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25 Best Sites To Download Manga Books For Free (Guaranteed Working)

From one manga fan to another, there is nothing more entertaining than reading manga novels. Authentic manga novels are exclusive, not everyone can have access to them.

So how to read manga?  You can read the latest manga content online. To help you find an authentic source  I have tested a few websites where you can read manga and comics for free. 

The best websites to read manga online for free

All the websites in this list contain full manga novels and comics, updated regularly, and are available worldwide.

These are my top recommendations for a super manga book download website, compatible with all devices and absolutely free.

Manga Kakalot

Manga Kakalot

Manga Kalakot is a website to read free manga online. Here you will find the latest manga from all Categories including hot manga, latest manga, completed manga, and new manga. Open the Url to read manga that is released chapter wise. You have free access to any series of Manga on Manga Kalakot.

Features of Manga Kalakot

  • No sign up/ no registration
  • Ad-free 
  • Full manga chapters
  • Free manga reading website

–> Go to Manga Kakalot (https://mangakakalot.com/)



KissManga is popular among manga fans as a site where you can find erotic genre manga. The website gives you access to both manga and comic content in all languages. 

The homepage of KissManga has two sections manga and comics under each section you have sub sectioned manga and comic content based on genres. Comics and manga files are divided into sectional categories. You can find any chapter wise latest manga series on KissManga for free. the website asks you to log in and register to save your chapter wise progress.

–> Go to KissManga (https://kissmanga.com/)

My Comic Posts

My Comic Posts

The next website on our list is a multi-platform consisting of DC comics, Darkhorse, Attack on Titan, One Piece Chapters 1-1000, European comics, and all popular manga.

Mycomicpost.net is a free website where you can read manga and comic online or download and read your favorite comics later. You will need to make an account on this website. It is free of cost to register on mycomicpost.net. 

Features of mycomicpost.net

  • Free registering/ sign up
  • Ad-free website
  • Popular Manga Comics and European comics
  • DC comics and Marvel Comics
  • Download and read offline 

–> Go to My Comic Post (https://mycomicposts.net/)

Free Manga Downloader

Free Manga Downloader

One of the best ways to download and read manga books for free is through the Free Manga Downloader application. The platform has a simple UI similar to a torrent search engine that provides popular manga books from 50 top manga sites.

You can search your favorite manga from the search bar and filter out comics based Author, state, chapters, genre.

On Free Manga Downloader you also get the option to Compress and convert manga series chapter in ZIP/PDF formats.

Features of Free Manga Downloader

  • No Sign Up/ No Registration
  • Compress manga series in ZIP/PDF formats
  • Full Manga Chapters

–> Go to Free Manga Downloader (https://sourceforge.net/projects/fmd/)

Manga Fox

Manga Fox

For those manga fans who are obsessed with the latest and popular genre manga, you should check out Manga Fox.

Manga Fox has a free website and app where you can read free manga from various genres including Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Drama, School Life, Romance, Shoujo, Shounen, Supernatural, and more.

You will have to register if you are a new user or sign up to read free manga comics on Manga Fox.

Manga Fox also has a free app that is compatible with iPad,iPhone, Android, and PC. I highly recommend it for reading manga on iOS and Apple devices. 

Features of Manga Fox

  • Read manga from multiple genres
  • Save progress
  • Read manga offline on your phone
  • Free manga reading app for iOS, Apple, Android and PC

–> Go to Manga Fox (http://fanfox.net/)

Manga Hub

Manga Hub

The mangahub.io website is an instant platform to read the latest manga as it releases.

You will have to register and use the details to sign in to check your manga downloads on this website. 

Mangahub.io is one of the best free manga directory where manga are released on a daily basis. 

You will find all your favorite manga comics on this website as it is a combination of Directory, Updates, New and Popular manga categories.

Features of Mangahub.io

  • Download full subbed and dubbed manga chapters
  • Download manga comics with translation
  • Free manga directory
  • Latest news and updates from the manga industry

–> Go to Manga Hub (https://mangahub.io/)

Comic Extra

Comic Extra

Comic Extra promises a nostalgic experience where you can read popular manga comics from starting from the ’70s. 

You can download full cartoon series and read popular DC and Marvel comics for free on Comic Extra. There is no limit on how many comics you can read here. Just open the URL and read your favorite comics for hours.

The homepage of ComicExtra features a best comic list, the website also has a search bar where you can find your favorite comic and manga reading material.

Features of Comic Extra

  • No Sign up/ No Registration
  • Classic comics and Vintage comics
  • Free offline manga reading
  • Read Only mode 

–> Go to Comic Extra (https://www.comicextra.com/)

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Manga Rock

Manga Rock

MangaRock is one of the few websites where you can search your favorite manga content based on authors, characters, and genres. This is one of the best sites to read manga online for free and also receive trending manga updates and reading lists. 

You can find relevant manga books to read from its categories and popular manga navigation bar. Become an avid reader of manga by creating your account on MangaRock for free.

