Top 8 JokerStream Alternatives & its Competitors

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What is JokerStream?

JokerStream is a sports streaming site that allows you to watch all sorts of sports on its website. You have access to many different sports such as Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, and more.

It has a fairly good-looking website that has a good collection of sports available for people to access, but recently there have been many problems regarding the site that many have reported and faced.

Even I have faced some of these issues while using this site, and these are the reasons to look for its alternatives.

Reason to look for sites like JokerStream 

Reason 1 – Difficult to find

JokerStream has a lot of cloned websites that it gets very difficult to track down the original website that streams the games properly. The rest of the sites are cheap knockoffs of the original website.

And you usually have to use a VPN to get access to the original website for some reason, so anyway, if you are not using a VPN, you wouldn’t be able to find the original website. 

Reason 2 – Chances of installing Viruses 

JokerStream is notorious for this matter; many users have reported that they have experienced this issue while surfing on their website. 

It is a common habit of these free websites to have some malware or viruses on them, so it is a tale of caution for these sites.

If you ever go on such websites, make sure that you have an antivirus installed. But if you visit any of the alternatives, then the chances of having a virus installed on your computer are next to none.

Reason 3 – Not the best streams

For a site that has the word ‘streams’ on its name, JokerStreams doesn’t have a good collection of streams that would allow you to watch the matches/games in good resolutions. 

The way these sites work is that they collect many different links from the internet that stream the matches live, and they host all these links on their website. 

JokerStreams just happens to choose the links that aren’t the best in the business.

Best JokerStream Alternatives



I have mentioned both of the sites in my previous articles as well, and I have joked about this thing before as well, but I will still do it! You can’t have a Joker without a Batman, and that is exactly what is happening here as well.

Batman Stream is one of the more recognisable ‘brands’ when it comes to streaming sports online that too for free. It has a good collection of streams, and you can very easily find the original website too.

What we liked about Batman Stream

Batman Stream has a good website that you can very easily access and find your designated sport as well. It keeps everything nice and clean and has some of the better streams on its website. Batman Stream also offers you a diverse group of sports. 

On the website, you have access to sports like Basketball, American Football, Racing, Ice Hockey, and many more. So you can see that it has some rare sports as well that it streams on its website. 

What we didn’t like about Batman Stream

Batman Stream, even though it is safer when compared to JokerStream, it still has a lot of pop-up ads playing on the website, and even if you have an ad-blocker installed, you would still see plenty of ads on the platform.

Which, after some time, will definitely annoy some people and would make them search for other sites that provide the same streams but with less amount of ads on it.

Why did we choose Batman Stream as Jokerstream alternative?

First, because of the name. But more importantly, Batman Stream has been around for a longer time than Joker Stream, and because of this, it is one of the trusted websites to search for sports.

You have a good collection of sports, including some rare ones such as Ice-Hockey and Racing, which are pretty rare to find, especially for free on the internet!

Review and rating of Batman Stream

Batman Stream has been around for some time now, and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon. It has some of the better links on the internet that stream the games properly.

And along with this, the site is safe to visit as well; just be careful not to click on the pop-up ads because that could lead to some viruses entering your computer.

I would be rating Batman Stream 3/5 stars.



Speaking of one of the most trusted websites when it comes to sports streaming, Stream2Watch also comes to mind. The website is one of the oldest when it comes to streaming sports for free on the internet.

Stream2Watch has come and gone many times, but it is still going strong with a number of websites of its own, and they are not going to stop anytime soon. So you can rest assured that you will have a reliable experience.

What we liked about Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch has a good collection of sports available on its website that many can use and find their desired sport and have a great time streaming the sport as well.

It also features a ‘Smart Block’ feature on its live chat that basically blocks any spam or inappropriate message on the live chat that could make your viewing experience sour. 

Features like these really help Stream2Watch stand apart from the rest of the sites that provide the same service.

What we didn’t like about Stream2Watch

If I had one major complaint against Stream2Watch, I think it would have to say that its UI is not up to the mark. It feels ancient and nothing like something that one could be accessed in today’s time.

