Hulu Review: Analysing price, alternatives, features, screens, video quality, content

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Hulu review

These days, there is no dearth of online streaming services if one wants to engage in a TV show or movie. From Netflix to Amazon Prime Video, our lives are constantly being shaped by these online forums where one can easily access thousands of entertainment-related content with just a few clicks. With an active internet connection and a streaming device, you can even watch sports shows, news, travel shows, documentaries, etc. Hulu is one such amazing streaming service that has made watching TV shows, movies, sports matches, news, travel shows, documentaries, etc., an easy-peasy task. By just purchasing a subscription to either of its basic plans or Hulu+ Live TV plans, you get access to a multitude of these content. 

hulu streaming app logo

In this article, I have done a thorough review of Hulu to give you a detailed analysis of everything you need to know about Hulu before deciding to purchase its subscription. from its features and content to its pricing and plans, limitations, etc. This is only to help you make an informed decision, lest you try to buy a subscription plan for the streaming platform. So sit back, relax and read on to find out more about this service in our Hulu review!

Hulu Library: List of Available Shows

Hulu has an extensive library when it comes to TV shows and movies. The service offers more than hundreds of seasons and thousands of episodes from some major broadcasting channels. This streaming service offers tons of cable TV shows. Animation fans can tune into shows like Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time, Futurama, etc. Whereas drama fans get the option to enjoy multiple shows from that particular genre like Bones, Killing Eve, The Orville, The X-Files, etc. Other than these it also offers loads of other comedy, crime-thriller, etc. shows. Some of these include 30 Rock, Broad City, Brooklyn Nine-nine, Letterkenny, Malcolm in the Middle, Scrubs, Seinfield, A Teacher, Devs, Mrs. America, Atlanta, Better Things, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Handmaid’s Tale, Veronica Mars, etc. 

Hulu also offers a decent range of movies other than TV shows. Some Hulu movies include Black Swan, Parasite, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rocketman, Space Jam, Taken, Happiest Season, Palm Springs, Run, etc. 

It also offers various documentaries about famous musicians like The Beatles and B.B. King, fashion-related documentaries like McQueen, Dior and I, travel documentaries like Free Solo, and others like March of the Penguins, Three Identical Strangers, Fyre Fraud, etc. 

movies on Hulu

You also get the option to watch various anime on Hulu like My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, FLCL, Ghost in the Shell, Naruto Shippuden, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, etc. 

You also get to watch various live sports channels on Hulu+ Live TV like BTN, CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNEWS, Golf Channel, and Olympic Channel. You can also watch various other news and entertainment-related channels like ABC News, CBS News, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Discovery, Food Network, National Geographic, etc. 

Show Genres on HuluAnimation, drama, comedy, crime-thriller, etc.
Movie Genres on HuluHorror, psychological-thriller, comedy, drama, action, etc.

Hulu Review: Pricing & Plans

In this Hulu review, it is important for us to talk about all its pricing and plans. As readers, you need detailed information to make informed choices. So, sit back and read on to know more about all of Hulu’s revenues, pricing, plans, and what it has to offer!

Hulu offers you three plans. Two of these are basic plans and two of these are Hulu+ Live TV plans. It does not offer you a free-tier or a free trial version. However, college students get a little benefit when it comes to plans. They can get the ad-free version for just $1.99/month. 

Hulu pricing and plans:

  • Hulu Plan for $6.99/month or $69.99/year2 
  • Hulu (No Ads) Plan for $12.99/month3 
  • Hulu + Live TV Plan for $64.99/month 
  • Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV Plan for $70.99/month
Hulu pricing and packages

If your currently chosen Hulu plan is not working for you, you always have the option of canceling the subscription. You also get the benefit of accessing Cinemax ($9.99), HBO Max ($14.99), Showtime ($10.99), and Starz ($8.99) as add-ons. It also offers the Entertainment ($7.99/month) and Espanol ($4.99/month) add-ons.

Which Devices are Compatible with Hulu?

