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Is mobdro legal or is it illegal? Is it safe to use the app?

Internet streaming is a vast universe and The more you dive into it the easier it comes to be for sites like Mobdro to provide unrestricted and free entry to them. But the question that most of you would like to get an answer for is that is Mobdro legal? And is it Mobdro safe? 

Well, it is not that simple.

All the Modern-day internet services are a legal Nightmare.  The Technological spread and its tendency to improve at a much faster rate are way ahead of the slow-growing legal system. This indicates that there isn’t a clear declaration or a statement on whether something is immediately legal or not. This means a lot of specific cases fall into the grey areas of law. However, by taking a closer glimpse at some of the similar technologies, we can create a pretty detailed picture of how the law will likely fall on the questions related to Mobdro.

Is Mobdro legal?

If you look at it in a way, yes but if you choose to use the Mobdro application to watch copyrighted streams, it may become illegal. Occasionally.

So is Mobdro legal for somethings? before knowing that, you should know what it is used for. It is one of the latest applications in a big line of internet apps that deliver simple access to internet streams. Mobdro describes itself to be an application or a service for Android devices that facilitates its users to sneak the web for free streams and then organize them by category and capture them to watch them. This strictly implies that the Mobdro technology itself isn’t the illegal bit but It only comes to be illegal when its users watch copyrighted content via the Mobdro application as it amounts to the act of Piracy which is punishable in some countries and regions.

A simple quick look at Mobdro backs up the claims that Mobdro is indeed an application for Android devices that allows its users to snoop around the web for free streams, arrange them by category, and capture them to watch them. Mobdro has no control whatsoever nor it can be held accountable for the content or location of the streams that it provides, which shall be the sole responsibility of the pages on which they are hosted.

The situation is almost identical to Kodi and many other Internet streaming applications which are generally accompanied either such disclaimers or some add-ons which help them to blur the lines between legal and illegal.

It’s still not clear-cut though as if you are using the application in the UK as an example, a Sky Sports Subscriber while employing Mobdro to watch Sky Sports could disagree with committing an illegal act as they may have very well already paid for the content they’re watching through the Mobdro stream.

In legal terms, if you ask is Mobdro legal? then let me tell you it falls in a grey area and is comparable to copyright replication that’s been common since the iPod was released. Apple facilitated and promoted its users to rip their music from CDs onto their iPods via iTunes. This is deemed to be a legal act as all the buyers have already paid for the content in the form of the CD which they have bought. Which indicates that they were free to enjoy the content on any media device they chose.

I have written an article on how to download and install mobdro on devices

Is Mobdro safe?

Well, it can not be said that It’s not 100% safe like normal Android apps, as it is not supported by the Google Play Store which can verify it for safety with its algorithms. 

This means you have to goof around with your Android settings and allow apps from an unknown source to be downloaded to your device. Which sometimes leaves your device open to attacks and ambushes from harmful APK application files.

Mobdro is a safe app to download, providing you download it through the official website only as you may very well be taking a chance if you download Mobdro via a third-party lookalike. 

When you download the official Mobdro app from safe sources, you should still keep in mind that the app isn’t safe yet. When you open Mobdro you will see that there are various ads and links to unverified third-party websites that may target your device.

If you dont like mobdro and think its unsafe I have got you covered with the best mobdro alternatives

How to watch Mobdro safely?

Well, is Mobdro legal? Technically yes, but I hope this article must have been very helpful in clearing the air around the boiling questions. 

But if you are still a bit skeptical and are wondering how can we watch Mobdro and other sites like Mobdro without getting ourselves and our devices in trouble then the only thing that can help you in this situation is a good VPN service. 

Now, for those of you who don’t know, VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service which can be bought and used to create a private network or a Channel in which you can spoof your location and can use different types of applications and websites on a foreign country network while sitting in the comfort of your own home. 

To know more about VPNs and the best ones which you can use efficiently please do check out our articles related to VPNs. In it, we have explained everything you need to know about this useful and multi-purpose tool. 


This all you need to know about whether it is safe to use Mobdro and is Mobdro legal. 

We have tried to answer all your queries in a very easy to understand and a very systematic manner and I hope you liked it. 

If you did, please share this with your friends and family and let them be aware of the grey areas in the legal system and how to utilize them with ease. 

Rishikesh Y Dube, 22 years old I am a fourth-year BLS LLB student apart from law school and my love for human behavior and phycology/criminology, I love to cook watch anime, and practice Mixed martial arts. I am a person who is keen to know and gain knowledge about everything on which I can put my hands on. I am also an IAS aspirant and thus interested in politics and all the sociopolitical and economical issues.


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