5 Paid streaming apps that allow its users to download content

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Streaming services were always pictured as the replacement for cable tv that will be a great thing for consumers as they would be able to watch high-quality shows, by paying much less than they used to pay for cable and enjoy content ad-free. 

After almost 4 years since streaming really started to get popular, and Covid helped in that matter, as well, those promises are not what they used to be. 

Yes, you are able to watch some high-quality tv shows that used to be exceptions, and for the most part, the services are ad-free, as well, but the line between cable and streaming is fading ever so slightly. 

On Cable, you are able to record content on your device, and watch it later, which is similar to what streaming also provides, in terms of downloading its content.

Different streaming services offer different types of offers for its downloadable content, and in this article, I will be discussing some of the paid streaming apps that let you download tv shows and movies for offline viewing.

Amazon Prime Video


Starting off this list, we have Amazon’s very own streaming service, Prime Video. I recently wrote an article where I reviewed the entire streaming service of Prime Video, so if you want to know my in-depth thoughts on Prime Video, then you can check that article out, as well. 

Prime Video is one of the many streaming services available right now that allows users to download its content on different devices.  Let’s discuss more about it. 

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What we liked about Amazon Prime Video

If we are talking just about downloading content, there is a lot to download on Prime Video. Almost all the Amazon Original content is available to download on Prime Video, so that is a great thing to begin with. 

You are also able to download the particular content on your mobile phone or your laptop device and it saves on your device, but you have to access the content right from the application itself. 

So, depending on the overall file size and quality in which you download, you need to make sure that your device has enough storage available for the download.

What we didn’t like about Amazon Prime Video

Amongst the things that I am particularly not a big fan of when it comes to downloading content on Amazon Prime Video, is first that the downloaded content will be available on your downloads section for 30 days. 

Once you have started to watch the specific content, the content will be removed from your downloads section after 48 hrs, which is similar to how the renting system also works on Amazon. 

However, currently, you are not able to play downloaded content via Airplay or Chromecast to your device, so if you have downloaded something, chances are that you might be only able to watch it on the device that you downloaded the content on. 

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Review and rating of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video does offer a good amount of options to download from its library and since it has only one subscription rate, it does not differentiate the overall functionality of downloading the content on the device, like other streaming services tend to do. 

There are some cons to the overall downloading capabilities, but overall, the streaming service’s app does allow its users to download the content on any particular device. 

I will rate Amazon Prime Video 4/5 stars.



Netflix is also a streaming service that many people have heard about as it is basically the one that started it all, and it too offers its users the ability to download from a ton of content that is readily available on its service. 

However, since Netflix does offer multiple different price tiers, there are some exceptions to the overall downloading capabilities on the platform, so let’s discuss it all in detail. 

What we liked about Netflix

The great thing about Netflix, in terms of the overall downloading situation, is that all of its Original movies and tv shows are available to download. 

Netflix, unlike Amazon Prime Video, also lets its users to view downloadable content right on the PCs and Mac devices, as well, so if you are looking to watch the latest Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon movie, on a bigger screen, without any internet issues, then you can on Netflix. 

Along with this, the overall space that Netflix titles occupy, is pretty reasonable, and it allows users to either download in Standard quality or High-Quality.

What we didn’t like about Netflix

However, there are some cons to Netflix’s downloading library, as well. Since Netflix has so many different licensed content on it, not all titles on Netflix are available to download. 

Some titles on Netflix’s library, including its Original content, does not allow its users to download the content more than a certain amount of times, within the same payment cycle. 

Basically what it means is that, some shows like Bridgerton on Netflix, allow the option of downloading the content only three times in a month, and you can’t do so more times than that. 

Different titles also have different time periods for which they are available on the download library before they are immediately vanished. 

Plus, Netflix also segregates its downloading capabilities, based on the plan that you purchase. So, if you have Netflix’s Ad-tier plan, you wouldn’t be able to download any content. 

Netflix’s standard plan allows downloading content on 2 devices and its Premium plan allows the option to download on 6 devices.

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Review and rating of Netflix

So, Netflix does offer the option of downloading its content, but because of so many different licensing issues, the overall downloading on Netflix is a bit too complicated than something like on Prime Video. 

Plus, the overall price differentiation is also something that is not that great, and for that reason and more, I will rate Netflix’s downloading functionalities 3.5/5 stars!

