Pubfilm Download: How to watch free movies online legally

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Most of us dream about binge-watching our favorite movies or series whenever we want without spending a single penny. For many adults and even teenagers, online movie and series streaming sites have been the hub.

And all you need to watch these TV series and movies online for free is a gadget with a strong internet connection.

Online movie and series streaming sites like Pubfilm have started becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. With a quick read of this article, you’ll know how to watch movies and TV shows for free on Pubfilm, ways to access it, and its alternatives.

About Pubfilm

Pubfilm, is a free online movie and web series streaming site that provides its offers for absolutely free. Pubfilm also has a very friendly user interface.

The content on this movie and series streaming website is categorized into the latest movies, trending now, top upcoming movies, TV shows, and latest episodes making it convenient for you to find what you want.

The content on Pubfilm can also be alphabetically categorized. The home. page features a menu with options like movies, TV shows, genres, animes, and torrents. 

Proxy sites or Mirror sites are replica of the original sites and have the same content. Mirror sites are made to protect the content on the original sites. Pubfilm has a few of these mirror sites. 

List of alternative sites of Pubfilm (Mirror Sites)

  • pubfilm com
  • pubfilm ru
  • pubfilm
  • pubfilm tv

How Important is VPN when you visit a free online streaming website 

Most websites that provide or stream content for free like Pubfilm don’t have the content’s copyrights. These websites being illegal are restricted by several governments and ISPs which protects the interests of the viewers and owners.

Even though you may not have access to these websites, you can still safely access and use them without getting mixed up in legal issues.

Primarily, you need to have strong antivirus installed on your devices. These will protect you from potential viruses, malware and cyber threats.

Almost every free online movie streaming sites have pop-up ads interrupting the content you are streaming. An easy way to get rid of this is by installing an Ad Blocker

The final and most important step is to install a VPN. It replaces your current original IP address with a fake IP address. It lets you access content while keeping your details hidden by bypassing restrictions that are inflicted by ISPs.

By creating a hidden pathway for you, the VPNs help you avoid legal issues. It also helps you to keep your online connections safe, encrypt, and protect your personal data.

With a VPN installed you can evade geo-restrictions, have access to any type of content online and unblock censored content.

VPN services are not free. However, many of them also provide antivirus protection making them good investments that have multiple benefits.

Top Ten Pubfilm Alternatives

For many reasons, you might not be able to access sites like Pubfilm due to bandwidth issues or ISP restrictions. Here are the top 10 alternatives to Pubfilm to watch free shows and movies.


A Vietnamese website called 123movies has a huge selection of movies of various genres. You can watch movies here for free.

It is an HD movie streaming site with a massive collection of movies from Comedy Drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi, Horror, etc, and a lot more.

This Pubfilm alternative has a huge catalog that has increased popularity over the years. To watch movies on this site you must install ad blockers, antivirus and VPN.

123movies also updates you with new content if you provide your email id. 

With these features, 123movies makes for the top Pubfilm alternative in 2020.


This Pubfilm alternative is also a free HD streaming website that has the most recent movies to watch for free.

Afdah has a user-friendly layout with the content divided into many categories. It features movies in various languages like German, Spanish, *INDIAN* (delete this okay, it was actually written in Indian language), and Japanese.

It also has a wide variety of genres like Adventure, Romance, Action, Drama, Sci-fi, and a lot more. The website is taken down quite often, hence many mirror websites to Afdah are available.

Afdah is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be used on tablets, laptops, and desktops. Overall this Pubfilm’s alternative has a very user-friendly interface and an attractive layout.

3.Yes Movies

Similar to Pubfilm, this is a third-party unauthorized site. Yesmovies has become more popular because of its extensive collection of web series and movies.

As a great Pubfilm alternative, yes Movies do not require any registration. To avoid pop-up ads, you can install an ad blocker.

With the slick and attractive layout, it sure is an eye-catching website.

The content is categorized into parts like drama, animation, sports comedy, romance which cover movies, tv shows, and web series.


Another top alternative to Pubfilm is Putlockers considering the similar layouts. Putlockers is also a free online movie streaming website.

Apart from the features, Putlockers has comparatively more content than Pubfilm.

This alternative was taken down a while after the site’s release but Putlockers 2 took its place to ensure its viewer,s entertainment. 

