Book Walker 2023 Review (Features, Pros, Cons & More)

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Book Walker is actually a lot of things when you search for it online; the most prominent result that you might find is a game that is available to play on various different devices, such as PlayStation, XBOX, and more. 

However, this is not that. Book Walker is also a global store where you are able to read a number of different mangas and light novels and listen to some audiobooks, as well. 

There are many different websites available that allow you to read mangas online, and I have written a number of different articles where I discuss all of them, in detail, so you can check out those articles, as well. 

However, in this article, I will be reviewing this website and answering whether you should read your mangas from this website or from a different place.

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Availability of Book Walker

Book Walker is a website which you can easily access by going to any web browser from your computing device. However, that is not the only place that you can access Book Walker online. 

Book Walker has an application which is available to download for your computing device, whether it be a macOS or a Windows device, as well. 

However, if you are using a Linux device, then you would have to use its online portal to access all the library of content that is available on it. 

Along with this, Book Walker is also available to download on your Android and iOS device, as well and you can download its app straight from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, as well. 

So, in terms of availability, Book Walker exceeds really well. 

Book Walker Price & Free Trial

Book Walker is a legal website when it comes to reading mangas and light novels online, so many would assume that the website is not free to use, and that is not the case, at least not fully. 

Book Walker is available to download for free, and it has free mangas available on it, as well. However, there are a lot of mangas, especially the most popular ones, that are not available for free of cost. 

To read those mangas, you are required to pay a certain price; the prices for each manga can range from $5 Dollars to $10 Dollars. 

If you are looking to listen to free audiobooks, those are also available on Book Walker; however, just like all of its mangas, the popular audiobooks are not available for free and their price ranges from $25 Dollars to $30 Dollars and more. 

So, in total, if you want to read the mangas and listen to audiobooks on Book Walker, you need to spend some money on it. 

Pros and Cons of Book Walker

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of Book Walker

✅English and Japanese language Mangas are available 
✅Application available for popular reading places
✅Great variety of audiobooks and mangas available 
❌The majority of the mangas, light novels, and audiobooks available are paid 
❌Clunky UI  
❌App has loads of bugs

So, when it comes to pros and cons for Book Walker, there are definitely things that need some improvements. 

It is great that Book Walker has an application available for major reading devices, whether it be Windows, macOS, Android or iOS devices. However, the app’s UI and even its website’s UI seem quite outdated. 

And many people have complained about it, as well on Play Store and other places, as well. 

There are a number of great mangas and audiobooks available on Book Walker. However, the User experience of it all has been very unsatisfying as there are a lot of bugs in Book Walker’s app. 

So, in a nutshell, there are good things that are offered on Book Walker. However, the overall user experience of consuming all that is on offer is a little unsatisfactory. 

Specific functionalities of Book Walker

Let’s discuss in detail some of Book Walker’s special functionalities.


Mangas are the main selling point of Book Walker, and there are many people who use this service for its great number of mangas, and that is a great thing about Mangas. 

If you are looking for a place where you can read mangas legally, and are even okay with paying for them if you want to read them, then Book Walker is a good place for you to start. 

You have a wide variety of Mangas available that you can easily sort from Popularity, Release Date or even their title based. 

There are free Mangas available to read, as well; however, the majority of them do require certain cash to be paid in order to access them. 

Light Novels 

Light Novels are basically what they sound like; they are usually small novels that last for not more than 100 pages long, and there are tons of different light novels available on Book Walker, as well. 

Just like its mangas section, you can easily search through all the light novels available on it based on its popularity and release dates. There are also free light novels available on Book Walker. 

The cost prices of Light Novels available on Book Walker are on the same range as the mangas available on it, and their prices range from $7 Dollar to $10 Dollars. 


Audiobooks have been around since the late 30s; however, it has slowly started to become mainstream over the last few years, and nowadays, you will find audiobooks for practically anything that is typed out. 

So, it makes sense that mangas also have their own audiobooks, as well, and in this department, Book Walker does stand out from the rest. 

This is because there are not a lot of manga-reading websites available that also allow users to listen to audiobooks on their platform, and Book Walker is one of the few that do.

However, they are also a tad bit expensive compared to the mangas and the light novels that are on offer with Book Walker. The audiobooks on Book Walker start easily from $20 Dollars and go up to $30 Dollars. 


There are a number of different of genres of mangas, light novels, and audiobooks available on Book Walker. 

