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With an overabundance of content given to us via multiple streaming platforms to boost up their subscribers, one can still not forget Netflix, the grand-daddy of all streaming. You can stream all sorts of streams you wanna stream on Netflix. 

Netflix which started out as a digital renting company now is a multi-billion-dollar company that made us ask: Is Netflix still worth it? Well, that’s what we are here to find out as well where we discuss its Pros, Pricing, Presentation, and more.

So here’s the Netflix review.

A detailed Review on Netflix

Price of Netflix

The streaming giant makes most of its revenue from subscriptions. Netflix also spends a huge amount of money on acquiring content. Here is how much was Netflix revenue in the last 3 years

If we are reviewing Netflix and comparing it among the different streaming platforms available now, we have to talk about its pricing as well because it is a selling point for all streaming platforms. 

Netflix’s price plan looks as follows

Basic Plan: $8.99/month

Standard Plan: $12.99/month

Premium Plan: $15.99/month 

Now in terms of Price, Netflix is expensive compared to other streaming platforms like Disney Plus or HBO Max for that matter and Netflix knows that. That’s why in countries like India it has also offered a Mobile Plan which costs about $2.72/month, which frankly speaking isn’t a bad deal as well.

The main question arises, whether it is worth buying Netflix’s subscription plan and the answer is yes and no. Look if you are into live tv and want to watch some live sports as well with your streaming, then Netflix’s pricing plan is not for you. And no, Netflix doesn’t come free with Prime video, if you were wondering.

But for the rest of us, it is a good deal as it offers so much in a year and gives you hits like The Witcher, Squid Game, Queen’s Gambit, Stranger Things and so much more. This brings us to the second category.

Content Library 

Netflix’s content library is one of the best out there, you are not just stuck with one type of genre, which you more or less get on Disney Plus, but it also delivers on some really unique and interactive content as well such as Black mirror: Bandersnatch, You vs Wild and more.

Netflix wants to please everyone and anyone with its content by including Academy Award-winning directors to create films that can be nominated for Best Films, which they have, The Irishman, Roma, The Trial of Chicago 7, and more.

But it also has some great upcoming films such as the Red Notice, which is set to be their most expensive film to date and they also have a little film called ‘Don’t Look Up’ which stars some unknown people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande, Timothée Chalamet, Chris Evans, Matthew Perry and the list goes on and on.

And Netflix is constantly upping themselves in budgeting Original films and web series, although not all of them are great, even Netflix’s CEO agrees with us about that but the majority of the do stick the landing.

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Features of Netflix

  • No ads to be shown
  • Play something feature that lets you see anything 
  • Original movie released every weekend in the year of 2022
  • Numerous web series
  • Limited series like Queen’s Gambit 
  • Stand up shows from the Top comedians of the globe
  • Anime available for Anime fans
  • Great catalogue of content library 
  • 4K Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos content available 
  • 4 screen for the premium package

So Netlfix’s packs a lot when it comes to features and they are some really great features. Although to pay $15.99 for 4K content seems a bit cheap on their part as Disney Plus and HBO Max give it as a basic on all their plans

Pro and Cons of Netflix

✅Best in the business❌ Too much content
✅Award-winning shows and movies❌ Expensive subscription
✅Great stand in the Market❌ No in-built watch together

When it comes to Netflix’s Pros and Cons, it can be said that it is equal. The biggest con for me personally is not necessarily a bad thing but it is just that there is too much of content on their platform and the algorithm of Netflix’s doesn’t necessarily show you things that you might like. It keeps it to the films and series that you have watched and that can be a bit frustrating.

Plus with an overabundance of content, this is also what I think of Marvel’s Disney Plus originals as well, they feel like the content is just there so that people stay. But quantity is never equal to quality. Netflix has some great films and series but they are far and few when compared to mediocre stuff they release on the platform as well.

And same is the case with Marvel as well. I am afraid that Disney is pushing them too much in terms of producing original content for Disney+ that they have sort of stop putting that much attention and effort they used to put in each of their films in the Infinity Saga. The Marvel series have progressively gone down as they have been released with Loki and What If..? being the height of mediocrity.

Compatibility and Availability of Netflix

Netflix is offered on all major platform that you can stream it from and they have a really smooth UI that works well on all the platforms, so in that department Netflix has been very good at constantly updating themselves.

What they are not that great at, and this I find frustrating and I don’t know why they do it, is keeping consistent content in all the countries they are available. Netflix can be accessed from 190 countries but not all 190 countries have the same content. Some features particular content like the US version of The Office, others don’t.

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I can’t wrap my head around this because their competitors like Prime Videos have the same content on all of their countries they are available in, so why can’t Netflix do it. People have to use VPN to stream from Netflix, that sounds absurd.

Netflix Alternatives

Netflix has some really good options in alternatives as there are now streaming services provided by every other popular major studios as streaming is being told the new generation of watching content and make money. 

Alternatives that are somewhat better than Netflix in some way or form are Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu and HBO Max.

Suggestion for Improvement 

The prime suggestion for improvement for in Netflix for me would be:

  1. Make your content available across all countries
  2. Focus on creating good content rather than just any content like HBO does. Majority of HBO shows are world-class and they are limited in number.
  3. Make your plans cheaper so that more people can join in.
  4. Increase your theatrical releases duration as people love to see the films in theatres and the latest box office numbers show that. 

Final Review on Netflix Review

Writing a Netflix Review can be a bit tough because they have really improved in the past couple of years to become the streaming giant they are. They have more experience in this department than any other streaming provider currently.

And Netflix isn’t stopping anytime soon, they want to create the best possible experience for their customers because they know, now more than ever, that their customers and subscribers growth is what makes them so attractive in the industry.

They are pulling no punches to make Netlfix a full-on entertainment zone. Reports also suggest that they are planning to introduce Gaming into their platform, to make it like Google Stadia.

And in terms of hiring talent, Netlfix was also on the race to get rights to Christopher Nolan’s new film about the making of the Manhatten project, agreeing to give Nolan more than 90 days of a theatrical release for the film before streaming it on Netflix. If Nolan would have agreed then this would have been the biggest theatrical duration for any Netflix movie.

In short, Netflix is here to stay and so are we. 

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