You can also download movies from their website. However, all precautions must be taken before using the website 

5.Niter Movies

Niter Movies is another top Pubfilm alternative with an alluring interface. It is also user-friendly. It allows you to watch as well as download movies.

The content is separated into categories like the year of release, genres, rating, etc. The genres include action, adventure, thriller, romance, etc.

Just like most other Pubfilm alternatives, Nite Movies also displays plenty of advertisements. To avoid them, the installation of ad blockers before using the website is suggested.


Movies8, is another top Pubfilm alternative and one of the best free online movie streaming sites. 

The sleek and eye-catchy layout enhances your movie streaming experience.

With the user-friendly interface and no pop-up ads, it is an extremely favorable Pubfilm alternative.

The content is available in HD quality which can be viewed on phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets too. The content stream without interruptions even on a weak internet connection.


For Indian content, MovieFlix is one of the very few alternatives to Pubfilm. Although it has Indian content streaming, the site can be accessed from anywhere.

With a great layout, the site will impress you and you can navigate it easily. The content is categorized into sections. 

The content loads very quickly and the movies can be viewed in 4K UHD. the site also allows you to download movies and watch them.


SolarMovies is another Pubfilm alternative where you can watch HD-quality movies for free.

SolarMovies features all the recent and popular IMDb rate TV shows and movies. With the vast options to choose from, this Pubfilms alternative has gained popularity over the years.

You have content to choose from a variety of genres like Family, Drama, Action, Sci-fi, Comedy, etc.

Similar to Pubfilms, SolarMovies’ layout is also attractive and very organized making it easy to find content.

SolarMovies has mirror sites for its viewers since it has been taken down many times in just a year.

Being compatible with iOS and Windows, and allowing you to download movies on your devices to watch later makes this a great alternative to Pubfilms

9.Popcorn Time

One of the oldest movie streaming websites is Popcorn Time. It also has an app version available which is the same as the website and provides similar performance.

It has one of the largest collections of TV shows and movies that can be downloaded to watch later easily 

Their collections also include the latest releases and super hits, all of which can be filtered, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

It has an amazing picture quality. Few of the TV shows and movies are available in 4K UHD.

Popcorn Time works smoothly even on a weak internet connection. 


Xmovies8 is the perfect Pubfilm alternative for you if you’re looking for an extremely friendly user interface.

It is suitable for viewers who care only about the content available and not about the designs, layouts, etc.

The content is sorted into various categories on the home page itself.

Since it’s a light and simple website, it doesn’t consume a lot of data nor does it take time to download content.

The website also has no pop-up advertisements and is free to use.

Top Legal Alternatives to Pubfilms 


Netflix is known for various popular web series and movies like Stranger things, 13 reasons why, Sacred Games, Riverdale, and a lot more.

You can watch a large number of web series and movies with a payment of subscription fees. It also has Netflix original movies and series that aren’t available elsewhere. 

The series and movies can be watched in 4K UHD on Netflix. With the massive collection of movies and series and the quality of the content, Netflix has gained popularity over the years.

Netflix is considered to be the top legal alternative to Pubfilms for these reasons.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon PrimeVideo is another famous legal alternative to Pubfilms as well as one of the world’s best online streaming platform.

This Pubfilm alternative has also come up with original content like Amazon Prime Originals.

To have access to the platform, subscription fees of 129 rupees/month or 999 rupees/year are there.

A huge catalog of many genres like Comedy, Adventure, Mystery, Documentary, etc. is available.

The platform makes sure its content is regularly updated for its viewers.


This alternative to Pubfilms is one of the very first to start its original movies and shows.

Vudu is the perfect Pubfilm alternative for you if you are an avid classics fan.

Vudu specifically features older tv shows like dramas and sitcoms that may not be available on other sites.

Vudu is an inexpensive and affordable legal alternative to Pubfilms in comparison to Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Vudu is unavailable in countries like India, the UK, and Canada. But with the help of a VPN, it is accessible.


After reading this article, you will have understood the details of Pubfilms’ website, its features, how to use Pubfilms, and similar websites with precautions. 

We have also provided Pubfilms alternatives if the site goes down or if you want to access it safely.

As mentioned earlier, every precaution is taken before accessing any of the sites it will keep you out of trouble.



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