In this Hulu review, I will also be talking about the devices that are compatible with Hulu. Other than streaming it on the web, it also has its own Android and iOS apps for mobile platforms, media streaming devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku, smart TVs, and game consoles like PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

PlatformsAndroidiOSApple TVChromecastFire TVRokuSmart TVsPlayStationXbox OneNintendo Switch

It is important to note that, Hulu+ Live TV is available on PlayStation 4 but not PlayStation 3.

Top Features of Hulu

A Hulu review is incomplete without mentioning some of the extra features that this streaming site offers. Hulu now lets all its premium subscribers download selected TV shows and movies for offline viewing. This includes a lot of its original shows. All eligible users can download up to 25 videos across five devices.  However, keep in mind that downloads expire after 30 days and you only get two days to finish watching the video. 

You can also record up to 50 hours’ worth of content and keep them as long as you are subscribed to the streaming service. You get the option to pay $9.99/month to get the bonus benefit of extending the limit to 200 hours and also the ability to skip ads in between recordings. 

Although Hulu does not offer every show in HD, you cannot get many of its shows anywhere else in high-quality videos. You can stream its original shows in 4K on a selected few media streaming devices. Hulu also offers 1080p/60fps live streaming for select channels on selected platforms. 

Hulu’s UI is also quite organized, offering some personalization options that let you choose channels, genres, and shows, according to your tastes. It is also quite easy to browse through content on Hulu. 

Hulu also incorporates decent closed captioning options but few titles truly support audio descriptions. Hulu also offers good parental controls by letting you set up a Kids’ Profile for your children to watch shows on. 

✔Offline downloads are possible

✔50 hours’ worth of video recording (can be extended up to 200 hours)

✔4K quality videos on selected devices

✔Live-streaming in 1080p/60fps

✔User-friendly UI

✔Good parental-control tools

Hulu Vs Hulu Plus: Comparison

In this Hulu review, I shall also give you a little comparison between Hulu and Hulu+. While you get most of the features with Hulu itself, Hulu+ offers you the Live TV tier that you can use to access various news, entertainment, travel, lifestyle, sports channels. This is not possible with just a Hulu subscription.

Also, the Hulu+ tiers are a bit more expensive than the basic Hulu subscription plans grossing at $64.99/month for Hulu + Live TV Plan and $70.99/month for Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV Plan. Hulu+ Live TV’s DVR functions also compare well to many other services.

Hulu Review: What are the Limitations?

So far in our Hulu review, we have mostly talked about its positive features. But just like any other streaming service, there are a few drawbacks to this service as well.

This brings us to Hulu’s lack of HD quality videos. This could prove to be a major setback for the streaming service as most other Hulu competitors and international streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. offer a diverse range of high-definition videos. 

Hulu’s anime content is also not very good. It needs to include more shows in its library to attract a new fanbase who are ready to give the platform some major traffic. The service is also limited to the US continent; therefore, it is a major pickle for people living in other countries to access Hulu. This challenge can be overcome with a VPN of course, but mind you, Hulu often tries to block VPN servers.

On how Many Devices Can You Stream One Hulu Account?

Hulu’s basic plan supports two simultaneous streams, which means Hulu’s screen limit is up to only 2 devices at a time. However, you can pay extra for its Unlimited Screens add-on to overcome that limit for devices on your home Wi-Fi network, however, this is only available for those who have subscribed to Hulu+ Live TV. You can create up to six profiles per account on Hulu.

Final Words: Is Hulu the best streaming app to buy?

Hulu is a pretty decent streaming service and a reasonably priced one at that if you are currently a resident of the United States. Even college students can benefit a lot from this particular streaming service. Hulu has been reviewed positively in Hulu reviews 2021 and other Hulu Google reviews. And our verdict is also a positive. However, it would be great if Hulu would consider a launch in India. I’m sure a lot of people would jump right ahead to avail of its services.

Do you think Hulu could be a better and cheaper alternative to Netflix or Amazon Prime video? Let us know in the comments!

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