Features of MangaRock

  • Ad-free reader of manga
  • Trending manga updates and reading lists
  • Simple UI
  • Fast download of manga chapters

–> Go to Manga Rock (https://mangarock.com/)

Read Comics Online

Read Comics Online

Read free manga comics online on readcomiconline.me site. To find a full list of comics you can click on the glossary lists. Ultimate lists and comics series are included in the full lists of comics. 

You can browse through a full catalog on readcomiconline where the new comics category is updated every week. Read your favorite and latest comics for free for hours on the safe reading mode.

Features of readcomiconline.me

  • No sign up/No registration
  • Latest manga chapters released weekly
  • Free comic online reading 
  • Available worldwide

–> Go to Read Comics Online (https://readcomicsonline.me/)

Manga Reader

Manga Reader

MangaReader is a website where fans of all age can find their favorite manga content. 

Manga Reader gets you the latest Japanese manga novels translated in English which makes it so popular with all age groups. 

As a manga fan, you can truly explore the world of otaku for free on this website. MangaReader is updated regularly with the latest released popular manga books. Using the search bar you can find and download your favorite manga magazines.

Features of MangaReader

  • No sign up/No registration
  • Manga magazine / Manga books/ Manga Novels
  • English translated manga 

–> Go to Manga Reader (https://www.mangareader.net/)

Sen Manga

Sen Manga

Senmanga.com contains a list of the best manga magazine perfectly categorized in category lists, latest uploaded manga of the day, and most popular manga. This is one of the best sites to download and read new and latest manga books for free. 

Make an account on SenManga then log in to get free access to download and read the latest updated manga. The site adds new episodes and chapters as they release to use the search tab to find a series list of manga.

Features of Sen Manga

  • Ad free manga reading
  • Update daily with new chapters and episodes
  • Available Worldwide

–> Go to Sen Manga (https://raw.senmanga.com/)

Manga Here

Manga Here

I had mixed reactions towards mangahere.cc as it provides a little summary of manga before you access the whole series to read,  some fans find this to be spoiler and news about manga. 

Nevertheless, this is a top site to download manga books for free. You can read amazing manga books based on rankings given by maanga critics or search for a title on the search bar.  Every manga book is the Popularity and interesting sections of content are ranked out of 10 points. Manga Here also has a mobile application where you can browse the history of your manga reading and read manga on your phone even when you do not have an internet connection.

Features of Manga Here

  • Full Manga Chapters and Books
  • Summarizes the entire novel
  • Free downloading of Manga books
  • Available as a Manga Here App for Apple iOS Android and Windows

–> Go to Manga Here (http://www.mangahere.cc/)

Read Comic Online

Read Comic Online

Open the website readcomiconline.to to read comics online for free. This site has one of the most complete sets of comics and full manga books. In the list of comics, you can read some of the most iconic comic series of Marvel Avengers and DC Justice League. You can also place request notes to get your favorite manga and comic series for free. The comic series is updated as the new releases are uploaded worldwide. The website also has a dedicated section where you can enjoy free cartoon watching.

Features of Read Comic Online

  • No Sign up/ No Registration
  • Ad free website read manga
  • One platform for comics cartoon manga

–> Go to Read Comic Online (https://readcomiconline.to/)



Bato.to is a manga reading website for manga fans by manga fans. Here you can get full Japanese manga content and also upload your own manga content. Use the search bar to find the latest manga browse to read.

You will have to register yourself then use the account and password to receive right to read, download, and upload manga content. While you upload manga, Bato.to requests you to add files chapter and series wise.

Features of Bato.to

  • Ad-free website
  • Download and upload manga content
  • Read free full manga chapters
  • Translated manga books

–> Go to Bato.to (https://bato.to/)

Otaku Smash

Otaku Smash

Otakusmash is like a google search engine but dedicated just to manga. On this site, you will find thousands of free manga books to read by several categories including Action, Adventure, Top Sports Manga, Comedy, Romantic, School Life, Horror, Sci-fi, Yaoi, Yuri, Slice of Life, Fantasy, and more.

Otakusmash has more than just a list of top manga series, it also has the top comic books that you can read for free. 

Features of Otaku Smash

  • Ad free website
  • No sign up/ No registration
  • Yaoi, Yuri, Slice of Life and more manga categories
  • Download full manga and comic books

–> Go to Otaku Smash (https://www.otakusmash.com/)

Manga Dex

Manga Dex

Manga magazine is a top manga search engine where you can search for a manga magazine.  Click on the manga dropdown menu to find information like updates, titles, features, search, and random. If you wish to share a manga magazine with the world click on the add button and share your file. It is as simple as a drag and drop process.

Manga Magazine also has a community section where you can create forums and a group from active users. The updates can also be shared on Reddit and Twitter and Reddit.

–> Go to Manga Dex (https://mangadex.org/)

Manga Stream

Manga Stream

Get the latest manga on mangastream by registering and free Login on the website. Here you will see a list of manga navigation dropdowns where you can catch up your favorite manga and read it. 

For those of you who dream of pursuing a career as a manga artist this website is looking to recruit candidates who are good at plot writing and designing.

