Showbox review: App features, legal issue, revenue and why did showbox shutdown

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Showbox was a free movie streaming website with millions of downloads on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The website used to publish the latest movies and shows. It came into controversy when it started playing copyright movies and content on its app. The app had to shut down its services, however, the app apk was available to download and there are many other sites like showbox so you dont have to worry.

In this article, we have given a detailed review of the showbox app with its features and why did it shut down. The revenue and earnings of showbox have been covered below

Features and benifits of showbox app

Fast streaming 

The content on showbox app can be streamed in fast without much buffering. The app does not have many ads like other free movie streaming sites. Videos on showbox can be played in full HD but I would recommend playing on a lower quality as playing in high quality uses a lot of data.

Easy to use mobile interface

Showbox app has a very easy to use mobile interface and lot of categories to choose from. Users can easily navigate through websites and 

Latest movies and shows

If you are looking for the latest movies and shows to download the showbox got you covered with the best. Showbox is know for its latest content and wide range of shows. The shows and movies are from hollywood but users can also find some spanish titles.

Download and watch later

One of the best features of showbox app is that users can download the titles and watch them while offline. Showbox users love this feature of download and watch later and has been popular since the start.

Showbox revenue and earnings estimated

Just like most other free iptv streaming sites showbox makes its revenue by placing ads on the platform and while movies are playing. The ads displayed on the app generate 95% of its revenue. 

Our team has estimated the app could generate a revenue of over $10000 per month which would put its valuation at over $800k.

Why did showbox shutdown

Showbox played copyright and pirated content on its app and website after which the owners of the app were sued for violating copyright laws. The app was shut down from the Play Store and Apple App store. Playing illegal content is prohibited by law and the website owners had to face a legal trial. 

We would not recommed using such app and there are many other free movie streaming sites like Tubi tv, Pluto TV, IMdb TV that play legal content.

I hope you liked our showbox review and if you feel anything needs to be added please comment down.

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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