Oven Symbol: Every symbol and function in an oven explained in detail

oven symbols on an oven knob

Most of the ovens in the market right now have many functions and symbols and someone who is using it for the first time would have some difficulty in understanding the oven symbol. Oven symbols indicate the function you have to keep your oven for proper cooking. For example if you keep your cake batter in grill function instead of bake mode then you would burn the cake batter and your effort would go in vain.

Cooking your favorite dish in the oven can be a tedious task. I have written this article to get all your doubts and confusion away. After reading this article you would not be confused about the function to choose while baking, cooking and grilling. You would not mess up your hard work and would definitely cook a great meal for your loved ones. 

Below I have listed the oven functions so that you don’t get confused and mess up your dish.

Baking (lower heat)

baking oven symbol and function

Baking is one of the most used oven symbol functions. Baking is a very tedious process and you don’t want to put your food into some other function. The symbol with the line on the bottom indicates lower heat which is used for baking. If you are cooking a cake you have would need to put your oven into this oven function.

All of the latest ovens use the above oven symbol for baking so do n0t get confused. You can now bake the most amazing meals for your loved ones with these oven symbols and functions.    

Baking and Grilling (Upper heat and Lower Heat)

Baking and grilling oven function symbol

Banking and Grilling also know as Upper heat and lower heat is an oven symbol with one line on the bottom and another one on top. As the name suggests this function is used for baking a grilling at the same time. The bottom heat would cook the food and the upper heat would give it a grill from the top.

The function is mostly used at the end of the baking time to give the food a good crispy texture on the top while from the bottom it gets cooked. Make sure you keep checking with the oven light on so that you don’t burn your food. If the meal is not cooked from inside and grilled from the top switch the oven function to the baking oven symbol untile it perfectly cooked. 

Grilling (Upper heat)

Grill oven symbol and function
oven grill

Grilling or upper heat is an oven symbol with one line on the top. The heat in the oven in emitted from the top which grills the food which gives it a nice crispy texture. Grilling is a very common feature and most of the baker use it to grill vegetables and meat. 

The upper heat is also used to rise to bake the top part of the dish for example when you want to get a nice charred look on the top you would need to put it in the girl oven function.

In the oven symbol, some ovens have a wave-like or zig-zag design on the top which also indicates the grill function in the oven.

Grill and Fan

Grill and fan oven funtion

Grill and fan oven symbol is denoted with a line on the top and fan in the center. When you put on the function the fan in the oven stars which circulates the heat and the top heating comes one which grills the food inside. The grill and fan oven  function is not used regularly but if you follow the instruction of your favorite chefs then you would know when to use this oven symbol



The oven light is an oven symbol the lights up your oven when used. You can watch your food bake or cook with the light on so that it turns out to be perfect. You can put the oven light on to click some amazing pictures.  

Oven Defrosting 

oven defrost

Oven defrosting is an oven symbol with a snowflake sign in the center. The oven function is used to defrost the cold food and get it to room temperature. The ice and frost in the food melts quickly which would save you a lot of time if than leaving it in the open air for defrosting 

When you put your food in this oven symbol and function the food defrosts in minutes depending on the type of food you have put in your oven. 

Final Thoughts 

If you at still having problems finding the right oven function for the food you are cooking then you can comment below. In case I have missed something also please comment below. I hope you liked my article on oven functions.


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