Apple TV Plus 2023 Review: Features, Price, FAQ & More

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Apple TV Plus is a streaming service that came about fairly late in the process, as it launched in November 2019, and since then, the overall streaming service has seen a growth, in terms of its overall list of content and subscriber base, as well. 

Apple TV Plus is a streaming service that is going up against the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Max, Paramount Plus, and many more, and the main strategy that Apple has employed for this service is to put most of its focus on the overall quality of the show rather than the quantity of the show. 

So, in this article, I will try to review Apple TV Plus as a streaming service, and then, in the end, give you my final verdict on whether you should use this service or not. 

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Availability of Apple TV Plus

As far as availability is concerned, Apple TV Plus is already well-ahead of some of its competitors as the streaming service is currently available to use in over 107 different countries across the world! 

To put it in context, Max (previously known as HBO Max) is currently available in only 61 territories worldwide, and even Disney Plus just recently reached the same number of countries as Apple TV Plus. 

So, you can easily access Apple TV Plus in majority of the countries and Apple claims that regardless of which country you sign in on the service, you will be able to watch the same set of content, as there is now geo-blocking currently on any of its programs, which is something you don’t get on Netflix. 

However, when it comes to the overall application from where you can Apple TV Plus, that is a different story altogether. The application is readily available on all of Apple’s products, no doubt about that.

But, if you were thinking of downloading the app on your Android Mobile or Tablet, then you can’t do that, as the app is currently unavailable for both of them, and it is only available on Android TV and some other streaming platforms, like Firestick, etc. 

Even on the Microsoft store, you only get the Apple TV ‘Preview’ application to download, which does not contain all the features of Apple TV application, and it seems like in order to get the full benefit of Apple TV Plus, you need to buy an Apple hardware device. 

This is really bizarre, and would turn off a lot of people immediately. 

Apple TV Plus Price & Free Trial

In terms of its overall pricing, Apple TV Plus is easily the best streaming service that you can get right now. The streaming service has only one subscription plan and it costs $4.99/month. 

The closest streaming service that comes to this price plan is Peacock’s Ad-supported plan, which costs $5/month, so in this department, Apple TV Plus does exceed quite well amongst all the other competitors, I will discuss later why it has such a low cost price. 

As far as free trial is concerned, Apple TV Plus is also fairly good in that department as it offers its users a 7-day free trial. But, if you recently purchased a new Apple product that has viewing capabilities, then you get around 3-months of free trial of its service, as well. 

Along with this, Apple also rolls out Student’s plan that allows its users to get Apple TV Plus free for an undefined time, as well. 

So, there are a number of offers that Apple offers for its streaming service for free trial and if you do the research properly, then you will also be able to find a great deal, as well!

Pros and Cons of Apple TV Plus

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of Apple TV Plus

✅Cheap pricing plan
✅Great list of features, such as Spatial Audio
✅Great part of the Apple ecosystem 
❌No app available for Android devices
❌Offline downloading available only on iOS devices
❌Limited set of content to watch 

So, in terms of pros and cons, Apple TV Plus does have a very stark contrast because on one end it is definitely the cheapest streaming that you can get right now and you don’t have to watch any ads on its platform. 

The overall quality of its Original TV and movies are also incredible and they have won many awards, as well, and if you are already a part of Apple’s ecosystem, then this service fits right in, with great deals and features. 

However, if you are not part of the Apple ecosystem, that’s where it gets tricky. The app is not currently available to download on Android devices, and even on Microsoft store you only get a preview version of the app. 

So, because of that, there is an offline download option available, but it is only available on iOS devices, which is also a bit of a bummer. 

When you try to access the website, you only see Apple Original content and none of the other third-party licensed content that Apple has to share, as well. 

So, in that manner, Apple TV Plus is a little restrictive when it comes to non-Apple users, and that would definitely upset some people and not make them want to subscribe to its services, as well.

Specific functionalities of Apple TV Plus

Let’s discuss in detail some of Apple TV Plus’s special functionalities.

Renting on Apple TV Plus

Apple TV, just like Prime Video, does allow its users to rent news movies and tv shows in different resolutions, based on different prices, as well. So, users have the ability to rent out a movie on Apple TV and it will be available on your library for 30 days. 