It also adds up to the complexity of using the website in general because of how it is built, people would tend to stop using it as they often don’t understand how it would actually work, and that is a major downside of it.

Why did we choose Stream2Watch as Jokerstream competitor?

Stream2Watch is a good alternative to JokerStream as it allows you to watch your desired sport, and that was one of the major reasons why one would be looking at Jokerstream alternatives in the first place.

It is one of the oldest websites present on the internet that still provides the service even after being shut down multiple times and is something that you can give a try if you feel like using it.

Review and rating of Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch has been around for some time now and is now showing signs of stoppage. It is here to stay and entertain you as long as its owners decide to run the website and find good streams to stream the games.

It is not a perfect website, and with a couple of tweaks here and there in terms of website design, I think it would have an even bigger fan base, but for now, I would be rating Stream2Watch 3/5 stars.


VIPLeague Free Sports Streaming

VIP Box TV has not been around for that long compared to Stream2Watch or Batman Streams, for that matter, but it certainly has shown its impact and effect in the world of online sports streaming.

And I say this because VIP Box TV has the widest delivery of sports than any other website. It has a lot of sports on its website and can become the number one website for someone who is a multiple sports enthusiast.

What we liked about VIP Box TV

VIP Box TV has tons of sports on its website. You have sports like Tennis, Golf, Horse riding, Moto racing, NCAAF, Boxing, and just a whole lot more. It really wants to bring in all sorts of different demographic.

This is quite a big leap in terms of content provided by any website, which is a major plus point and something that I really like and appreciate about its website.

What we didn’t like about VIP Box TV

With so many sporting links and events happening at the same time and streaming at the same time, the website tends to load up pretty slow when compared to its competitors and alternatives.

Because the website isn’t able to handle this much traffic, it tends to load up slow, and that can be a big turn-off point for many new viewers who would want to watch different sports on the website. 

Why did we choose VIP Box TV as Jokerstream substitute?

Even though the website takes some time to load, but if you can see past it, then I feel you would have a good time surfing on it and watching the match that you have been longing to see.

It has a great UI, along with which a wide variety of streams available for a different number of sports, making it a great alternative to Jokerstream and a good choice to recommend.

Review and rating of VIP Box TV

VIP Box TV isn’t a legacy website like the other two sites mentioned above; neither is it trying to be one as well. It has its own sets of goals and demographic that it wants to target and is targeting them perfectly well.

It is a good website to check out multiple sports individually or at the same time and can become your number one site to check any game. I would be rating VIP Box TV 3.5/5 stars.

First Row Sports


First Row Sports is also a well-known online sports streaming website that has been making whispers around the internet for the content it has to offer to the sports world of the internet. 

First Row Sports has a decent selection of sports; it mostly focuses on the major popular sporting events, and for some, that just might be what they would be looking for. 

Let’s discuss the things that I liked and disliked about First Row Sports.

What we liked about First Row Sports

First Row Sports offers the streams to be played in High Quality, which is a great effort from their site as they pick out the links that only stream in good quality. 

This is a great thing because usually when you stream sports for free, many websites claim that they will stream the game, but they do so in the worst possible resolution.

And a bonus plus point for those who use Kodi, First Row Sports also has a plugin specially designed for Kodi, so you can watch the game from different devices as well!

What we didn’t like about First Row Sports

First Row Sports has put the majority of its effort into providing with good or high-quality streams, which is a good thing to focus on, but in doing so, it has forgotten to make a decent-looking website.

The website of First Row Sports seems very tacked-on and looks like a last-minute assignment where everything is put anywhere, and it just looks overall a bit too messy to work well. 

And in the end, they came up with a website that might and might not work for everyone.

Why did we choose First Row Sports as Jokerstream alternatives?

JokerStream has just one positive thing when compared to First Row Sports, and that is its website. Apart from that, in everything else, First Row Sports excels when compared to Joker Stream.

It has great links that provide High-Quality videos; it has a plug-in for Kodi, and it has a good category of popular sports that it focuses on. It’s basically better in all sorts of ways than JokerStream.

