Top 9 best Manga Reading sites

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manga reading sites

Manga are Japanese comics and cartoons which are from the early 19th century. They are comic books or graphic novels that a lot of people love to read and are also the source of inspiration for many anime as well.

Manga are extremely popular among Anime fans and have their influence from all around the world, even famous Hollywood directors like James Cameron love to read manga and actually adapted one of them for the motion picture, Alita: Battle Angel. But when I looked up online I stumbled upon several sites that claim to have manga content but in reality are just clickbait websites. So I did some extensive research and after filtering out numerous irrelevant sites I found these seven manga reading sites that actually feature manga content. 

In this article along with sharing the best manga reading sites I have also listed down the features, pricing,  pro’s and cons, along with a review and rating that will help you pick the ideal site where you can read your favorite manga titles.  

But before we look at those sites, if you are new to online manga reading then you should first get familiar with how to read manga panels and also learn about the difference between anime and manga. After that, you would then want some good manga to start reading and finally, you can come back and select a site to read manga from this list. 

List of best Manga reading sites (Quick Preview)

NameBest ForPriceOur RatingWebsite
Manga KatanaEase of websiteFree4/5
MangaDoom Manga loversFree3.5/5
ManganeloManga readingFree3/5
Viz MediaManga supporterPaid[$1.99]4/5
Crunchyroll mangaManga supportersPaid[$7.99 – $79.99]3.5/5
Sen mangaManga readingFree2.5/5
KissmangaManga readingFree2.5/5
Manga PlusManga ReadingFree 4.5/5
Book Walker Manga ReadingFree and Paid3.5/5

9 best Manga reading websites (In-depth analysis)

1. Manga Katana

Manga Katana is a good-looking website to read manga. Here all Manga chapters are laid down in a good PDF type format where you just have to scroll down to read all the chapters, you can even download the chapters as well and it is the only website I have seen so far to have ‘Dark mode’ available along with adult manga content for free.

All the contents are laid down pretty neatly on the website and it is a pretty impressive and safe manga reading site. 

Price of Manga Katana

Manga Katana is free of cost

Features of Manga Katana

  • Dark theme available
  • Page split mode available in between the chapters
  • Good UI 

Pro and Cons of Manga Katana

Great looking websiteIllegal to use
Less no. of ads
Dark mode
Good UI

Review on Manga Katana

Manga Katana really surprised me with its website. It offers all the mangas like other sites but it has an edge over others with a good UI, great and simple website, the ability to download chapters, less ads and a lot more features. It’s a pretty good manga reading site.

Rating on Manga Katana

We give Manga Katana a rating of 4/5 stars.  

2. MangaDoom

MangaDoom is a free manga reading website that has all the manga you could possibly want to read. It has daily updates for manga and also has a live community chat where people can discuss with one another about the latest chapter. 

It has so many Manga that it actually has an option called ‘Manga Dictionary’ that lets you know all the Manga it possesses from A-Z.

Price of MangaDoom

MangaDoom is free of cost.

Features of MangaDoom

  • Plenty of manga available
  • Live chat feature to chat among communities 
  • Manga dictionary search 

Pro and Cons of MangaDoom

Plenty of MangaPotentially dangerous website
Simple UI 
Easy search for manga

Review on MangaDoom

MangaDoom is a great website but for some reason, my McAfee Web advisor doesn’t trust it and calls it a ‘Potential Illegal Software’ and it has been pretty accurate so far about these types of things, so keep a lookout for it. Maybe you can attract some viruses.

Rating on MangaDoom

We give MangaDoom a rating of 3.5/5 stars 

3. Manganelo

Manganelo is a free site to read manga. It’s got the latest Manga, Hot Manga, Newest Manga, and more fresh categories. The Manga opens in a good PDF-like format so that you don’t have to click the next page every time but just have to scroll down to read all the chapters.

The website is a bit overstuffed in my opinion and also my McAfee Web advisor doesn’t trust it and continuously prompts me to go back, so that is something to look for.

Price of Manganelo

It is free of cost. 

Features of Manganelo

  • Good PDF type laid Manga
  • Bookmark option available as well
  • Good library of manga

Pro and Cons of Manganelo

Good library of MangaOverstuffed website
Great Manga styleNot a safe website

Review on Manganelo

Manganelo is not a premium website but it does the job. The website can be an issue of trust for some people if their Antiviruses keeps on prompting them to go back but other than that it is a good site to read manga.

Rating on Manganelo

We give Manganelo a rating of 3/5 stars. 

4. Viz Media 

Viz Media is an American Manga Publishing company and an anime distributor as well. They also have a vault full of manga available to read. They have their manga stored under ‘Shonen Jump’.

You can access some free chapters but to read the entire Manga you would have to buy their subscription plan which is actually pretty cheap. 

Price of Viz Media

Membership Plans: $1.99/month (After 7-day free trial) 

Features of Viz Media

  • 10,000 Manga Chapters
  • Popular Manga available 
  • 7-day free trial

Pro and Cons of Viz Media

Free chapters availableHave to buy the subscription plan to read all chapters
Legal to useLimited Manga
Cheap subscription plan
Chapters released simultaneously with Japan
Shonen Jump app available

Review on Viz Media

Reading Manga from Viz Media is actually a pretty good deal. The plan is quite cheap and has a 7-day free trial along with an application available on both IOS and Android. With the subscription plan, you can read about 100 chapters a day. So it’s a pretty nice site to read Manga.

Rating on Viz Media

We give Viz Media a rating of 4/5 stars. 