You have genres about Isekai (Different World), Anime, Boys Love (Yaoi), Yuri, Completed Series, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Shounen, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Vampires, and many more, as well. 

So there is definitely something for anyone and everyone who is a fan of reading Mangas online, whether it be free or paid, and that is also something that Book Walker is really good at, as well. 


Book Walker does get it mangas from many different and popular publishers in the manga-distribution world, so if someone is wondering that most of the mangas available on it are niche, well, that’s not the case. 

Over at Book Walker, you can expect mangas from publishers like Dark Horse Comics, J-Novel Club, Kodansha, One Peace Books, Seven Seas Entertainment, UDON, VIZ Media, Yen On,

Yen Press, and many more, as well. 

So you can expect to read many more different mangas from various different publishers over at Book Walker, and Book Walker constantly adds on its list of publishers, as well. 

Book Walker coin  

Book Walker also promotes its very own coin system. The way the coin system of Book Walker works is that whenever you purchase a manga, audiobook or a light novel from Book Walker, it will reward you with certain Book Walker coins. 

1 Book Walker coin is equivalent to 1JPY. So, you can collect a number of different coins from each purchase, and you can use these coins at your next purchase to get a certain discount based on the number of coins you are spending. 

It is not a groundbreaking new thing that Book Walker is doing; plenty of different online e-stores have their own sets of coins and cashback rewards that help them retain their users.

This is also one of the ways that Book Walker aims to retain all of its users and customers from opting to continue its services so that more money is generated for the company.   


Let’s discuss some of the frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Is Book Walker worth it?

Book Walker is worth it to check out among all the other alternatives that are present that allow users to legally read any type of manga online. 

Book Walker offers a lot of different types of mangas and other reading material on its website that are pretty unique in their own way. 

It has a pretty great library of content that has both paid and free mangas available, as well. Along with this, it is also available to download on many different platforms, such as Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, as well. 

So, yes, I feel Book Walker is worth it!

Is Book Walker digital? 

Book Walker is fully digital; with all the mangas, audiobooks, light novels and everything there is to offer on Book Walker, you will get a digital print for all of them that you will be able to read on your devices. 

There are not a lot of websites present these days that allow users to read offline content as most of the text-based industry has shifted to digital format. 

So, when you are browsing through Book Walker, as well, make sure that you know the type of manga that you are getting is going to be digital.

Is Book Walker free?

Book Walker has a free website and a free application that you can download for your computing and mobile devices, and it also has a number of different mangas that are available to read for free. 

However, most of the mangas that are available on Book Walker are paid, and their costs range from $5 – $10 Dollars. Most of the paid mangas also have a free version that you can purchase for $0 Dollars. 

This is done to entice the user to get into the world of that particular manga, and they pay forwards for the remaining manga.

What is the best app to download light novels?

There are a number of different apps present that allow users to read light novels. Light novels are not particularly tied to mangas, and there are many different genres of light novels, as well. 

Book Walker has an application that you can download on your mobile device from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and you can read your light novels from there. 

However, there are many other applications available that allow you to read light novels, such as Kindle, Comixology, Moon+ Reader, Scribd, and many more, as well. 

So, there is a lot of option available when it comes to reading and downloading light novels on an app.

Final Verdict and Review

Well, Book Walker is one of many different websites available where you are able to read mangas online. The great thing about Book Walker is that the website contains a lot of mangas, light novels and even Audiobooks, as well. 

It also has an application that is readily available on various app stores, so you can easily read popular mangas on it, as well. 

However, if you are looking for a place to read free mangas while they are available on Book Walker, this might not be the best place for you.

There are tons of paid mangas, audiobooks, and light novels available, and Book Walker also offers a coin system of its own to make the next purchase a little inexpensive.

Book Walker does need to redo its UI so that it is much more readable and user-friendly. So, my final verdict is that you can consider using it, but I feel there are other great options, as well.  


Well, there you have it. An article reviewing Book Walker, the manga reading site, not the actual game. As always, these have been my thoughts on this particular topic. What about you?

Do you agree with my review of Book Walker? Or do you think it is actually the best place where you can find mangas that are free and paid, and do you like the overall user-experience of Book Walker?

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below!

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh is a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate. While studying in this field he quickly realized what he wants to do in his life: Filmmaking. His interest in writing scripts is what made him give a try in the world of content writing. Sanjit's an avid Movie Geek and is an award winning Director as well.

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