Using the Search bar you can find any manga that you want or find one from the full list of the manga on manga stream

Features of MangaStream

  • Ad free website
  • Share your plot writing and manga designs 
  • Become a manga artist
  • Read the latest manga chapters

. –> Go to Manga Stream (https://readms.net/)

Manga Park

Manga Park

Another easy on the eye source to read manga on the internet is on the site of Mangapark.net. To read your favorite manga all you need to do it create an account and login to a website. You can select a novel from the genre section or search it from the search tab. On mangapark.net you can also switch themes depending on which has the best readability. You can also upload your manga novels and share it with manga lovers. 

Features of MangaPark

  • No sign up/ No registration
  • Bookmark your favorite manga novels
  • Upload your personal manga graphics
  • Ad free website

–> Go to Manga Park (https://mangapark.net/)

Manga Panda

Manga Panda

Mangapanda.com will release chapters of Welcome to the world of the otaku. Naruto 701, Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage 11, Bleach 687, One Piece chapter 1000, Fairy Tail 546 as soon as they are published in Japan.

Along with the latest releases you can also read popular manga and otaku for free on this website.

Mangapanda scans and uploads English translated copies of Manga novels in regional languages. It is one of the best places to read Japanese comics with online translation for free.

Features of MangaPanda

  • No sign up/ No registration
  • Ad free site to online manga
  • Scans and uploads english translated copies of Manga
  • Available worldwide

–> Go to Manga Panda (https://www.mangapanda.com/)

Anime Nova

Anime Nova

Based on the site’s name you may think Anime nova features more anime content. But let me tell you on Anima Nova I found some of the rarest manga magazines to read for free. The site bolsters an impressive combination of anime series, dub anime, cartoon, animation movie list, Naruto manga, and manga novels. Anime Nova is exclusively an Android app. Arguably the best source on the Play store to find the latest anime releases, the Latest manga releases, the latest drama releases, and everything related to manga.

Features of Anime Nova

  • No sign up/ No registration
  • Exclusively available for Android users
  • Latest manga and anime releases
  • Combined app to watch anime and read manga online for free

–> Go to AnimeNova (http://www.animenova.org/)

Manga Freak

Manga Freak

MangaFreak was one of the fastest sites to Download favorite manga for free. 

The homepage of the website gives you the option of manga list, new release, genre, history, and random manga content. You can find exciting manga novels under each option. 

The history feature on MangaFreak is quite useful as it allows you to pick up right from where you left. If that is not enough, open the search bar and find what you are looking for without spending a single dollar.

Features of MangaFreak

  • Ad free manga reading site
  • Download manga and read offline
  • Save your progress 
  • No sign up/ no registration

–> Go to Manga Freak (https://www9.mangafreak.net/)



Mangago has a simple UI which makes it easy to read free manga online on the site. 

You can browse through the websites Manga directory and find reading material based on Last updates, Completed Manga, and Genres. 

The homepage of Mangago shows you a list of features and popular series of manga books that are available for free chapter wise. The website also has additional manga books from different genres like Romance, School life manga series, Yaoi, Doujinshi, Shounen Ai, Yuri, Shoujo, and Fantasy. 

You can read all new hot release manga for free on this site.

Features of Mangago

  • Optional sign up 
  • Ad-free manga site
  • Reading mode
  • manga directory, completed manga books 
  • Translated Manga in regional language 

–> Go to Mangago (http://avatar.mangago.me/)

My Reading Manga

My Reading Manga

MyReadingManga is a budget-friendly premium online portal to read manga. Here you will find exclusive content from MRM manga, fantasy manga, BARA manga, and much more. Using the Doujin discount you can also get your hands on the best graphic quality for your favorite manga.

MyReadingManga is an interactive platform where manga fans can request or upload manga of the best reading quality. 

You can read Manhwa, Manhua, One shot and the  best Japanese Anime for hours on MyReadingManga.

Features of MyReadingManga

  • No registration/ No sign up
  • Best quality online Manhwa and Manhua 
  • Ad free site to download manga
  • Share your manga content with the world

–> Go to My Reading Manga (https://myreadingmanga.info/)

Manga Inn

Manga Inn

Mangainn is one of the best sites to download manga books for free where you can also chat with fellow manga fans through the Mangainn Chat feature. 

While reading manga books online you can simultaneously discuss the chapters with people who are reading the same manga. 

Mangainn also has a daily updates section where it provides the latest news and announcements of the coming soon content.

If you are a new user you will have to register or directly sign in to find the latest chapter of the current series of manga and read it online for free. 

Features of Mangainn

  • Free website to chat with manga fans
  • Read manga content online for free
  • Daily updates and news about manga space
  • Download and read full chapters offline

–> Go to Manga Inn (http://www.mangainn.net/)

Manga Doom

Manga Doom

MangaDoom has all editions of Manga magazine and anime on its website that you can read for free. You can access a list of the best manga on its Manga directory that is arranged in alphabetical order. Manga Doom is updated regularly with the latest manga updates and chapters. 

Features of MangaDoom

  • Popular series of manga, 
  • watch anime for free, 
  • Multiple genre manga reading
  • Advanced search to find particular manga and anime series. 

–> Go to MangaDoom (http://www.mngdoom.com/)

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