List of idope proxy & mirror sites to unblock idope(Guranteed working)

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idope proxy sites

What is idope?

Idope search engine is one of the recent torrent search engines or meta-search engines you will find on the web. Idope was initially marketed as an ideal alternative to kickass, as the most used torrent site was deindexed due to copyright issues. Fast forward to 2021, idope is on its way to becoming perhaps the best torrent site of all times with incredible features like no tracking of users’ activities being a major part of that success.

The website of Idope is designed to be easy on the eye with a quick loading user interface. On the idope homepage, you will find a big search bar where you can enter the name of anything you wish to download and find loads of torrent files for your searches. The Idope server has numerous magnet links for diversifies content and provides the most relevant magnet links within seconds to a user.

After reading about idope and interacting on several torrent forums I can conclude that the most liked feature of idope is that it allows a user to search torrents anonymously throughout the web and does not track the user data. This also eliminated the annoying pop-up ads that feature on almost all websites.

Proxy for idope:

Idope is blocked in several regions as it is marked as a torrent website, thus you require proxies to unblock the website. I have compiled a list of the best idope proxy sites below. All proxies listed here will automatically hide your online address by redirecting to a different IP address to idope.

NOTE: The list of Idope Proxy is updated every week so that we can provide only safe and working options. Write to us if you feel a link is broken or not loading our experts will look into it and update the new link.

Pro Tip: Install a VPN on your device to unblock Idope Proxy and enjoy downloading movies and tv series safely.

idope Proxy/MirrorUrls ListStatus
idope proxy 1
idope proxy 2
idope proxy 3 movies
idope.pw Mirror
idope proxy 4
idope proxy 5
idope proxy 6
idope proxy 7

Alternatives of idope

For any reason, if you are not satisfied by idope you can take a look at these similar torrent search engines and websites where you can download torrent content. All of the idope alternatives that I have listed here have their own proxy sites which help in safe torrenting, delivering an added layer of online security, and also maintain privacy.

So without further adieu, here is a list of idope alternatives

10 of the best alternatives to idope proxy

✔️ Torlock Proxy

Torlock and iDope have a lot of similarities in terms of the user interface. Hence we can place Torlock as the perfect replacement for the iDope website. Torlock lives up to expectations by delivering premium features as you expect from a top torrenting website. You will find verified torrent files of multiple categories ranging from the latest movies, TV shows, to anime, games, and software. The download speed and user interface make Torlock one of the best alternatives to idope.  

✔️ TorrentDownloads Proxy

TorrentDownloads gets roughly 5 million monthly visitors globally. Almost all users have given this website a 5-star rating for delivering verified torrents. TorrentDownloads is a fast loading website with a huge database of torrent content. The website is always up mainly because it’s content is spread among several servers.  probably among the best torrent providing websites that consist of the largest database on its servers, this makes it one of the best idope alternatives for torrenting. You can download torrent files of latest web series, games, software, multiple types of movies, ebooks, and even comings on the TorrentDownloads website.

✔️ 1337x Proxy

1337x is one of the newly launched torrent sites. It has a very modern user interface and an even more impressive homepage that displays a search bar, trending torrent section, and well-aligned categories of torrent files. Just like iDope here the latest games, videos, anime, books, movies, and software are updated daily with files of latest releases.

✔️ Thepiratebay Proxy

I could not compile a list of idope alternatives without mentioning the oldest torrent website on the internet. The Pirate Bay is still one of the best websites to download torrents despite the legal turmoil faced by torrent sites. The Pirate Bay is an open-source platform where all users can upload and download torrents. You can also request a specific file if you do not find in pre-uploaded on the website

✔️ Rarbg Proxy

Rarbg has progressed as one of the best torrent websites on the internet. To put it in short terms rarbg is a simple and effective website where you will find accurate results to your searches none of that redirect circuits. Rarbg has a separate category for all sorts of torrent files that are just as good as those found on idope.

✔️ YTS Proxy

YTS is another effective website where you can find and download high-quality movies for free. YTS shares its files via a peer-to-peer platform which makes it a safe alternative for downloading torrent files. Users will love the site’s library of latest releases that can be downloaded as a small size HD quality video.

✔️ Demonoid Proxy

Demonoid is a website where you can find files of latest movies, websites, latest games, software, and more. Demonoid and iDope are similar in terms of being BitTorrent trackers. Although Demonoid is a much more advanced website that has a searchable index for the tracked and also has forums for file-sharing related discussion. 

✔️ Limetorrents Proxy

Limetorrents is one of the top three torrent websites of all time mainly because it has a secure portal. And to maintain its integrity it asks users to register to the website before they can download or upload any files. Once a user has signed up the website claims to provide verified and safe torrent files of all sorts of content.

✔️ Torrentz2 Proxy

Torrentz2 is unlike any torrent search engine rather it is a torrent hosting website where a user can search torrent files from different torrent providing websites. Torrentz2 is a good replacement to idope as it is uploaded daily with latest movies and TV shows along with torrent files of other categories. Features that give idope users the opportunity to download their favorite content.

✔️ ExtraTorrent Proxy

The worldwide BitTorrent index ranks Extraatorrent among the top 5 torrenting websites. Coupled with its massive collection of games, comics, ebooks, anime tv shows, and movies collection it becomes an ideal alternative to iDope. Extratorrents is an online index of digital media of software, entertainment, and media.

✔️ IsoHunt Proxy

IsoHunt has a bigger library of torrent files in comparison to iDope. IsoHunt is right up there with the likes of Thepiratebay and BitTorrent. The website is one of the safest torrent search engines which automatically places it as a working substitute to the idope website.

✔️ Skytorrents Proxy

Skytorrents is a movie lovers website as it has the best torrent files for movies and sitcoms of multiple genres. Enter the title of a movie you want to watch and you will find different torrent files with subtitles and dubbed options as well.  This torrent search engine resembles the famous Google search engine. The familiar interface makes it easy for users to search for their desired torrents to download.


Idope search engine is one its way to dethrone the likes of ThePirateBay to become one of the best search engines for torrents. This is why you will find several idope mirror sites that claim to be the real deal. However the reality is that the real idope website is blocked in multiple countries as it is marked as a torrent website, thus you will need the above-listed idope proxy to unblock idope.

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