Review and rating of First Row Sports

First Row Sports has a lot of perks to it when you think about it, a plugin that will allow you to stream any game from the website on any viewing device of your choice, great high-quality streams, and great sports.

That seems like a very good combo for people who are into watching sports online, and maybe you might be one of those people. For that reason, I would be rating First Row Sports 3.5/5 stars. 

Stream East


Of course, if there is an article about sports streaming, and I don’t mention my favourite sports streaming site Stream East? How would that be possible? It would seem unfair to me not to recommend it to you.

Stream East, as you would have guessed, is one of my favourite sports streaming sites on the internet right now. Yeah, I said it. I will now explain why I love this site so much and why you should check it out as well.

What we liked about Stream East

Stream East offers high-quality streams on its website for people to see; it has a great category of sports to offer, such as F1 racing, which is very rare to find online for free.

The website is also mostly ad-free, so you won’t have to worry about potential malware or virus entering your laptop or desktop while you are accessing it.

You can also operate the website using your mobile phone as well if you don’t want to use your laptop; the website is compatible with both.

What we didn’t like about Stream East

This is a common thing that I have mentioned in all of the previous articles, and I would like to state it here as well. Stream East requires you to make an account on its website to check its streams.

It is not a paid account of any sort, but I personally don’t feel like giving my email address to such sites that mostly do illegal stuff, even though they claim that they are only ‘hosting’ the streams and not promoting it. 

Why did we choose Stream East as Jokerstream alternatives?

I chose Stream East for this article because I felt that it is one of the better sports streaming websites available right now on the internet. It has a great UI that is super clean and super classy.

It runs the streams pretty smoothly, and along with all this, it also has a discord server of its own, where it updates its users about the new changes that the website has and some other information as well.

Review and rating of Stream East

Stream East has been dear and near to me since the time I found out about it. It is one of those rare websites that really hooks you with its design. 

I have never talked about any website on this channel more than I have talked about Stream East, and it is because I feel that not a lot of people know about it and should be aware of a website like this.

Are you not able to gain access to streameast? We have covered you with the best streameast alternatives.

I would be rating Stream East 4/5 stars.

BBC iPlayer


This is also a website that I recently found about and have been totally shocked as to how does it function for its price point and how have I not known about it up until now?

BBC iPlayer comes to us from the people of BBC (duh!), and it basically has everything to offer that you would be getting on BBC channels for free on the internet! Including live sports and the latest episodes of their television.

What we liked about BBC iPlayer

The great thing about BBC iPlayer is the fact that it is free to use and has shows and podcasts to offer that BBC has the rights to. 

That is such a rare thing to find out because usually, nowadays, all the studio companies are making their own streaming services and charging for it, but BBC over here is just providing everything for free.

They also have an app for it, so you can very easily just choose to watch on different viewing devices as per your liking and enjoy your sport from there.

What we didn’t like about BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer’s major downside is the fact that it is only available in the UK and nowhere else. You can access it from anywhere in the world, but for that, you would require a VPN, and a VPN account ain’t cheap these days.

One more problem with BBC iPlayer is that you don’t have a library of sports available on it. You only have sports that the BBC has the rights to stream, and those are Golf, Football, Cricket, and more.

Why did we choose BBC iPlayer as Jokerstream alternatives?

If you are someone staying in the UK and are interested in watching sports along with some other entertainment in terms of shows or podcasts, then I feel this can be a good alternative to JokerStream as well.

Because not everyone is a sports junky and not everyone likes to torrent their sports, BBC iPlayer happens to give you the best of both worlds, and you should use it if you have the chance to.

Review and rating of BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a great concept that more companies should adapt to, especially since everyone is charging a lot of money for viewing and watching sports; maybe they can learn a thing or two from this and adapt.

I personally find it to be a great website to check out, and for that reason, I would be rating BBC iPlayer 3.5/5 stars.



Crackstreams is also a recognisable name when it comes to streaming sports. It organizes a bunch of links from across the internet that would be streaming the games and puts it on a neat little website of its. 

