India and America will soon increase defense trade and technology sharing

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India and America will soon increase defense trade and technology sharing

The two countries, America and India are moving towards a much more, firm defense alliance. This means that American defense firms will soon share critical military technology and classified information with the Indian private sector.

The US in mid, 2016 had chosen India as a major defense partner, aiming to increase defense trade and technology sharing with India. India and the US have both started working on this framework which will make way for specific measures for ensuring safety and security of sensitive technology and classified information to be prescribed. This government-to-government framework will bring clarity on issues related to liability, industrial safety, and intellectual property rights.

Lockheed Martin offered India its new F-21 fighter jets last month. Lockheed Martin also underlined that it will not sell the F-21 fighter jets to any other country if India makes a deal of 114 fighter jets of the same. Hence it can be said that America is moving forward with this framework so that Boeing and Lockheed Martin can make contracts worth billions of dollars with India.

Both countries have indeed been favoring joint development of military critical platforms however there is no provision for sharing classified defense information by American companies with the Indian private sector at present.

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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