5. Crunchyroll Manga 

Crunchyroll Manga is provided by the folks at Crunchyroll who used to be the biggest Legal Anime streamers but now they are bought by their nemesis, Funimation, for $1.2 Billion! Crunchyroll Manga was started in the year 2013 and since then it has come a long way with its Manga dictionary.

Although there is some Manga available to read for free on Crunchyroll Manga but to access their whole library you would have to purchase their subscription plans. 

Price of Crunchyroll Manga

Fan Plan: $7.99/month

Mega Fan Plan (1-month): $9.99/month

Mega Fan Plan (12-months): $79.99/year 

Features of Crunchyroll Manga

  • Legal to use
  • 14 day free trial for their premium plans
  • Some free manga available

Pro and Cons of Crunchyroll Manga

Legal contentRequires Premium plans to read all the collection of manga
Crunchyroll’s good serviceRecently acquired by Funimation, which is an Anime service so no certainty on the expansion of the Manga series.
App available as well

Review on Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga is the manga service you should go for if you want to support manga artists as they legally show the manga. And with their 14 days, free trial for their subscription plans you can get a taste of what their services are like. 

But since they have recently been purchased by Funimation, the hopes of expanding the Manga collections are a bit shaky. 

Rating on Crunchyroll Manga

We give Crunchyroll Manga a rating of 3.5/5 stars.  

6. Sen Manga

Sen Manga looks as Manga-like as possible. It is a very simple reading website that contains all the manga you know and love. The Manga on the website is shown in a good landscape mode with big letterings and fonts.

Sen Manga may not have the fanciest website of them all but it does the job for which you come to visit the website. 

Price of Sen Manga

Sen Manga costs nothing to use. 

Features of Sen Manga

  • Good landscape mode Manga reading
  • A good library of content
  • Fewer ads

Pro and Cons of Sen Manga

Good content library Decent website
Search option doesn’t work

Review on Sen Manga

Sen Manga is an alright website to reads Manga. The search option on the website does not work necessarily so it can be difficult to find your favourite Manga by scrolling through all the possible available hyperlinks.

Rating on Sen Manga

We give Sen Manga a rating of 2.5/5 stars 

7. KissManga

KissManga comes from the people behind KissAnime as well. It is a loaded website that also has many Manga and it also feels a lot fuller when you compare the website with MangaDoom.

KissManga boasts some really good features such as Bookmarking a Manga, or ‘History’ section where it tells you what you last read but it does contain a lot of ads and they still pop up with the use of AdBlocker.

Price of KissManga

KissManga is also free to use. 

Features of KissManga

  • Being able to Bookmark your Manga
  • History section available as well

Pro and Cons of KissManga

Great collection of MangaContains a lot of ads
Free websiteNot a secured website 
Illegal website as well

Review on KissManga

KissManga is a free website to read Manga but apparently, there are being shut down by the Japanese policies because they illegally submit the work of Manga artists.

There have been numerous reports about it but so far the site is active but not secure, as per Google, so that should really tell you about the website’s long-form future. And you probably read more ads than Manga.

Rating on KissManga

We give KissManga a rating of 2.5/5 stars. 

8. Manga Plus by Shueisha

Mana Plus by Shueisha might probably be the best manga-reading website you can possibly try out right now. It is not like your ordinary manga-reading website. 

When you are reading mangas on this website, you are actually supporting manga artists directly. This is because Shueisha is actually a manga publishing website. 

So all the mangas that you see are available on this website, they are all owned by Shueisha to be published on their website. 

There are also many things to discuss about this website!

Price of Manga Plus by Shueisha

Manga Plus by Shueisha is free to use!

Features of Manga Plus by Shueisha

  • Legally-owned manga website 
  • Great UI 
  • Has an app as well

Pro and Cons of KissManga

Great collection of legally-owned MangasMost of the mangas are available in Japanese
Great UI 
Has an app available on Play Store and App Store

Review on Manga Plus by Shueisha

Manga Plus is a website about which I have mentioned in a lot of articles. This is because I genuinely love it for supporting the websites, yet at the same time, making it free for the users to access as well. 

It is a win-win situation for everybody, and you should try it out yourself!

Rating on Manga Plus by Shueisha

We will rate Manga Plus 4.5/5 stars.

9. Book Walker

Book Walker is also a website that is quite similar to Manga Plus in a way where you are able to access legally owned Mangas. The website also boasts the offer of allowing audiobooks! 

There is much to talk about Book Walker as well, so without wasting any more time, let’s get started. 

Price of Book Walker

Most of the mangas that are available on Book Walker are free of cost. However, there are some of them that require some form of payment to access it. 

Features of Book Walker

  • Legally owned manga-publishing website
  • Audiobooks available for certain mangas

Pro and Cons of KissManga

Great collection of MangasNot all Mangas are available for free. Some of them require some form of payement. 
Audiobooks option for some mangas
Great UI

Review on Book Walker

Book Walker is also a really good website that you can try out for reading some mangas online. Most of the mangas that are available on the website are free, so you can easily read them all. 

However, to read some exclusive mangas, you might need to pay to read them, and that can be a little bothersome for some people. 

Rating on Book Walker

We give Book Walker a rating of 3.5/5 stars.

Final note 

On a final note, I would like to say that Manga lovers should feel quite satisfied with the Manga reading sites listed above. They all cater to your inner – manga lover and give you what you need. I have also compiled a list of the best manga ebooks free download platforms that you may find helpful if you love to read manga but do not have access to the internet.

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