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Disney Plus

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a streaming service that has been in the news lately for removing a lot of shows from its library in order to achieve the overall profitability of the service, because it still lost half a billion dollars this quarter. 

But that doesn’t stop Disney from providing its users with functionalities that are easily available on its competitors’ platforms, as well, and on Disney Plus you can download unlimited content from everything that is available in its library. 

What we liked about Disney Plus

The great thing about Disney Plus is that its downloading capabilities work on all the content that is available on it, as Disney Plus doesn’t license content from other companies, partly because it owns nearly every major picture studio in Hollywood. 

So, you are easily able to download all the content on your mobile devices and keep it on for more than 30 days, as well, just make sure that your account stays active on Disney Plus’s app. 

Along with this, you can also save downloads on up to Ten registered device, at the same time, which is the highest number of devices amongst all the other alternatives that are mentioned in this list!

What we didn’t like about Disney Plus

Disney Plus has a lot of things to like about its downloading capabilities, but there are also some things to point out that are not so great about it, as well. 

Currently, you are only able to download Disney Plus content on your Android or iOS devices, so your phones and tablets are able to perform offline streaming from Disney Plus. 

However, the same cannot be said for your Windows or your macOS devices, even though Disney Plus’s application is available for those devices, as well. So there is no offline downloading available for PC devices yet. 

Another thing that isn’t particularly great about Disney Plus is the fact that its ad-supported tier does not support downloading capabilities. It is only available on its ad-free plan. 

The same would be the case, if you purchase Disney Plus bundle pack with ads, that includes Hulu and ESPN Plus, as well. 

Review and rating of Disney Plus

In terms of its downloading features, Disney Plus did get a lot of things right, but there are definitely some places where it needs to improve, and provide its users the ability to watch its cinematic-like content on bigger screens with better sound audio, as well. 

Still, there are definitely things to love about Disney Plus’s downloading functions, and I will rate it 4/5 stars. 


Hbo Max

Max or as it was previously known as HBO Max, is also a streaming service that allows its users to download its share of content for offline viewing. 

There are definitely some similarities with other streaming services, in terms of the overall download capabilities on Max, so let’s discuss it all in detail.

What we liked about Max

So, just like other streaming services, you are easily able to download content on your mobile devices from everything that is available to download on HBO Max. 

The content will stay in your library for 30 days, and after starting to watch the content, it will get removed from your device after 48 hrs. 

A great thing that I like about Max’s application is that it shows you a mini-graph in the downloads section of the app, that shows the amount of space that has been taken by all the downloaded content and you much space is currently available, as well. 

There are also three different resolutions and sizes in which you can download content for offline viewing, and they are categorised into ‘Good’, ‘Better’, and ‘Best’.

What we didn’t like about Max

Max is one of the few streaming services that offers three different pricing plans. It has an ad-supported plan that does not have the option of downloading offline content, just like all the other streaming services with ads. 

Along with this, Max also offers two ad-free plans, and they both offer different number of downloads. 

So, if you are a subscriber of Max ad-free plan, then you are only able to have 30 downloads in your account with maximum resolution of 1080p and if you are a Max Ultimate subscriber, then you are able to have 100 downloads at 4K resolution. 

So, even in its ad-free plan, Max has some differentiation in the overall downloading capabilities, somewhat similar to what Netflix does, as well. 

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Review and rating of Max

Max’s downloading option is rather alright and nothing too dramatic. Yes, the one major flaw is that you are not able to watch the offline content on a bigger screen, such as your PC device, or stream it on your Television. 

However, apart from that, it does follow the same set of rules that are also used in other streaming services. 

Although, Max does differentiate the number of downloads, based on your pricing model, and that can also upset some people. 

For that reason and more, I will rate Max’s downloading capabilities 3/5 stars. 

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV+ logo

Apple TV Plus is also a streaming service on which I wrote an article where I reviewed all of its content, so if you want my in-depth analysis on the streaming service and what it has to offer to its customers, you can head on over there. 

This streaming service is the most inexpensive among all the other options that are listed on this article, but it is all done in favour of those who are already a part of Apple’s ecosystem of products rather than for everyone. 

Let’s discuss it all in detail. 

What we liked about Apple TV Plus

The great thing about Apple TV Plus’s library of content is that you are able to download it all and have it stored in your device’s library for up to 30 days. 