Once you have started watching the rented title, it will only be available on 48 hrs for you to watch, after which it will be removed from your library. 

However, just like Android and other non-Apple devices, Apple used to offer the ability to watch and purchase titles on its Apple TV app on things like Google TV, but since March of last year, Apple has removed that ability from Google TV and other non-Apple streaming platforms. 

Instead, it only shows you a ‘how to watch’ page that directs you to watch or rent a particular product on Apple devices, such as an iPad, or an iPhone. 


The overall UI of Apple TV Plus’s UI is actually pretty neat, as long as you are using it on a device like Apple TV or any touchscreen device, such as an iPad or iPhone, because it scrolls through very smoothly with the touchscreen feedback. 

When it comes to the overall UI on some non-Apple devices, such as Firestick and Google TV, then the overall UI is very similar but if feels a little too clunky and it is not as smooth as you get it on Apple’s product. 

The overall UI can be a little confusing for someone who is not new to Apple’s UI, as it does make some architectural changes, compared to some other streaming services, and that does take some time to get used to. 

The website of Apple TV Plus’s is the worst offender of all, as it really feels like Apple doesn’t want you to watch its premium tv shows on simple web browser, and has made it fairly simple and doesn’t allow you to even access all of its library of content, as well. 

Catalogue of Content

Apple TV Plus’s content library is not as big as something like Netflix, or even Max, but it still does include some great Original tv shows, such as Ted Lasso, Severance, M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant and some other great shows, as well. 

Even in the feature-length department, you are able to see some Oscar-winning films, such as Coda (which became the first streaming film to ever win Best Picture at The Oscar), and some new films, such as Killers Of the Flower Moon, and more, as well. 

Apple does not have a vast library of licensed content on its library, but I recently wrote an article where I discussed some of the best new movies that recently came on Apple TV Plus’s library, so you can check that out, as well. 

Overall, the library of Original content on Apple is something to really look forward to, as Apple has made it pretty clear that they will put most of their attention on the overall quality of the shows, rather than just the quantity of the shows. 

And for the price point at which they are all available is actually pretty great. 

Technical Features

This is also a department where Apple TV Plus really does outshine most of its competitors because nearly all of its Original content are available in 4K, HDR, and support Dolby Audio, including Atmos, as well. 

Along with this, Apple also supports the boasting rights of having all of its Original tv shows and movies to have subtitles in 40 or more languages, including subtitles for people who are either Deaf or have Hard-Of-Hearing. 

You can also watch your Apple TV Plus and share it with around 6 users at the same time, although Apple has made the whole process of sharing your password just enough inconvenient so that not a lot of people would bother sharing their passwords. 

However, the main feature that I am particularly a fan of is something that is known as ‘Spatial Audio’, and just like everything about Apple, the only way to truly experience Spatial Audio is if you have AirPods Max or AirPods Pro, that support Spatial Audio. 

Spatial Audio, for those of you who don’t know, is a  technology of listening to audio that should surround you and share a particular point from where the audio is coming.

So for example, if you are watching a content on Apple TV Plus on your TV and you have your Spatial Audio setup, then it would feel like the audio is coming to from the very particular angle in which your TV is, and if you move around, the audio would shift to still give you that perception. 

So, in the features department, Apple TV Plus does offer quite a lot of features. 

Accessibility and Parental Control 

The overall Parental Control settings on Apple TV Plus is actually fairly simple and decent. You are able to set a Four-digit pin code that allows you to put restrictions on various types of content, such as content that is identified as explicit. 

You can even block the playback of certain items from the search results which are often identified explicit because of its rating. 

Through parental control, you also have the authority of blocking out purchases related to movies and TV shows or the ability to play iTunes movies or TV shows based on content ratings.

So, in overall the parental control settings of Apple TV Plus are fairly similar to what you get offered on other streaming services, and there is nothing that is particularly new about it. 

These settings are available on the app, as well as on the web browser, although, in the app, you can choose to set these settings on a certain profile, whereas on the browser these settings apply to everything and not on one particular profile. 


Just like Prime Video, Apple TV also offers its users to access some more channels directly from its application at extra costs, so you can tune into services like Paramount Plus, Starz, and even DirectTV Stream. 

