Snapchat Planet System Order Explained

Snap Planets in order

Snapchat is a popular social media platform particularly among Gen Z users. The app has several unique features and is especially known for its filters. Snapchat Plus is its paid version that brings you many cool new features. One of them is the Snapchat Planet System.

Exclusive to Snapchat+ users, it assigns planets to a user’s close friends based on their level of interaction. However, if you’re not sure how this works, then this guide is perfect for you. Here, we explain the Snapchat planet meaning, list out all the Snap planets in order and how to see the planet assigned to a friend.

What is the Meaning of Snapchat Planet?

Planets is a part of the Friends & Best Friends Solar System feature in Snapchat Plus. As you know, you can unlock many additional features and perks with a Snapchat Plus subscription. One such cool feature is the Best Friend Solar System or as it is more popularly known, “Snap Planets.”

The planets here represent the level of your friendship with other users on the app. There are eight planets just like the real Solar System and you are the ‘Sun’ while your friends are assigned one of the eight planets based on their proximity to you on Snapchat.

For example, your best friend i.e. the person with whom you have maximum streaks is assigned Mercury- the first planet in the Solar System. This process is then repeated for your next seven best friends which means that a planet represents your top eight friends each based on how much you interact with them.

Snap Planets in Order 2024

The thing about Snap Planets is that the app only displays the image of the planet next to your friend’s name. There is no other information about their names or meaning which can be confusing for the average Snapchat user.

Therefore, to help you understand it better, we have listed and explained every Snapchat planet meaning in order.


Mercury is the first planet in the Snapchat Friend Solar System. As it is the planet closest to the Sun, it represents your best friend on the app with whom you interact the most and have the longest-running Snap streak. In Snapchat+, you will find Mercury represented as a red planet with five hearts and a few glittering emojis around it.


The second planet in the solar system Venus corresponds to your second closest friend on Snapchat. It is the hottest planet and is displayed as a light brown or beige-colored planet with pink, blue and yellow hearts around it. 


Our dear planet Earth is third in the solar system and is assigned to your third best friend on Snapchat. Of course, it has the same look and blue and green color just like the real Earth with a moon, stars and red hearts surrounding it.


Just like the planet, Mars in Snapchat represents your fourth closest friend on the app. Its distinctive red color makes it an easy-to-identify planet. Like the other planets, there are colorful stars and purple and blue hearts around them.


As you know, Jupiter is the fifth planet in our solar system. Snapchat similarly assigns the planet to a user’s fifth closest friend on the app. It has a reddish-orange color with dark orange strips and colorful stars surrounding the planet.


Saturn is at the sixth position in the Snapchat Planets system and, therefore, represents your sixth closest friend here. This planet is represented as an orange-colored one with distinctive rings and multi-colored stars revolving around it.


Uranus represents your seventh best friend on Snapchat and is also the seventh planet in Snapchat’s Solar System. It is represented as a green planet with no hearts and only glittering emojis around it.


Neptune is the last planet in the solar system and also the farthest from the Sun. Therefore, Snapchat uses it to aptly denote your eighth best friend. It has a bright blue color with a wavy texture but no hearts around it.

How to Access Snapchat Planets Best Friends List

The Planets Best Friends List is an exclusively Snapchat Plus feature so you first need to subscribe to that to access the list. After that, whenever you open a friend’s profile, you will be able to see a “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge on it. Let us discuss these steps in detail to see how you can access Snap Planets Best Friends List.

Step 1

Open your Snapchat and go to your profile. If you’re still on the free version, you will see a Snapchat+ banner below your name.

Step 2

Tap on it and go through the details of the subscription. Tap on Next and then on Start Free Trial if you want to proceed with it.

Step 3

Now, you have to select a payment frequency and add a payment method but you won’t be charged until the end of your trial period.

Step 4

Relaunch the app after the subscription is activated. Next, go to chats and open your chat with any friend.

Step 5

Go to their profile by tapping on their Bitmoji icon. You will see a Best Friends or Friends badge there. Tap on it to view their planet.

Step 6

Cancel your Snapchat+ subscription before the trial period is over to avoid being charged for it.

Snap Planet Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Do The Snapchat Planets Mean?

Snapchat Planets is a feature on Snapchat+ where you can view your friendship level with your friends. Just like there are eight planets in the solar system, there are eight planets in the app each of which tells how close you are to that person.

For example, someone assigned Mercury would be your closest friend as it is the planet closest to the sun. This is a way of spicing up the user experience and staying close to your Snap friends.

What Number is Earth on Snapchat?

Earth is number three on Snapchat just like in the real solar system. It represents your third closest friend on the app and is shown as a blue and green planet surrounded by a moon, red hearts and yellow stars.

What is Snapchat Star?

Snapchat profiles with a gold star denote their verified status. Snapchat Star status is given to celebrities, brands and creators with high public engagement. It is similar to the blue check mark on Instagram and X and adds authenticity to a profile. Their content is featured on Snapchat and they get access to some exclusive features and monetization opportunities.

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