamers of all ages can check out these games. Most of the games can be played on any browser or downloaded on an Android, PC, or Mac device. To save you the time of checking all the options I have given a brief storyline of all the games on this list as well  Hope this list helps you find an ideal Wizard101 alternative. Feel free to let us know which is your favorite MMORPG game in the comment section below.

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