However, Apple does not confirm anywhere that those downloads will automatically be removed automatically after 48 hrs from the first viewing experience, so chances are that you will still have that content on your library till it expires after 30 days. 

Along with this, Apple also has various other channels, that you can subscribe to at extra cost and save its offline downloads in the same library. 

However, the downloading capabilities will change, in terms of the number of downloads you can have for these channels and for how long, as well. 

What we didn’t like about Apple TV Plus

The thing that I particularly don’t like about Apple TV Plus’s downloading capabilities is that it is only available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So, if you have a non-apple device, you won’t be able to download any of its content for offline viewing. 

This actually goes along with Apple’s way of making sure that people come on board with their other devices, in order to make them part of its ecosystem of products, this is why there is no Apple TV Plus app available on Android or Windows devices, as well. 

Along with this, you are not able to change the overall settings in which you are able to download files on Apple TV Plus, as it universally applies one common setting and doesn’t allow users to change it. 

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Review and rating of Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus, as I mentioned in my review, is a service that always feels like you are losing out on a great deal of features if you aren’t already signed on to its services. 

So, while it is great that you can view offline content on a larger screen like your Mac, it would have been much better if you were also able to watch it on your Windows device or even Android device, as well. 

It is the worst offender of them all, and I will rate Apple TV Plus’s downloading capabilities 2.5/5 stars. 



Hulu is also a streaming service that I recently reviewed, and the overall service did turn out to be quite good, if you are in the US. 

It was one of the first streaming services to go alongside Netflix back in the day, and since then the service has seen a lot of different ownerships.

Currently it is under the ownership of Disney and it is presumed that later in 2024, Hulu will be a part of Disney Plus and as a separate streaming service, as well. 

What we liked about Hulu

Hulu does follow similar tricks that Disney Plus has to offer in terms of its downloading capabilities. 

So, you are able to download your content on either an Android, iOS or even an Amazon device, such as a Kindle. 

The plan supports the download for 30 days in your library with an immediate option of ‘Renew Download’ option that immediately renews the download after 48 hrs of viewing the content. 

And you can choose between the two options for downloads, Standard or High quality.

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What we didn’t like about Hulu

Hulu, just like Disney Plus does not allow users to download content to download on its ad-supported plan and it is only available for the Hulu ad-free plan, or the Disney Plus Bundle pack with no ads. 

Along with this, there is a certain restrictions on the number of downloads that you can have on Hulu, and it is limited to 25 downloads that can be available on max 5 devices, if you exceed that limit, then Hulu will give you a warning. 

You are also not able to watch the content on any Windows or Mac device, as well, so that is also an issue. 

Review and rating of Hulu

Hulu is a good streaming service and it does offer live television, as well, however, when it comes to its overall downloading capabilities, there are places where the overall procedure and functionalities can improve. 

So, for that reason and more, I will rate Hulu’s downloading capabilities 3/5 stars.  

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Our recommendations on the best paid streaming apps that let you download?

There you have it, an article discussing some of the best paid streaming apps that also have the ability to download content for offline viewing. 

The thing is that all the streaming services know that offline capability is something that customers needs to watch their content when they are on the go and they don’t have a stable connection to the internet. 

But there are also so many other factors to count into, such as your streaming plan, the number of devices on which you can download, etc. 

So, it would be best, if you look through all the streaming services and their content, and see which one you prefer the most. 

If I had to choose, based on the overall list, then I would probably go with Disney Plus or Netflix.

Why did we choose Disney Plus and Netflix as the best paid streaming apps that let you download?

Let’s discuss Disney Plus, first. Disney Plus allows its users to have their download on up to 10 devices! Which is the biggest number amongst all the other streaming services present right now. 

Along with this, there are no restrictions on the number of downloads on Disney Plus, since Disney has licence to all of its content streaming on the service, as well, so they are available for a longer duration.

Netflix, on the other hand, while it has some confusion regarding the number of downloads per content based on the license, it is a service that offers downloading for a lot of different contents on various devices, as well. 

Along with this, over at Netflix, you are able to watch on bigger screen like your Windows PC and even macOS devices with better sound system, so it works out pretty well to watch its content, as well!

As always, these have been my thoughts regarding this topic, what about you? Do you agree with my choices or do you think that there are better streaming services available that offer more functionalities to its customers?

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below!

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

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