Do note, that all of these services have their own costs and that they are not included in the $4.99/month price tag of Apple TV Plus, and they would add up to a fairly huge amount, as well. 

Still, it is a good option to have to be able to access all of these separate applications right from Apple TV, making the overall platform an option for everyone to try out. 

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Let’s discuss some of the frequently asked questions regarding Apple TV Plus. 

Is Apple TV Plus worth getting?

So, that is usually the question that one tends to ask for such streaming services. I would say that if you already have the Apple Ecosystem, then chances are that you already have some form of free trial available for this service and then it seems more worth it. 

The reason why I said that is because if you have read through the entire review, you would have guessed that the best features of Apple TV Plus are hidden behind the paywall of other Apple products. 

For non-Apple users, if you are just looking to watch its premium line of Original shows, then also it seems like a good idea because of its incredibly cheap pricing. 

But, do note, that you would be missing out on some features that you get on other paid streaming services, like Netflix, Prime Videos, etc. 

Is Apple TV Plus better than Netflix? 

No. Apple TV Plus is not better than Netflix. Yes, there are some high-quality premium shows available on Apple TV Plus, but Netflix has those too, as well, along with many thousands of other content. 

Netflix provides a lot better service to its users, regardless of whichever device they are using. The overall pricing of Netflix is definitely much higher than what is on offer by Apple TV Plus, but, Netflix also compensates all of that with a vast library to watch from. 

Plus, Netflix is also available in more countries than Apple TV Plus, so chances are that you are able to watch Netflix more than Apple TV Plus. 

Is Apple TV Plus worth it in India?

If you are looking to get Apple TV Plus in India, the overall cost of the streaming service is just Rs 99/month ($1.19 Dollars), so it is extremely cheap compared to all the other streaming services that are currently available in India. 

However, it still does follow all the same rules regarding its favour towards Apple products more than non-Apple products. You are able to watch some great premium shows, but there will be some limitations, as well. 

So, I would say you can consider trying out Apple TV plus in India, as it does offer a free 7-day trial plan, and see whether you like the overall list of content on it or not. 

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Final Verdict and Review

So, what is my final verdict and review on Apple TV Plus? Well, to be honest, the overall shows and its original lineup is pretty damn good and there aren’t many hit or misses with Apple shows. 

So, in that department, Apple is definitely leading and building on its brand of quality over quantity, regardless of whether it is late in the game or not. 

Apple is also someone who is offering conditions to its Directors and other filmmaking teams, that other streaming services are not so keen on. 

Recently it announced that it would put $1 Billion dollars for all of its films to first hit in theatres and then come on streaming and these moves do tend to help Apple hire some great names in the industry. 

However, while content is one major part of a streaming service, the other part of the service, i.e, the viewing experience, Apple has made sure that it is more in service of its products rather than of other third-party organisations. 

This is the main reason why Apple TV Plus is so inexpensive compared to all of the other streaming services because it is one of Apple’s products that entices its users to join its ecosystem. 

That’s how Apple is making more money, plus Apple is valued at $3 Trillion dollars! So, it is not like they are begging for more money from this streaming service and struggling for profitability, like other streamers are. 

So, if you are someone who is already using an AirPod Max, who already owns an iPhone and an iPad, along with Apple TV 4K, then you would be fully able to maximise Apple TV Plus’s experience. 

Otherwise, you will be feeling like you are not getting the full experience of what’s to offer. 


Well, there you have it. My review on Apple TV Plus. The overall streaming service is on a great track of producing shows that are widely appreciated by both fans and critics alike. 

Add to that the fact that it is one of the least expensive streaming options out there that provides you with great features and no ads, and some people might get easily enticed on using this service.

However, as I mentioned above, there are definitely some cons to it, as well. But, as always, these have been my thoughts on Apple TV Plus. What about you?

Do you agree with my review? Or do you think that it is a great streaming service, regardless of the fact that whether you are an Apple user or not?

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below!

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh is a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate. While studying in this field he quickly realized what he wants to do in his life: Filmmaking. His interest in writing scripts is what made him give a try in the world of content writing. Sanjit's an avid Movie Geek and is an award winning Director as well.

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