What we liked about Crackstreams

Crackstreams has been appreciated by many, including me, for its simple-to-use UI that has everything laid out perfectly well on it, and you won’t find much trouble using it or searching for any sport you want to search.

It also happens to put only good streams on its website so that you can watch only but the best of what it has to offer.

What we didn’t like about Crackstreams

Crackstreams, since it is a popular website, has seen many cloned websites being made, and many of those cloned websites don’t have the number of sports are the sporting event that the original website has.

So if you fall into the trap of the cloned website, you might not be able to have the full experience that Crackstreams has to offer, and they don’t let their viewers know which is their original website and which is their clone. 

Are you happy with crackstream? If no we got you covered with the best crackstream alternatives.

Why did we choose Crackstreams as Jokerstream alternatives?

Crackstreams just has a lot to offer when it comes to streaming sports online, and it is just a more reliable website when compared to JokerStream. 

You have a nice website, great streams, and the ability to watch the matches from your phone as well. Those are good enough reasons for it to be considered as Jokerstream alternatives.

Review and rating of Crackstreams

I find Crackstreams to be a great website that has a lot to offer to its viewers, and maybe you should give it a try to find out what I am talking about. I would be rating Crackstreams 3.5/5 stars.



Kodi isn’t exactly a streaming site, as it is actually a media player. On Kodi, you have numbers of different plugins that you have to set up, and through those plugins, you are able to watch different types of content.

Kodi is also an open-sourced application that has been used by a lot of people across the globe because of how powerful the entire software is and how much content you are getting for basically paying nothing.

There are also lots to discuss Kodi, so let’s get cracking.

What we liked about Kodi

Kodi, as mentioned, is a media streaming player. Its app is available on all major devices, and after that, you have to set it up properly with all the plugins that you want.

This is particularly great since you are basically able to watch Kodi through any device, so you can enjoy your sports from many devices all at once or on the go as well.

What we didn’t like about Kodi

Kodi can be a bit too much for a lot of people. Since many people are simply looking to watch their desired sports, it can be a bit of a hassle for them to go through so much to watch their sporting events.

This is a big complaint that is often heard for Kodi that it is a bit complicated to set up, and since there are various different plugins available, people often get confused about the app and end up not using it.

Why did we choose Kodi as a JokerStream alternative?

Kodi is a great alternative to JokerStream simply because you have the ability to watch live sports and a whole lot more on its application. 

It is also an alternative for those who are looking for convenience for watching free sports as well because that is something that people have to compromise on when they choose the option of watching live sports for free.

The overall rating and customer satisfaction of Kodi are also really good and very high.

Review and rating of Kodi

Kodi is for a very specific group of people, and I get that. It is not for everyone because not everyone wants to go through so much to watch sporting events, and many people already have their entertainment sorted out.

Still, for those who know about setting a media player which will allow them the features of watching free sporting events, they sure as hell can use this option because it is genuinely a good option.

Working Kodi Addons Updated Weekly For Zero Buffering

For that reason and more, I would be rating Kodi 4/5 stars.

Our recommendations on the best Jokerstream alternatives?

Frankly speaking, you can choose any of the seven named websites, and you would have a great time streaming the sport or the game that you desire to watch. 

They are all great websites in their own department, and they all do the job that they claim to do. But, if I had to pick a personal one among the seven, I would choose Stream East and Crackstreams.

Why did we choose Stream East and Crackstreams as the best JokerStream alternatives?

The reason why I chose Stream East is something that I have already explained in my review of the website. It is because not a lot of people know about it and it just has some of the best features to offer.

Crackstreams, on the other hand, has a lot of popularity, but then again, people don’t tend to use their actual website but its clones. If there was a way to tell which is their actual website, then they could also be a great website to choose from as well.

But these were my thoughts on which one I would choose to watch my sports on, what about you? Do you have any other websites that are your favourite and I haven’t mentioned in this list? Or do you find any of the seven better? Do let us know in the comments down below!

Sanjit Mansingh

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