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What is Stream East?

If you are an avid reader of this website, then you would be knowing that Stream East is a sports streaming website that I have adored for quite some time now and have mentioned in all the articles regarding sports streaming.

But, as I always say, no website is perfect, and neither is Stream East, for that matter as well, so here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider looking for Stream East alternatives.

Reason to look for sites like Stream East

Reason 1 – Requires to sign up 

Stream East is one of the few sports streaming websites online that requires you to sign up on its site for you to access the links. It is a feature that I am particularly not a big fan of.

The reason why I am not a fan of this feature is that this site is not a legal website, it falls in the grey area of illegal and legal sharing content, and I don’t find myself too comfortable with sharing my details with such a site.

And since almost everything is linked to our email accounts these days, you just might not know what you are in for when you give such details to sites like Stream East.

Reason 2 – Difficult to find

Stream East is a website that can be a bit difficult for people to search across simply because the site either has many cloned websites, so people tend to use those sites rather than the actual site.

Or you have to end up using a VPN to find the actual site’s location. And that is also a disadvantage on Stream East’s side since it does have a lot to offer, and if people can’t find it, then there’s no point in all the features that it has to share.

Reason 3 – Limited sports options

Stream East does target major sporting events which take place around the globe, but it is also lacking some of the other sports and sporting tournaments on its site.

For example, if you are into watching Golf, football or Tennis, for that matter, you won’t be able to stream its games on Stream East’s website. 

This is also quite a bummer since a lot of people are interested in other sporting events that are played across the globe, and they won’t be able to watch their favorite matches on Stream East.

Best sites like Stream East



BatmanStream is one of the better-known websites present right now on the internet, where you will be able to watch many different sporting events being played live online for free. 

It has a dedicated website where you have a number of different links embedded on its site for a number of different sporting events, which will redirect you directly to the page that is streaming the games live.

There are also lots of things to discuss BatmanStream, some of them are good, and others not so much, so let’s get started. 

What we liked about BatmanStream

BatmanStream will allow you to watch many different sporting events on its website, and it is not restricted to only popular, international sporting events. You have sporting events of many different sports on its site.

Plus, the overall site is pretty easy to use as well since everything on the site has been put and designed in a way that is easy for people to access, and you won’t feel confused when you are on the site searching.

It is a site that a lot of people use for its different and varied content list; you can join the list of those people as well.

What we didn’t like about BatmanStream

BatmanStream has a number of different sites which claim that they are BatmanStream, these sites are usually called ‘cloned’ websites, and that is something any popular streaming site faces, particularly the free ones.

Because of this, many people often get confused about using this site and end up using a cloned site that isn’t as good as the original site by any means. So, you end up having a mediocre experience on the website.

Plus, the site also faces a number of pop-up ads issues as well, which do get under your skin very quickly.

Why did we choose BatmanStream as a StreamEast alternative?

BatmanStream is a direct alternative to StreamEast simply because both of the websites allow you to watch different sporting events on their site for free. But, on BatmanStream, you get to watch more sports and sporting events.

You also don’t have to sign up or register yourself on the website to access the streaming links provided, which is also a great feature since I have explained my concern about that matter in detail.

And the overall look and performance of the website are also comparable when you compare it to StreamEast’s website, which is something not a lot of websites are able to do.

Review and rating of BatmanStream

BatmanStream is a site that is popular on the internet simply because of the services that it provides online. You get to watch all the different sporting events that are played across the world on your laptop.

It is a website where you have access to different links as well, and it is not restricted to only a certain amount of sporting events that are majorly appreciated across the globe. You have sporting events of all kinds.

Because of this reason, I would be rating Batman Stream 3.5/5 stars.



YouTube is also an alternative to a site like StreamEast. Obviously, everyone knows about YouTube; it is the second most visited site on the internet, after Google! 

And you would be surprised to know that it can also live stream some of the sporting events as well; maybe not surprised, but mildly amused, I guess.

Anyway, Youtube has many things to discuss, and I am sure you must be knowing its upsides and downsides, simply because of how popular the website is and how many people do use it every day for everything.

What we liked about YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular streaming websites online right now, and nearly everyone gets their free daily entertainment from YouTube. And all the major events know about this as well. 

This is why you see almost all the major sporting events have their very own YouTube channels because people can very easily go and watch the matches and their highlights on their YouTube channels.

And they are making good money from YouTube as well since all the ad companies and sponsors love YouTube simply because of its reach.

What we didn’t like about YouTube

YouTube does also have ad issues; it is getting very comfortable sharing around two ads in between all the videos that it has, which is also getting very annoying for many people.

Of course, you can switch to YouTube Premium, but that does cost some money, and over here, we are discussing freeways where you can stream your live sporting events.

Speaking of live sporting events, there are only limited matches that are streamed live for specific sporting events, and if someone tries to illegally stream the games, then you get easily blocked by Youtube.

Why did we choose YouTube as a StreamEast alternative?

Many people don’t want to watch the entire match and just want to watch the highlights of those matches, and for that, YouTube is a great place, to begin.

Plus, there is a free way to eliminate all the ads on YouTube as well. For browsers, you can simply download Chrome Extensions which are designed to eliminate YouTube ads.

And if you are used to watching YouTube on your phone, then you can download something called ‘Vanced YouTube’, which is exactly YouTube, but totally free to use and is open-sourced.

Review and rating of YouTube

YouTube is a streaming website that you definitely must be using, and you can use it for streaming your favorite games as well. Granted, most of the time, you would be watching highlights of the games, but those are also worth it.

Besides, YouTube is very easy to access and very convenient to use as well; you really don’t have to do a lot when you are on YouTube; its UI is pretty simple to use and understand.

I would rate YouTube 3/5 stars.



Kodi is not particularly a streaming site, but it is actually a media player. On Kodi, you have a number of different plugins that you have to set up, and from those plugins, you are able to watch different modes of entertainment.

Kodi is also an open-sourced application that has been used by many people across the globe simply because of how powerful the entire software is and how much data you are getting for basically paying nothing.

There are also lots to discuss Kodi, so let’s get cracking.

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What we liked about Kodi

Kodi, as mentioned, is a media streaming player. So, you have to install its app, which is available on all major devices, and then set it up properly with all the plugins that you want.

And once you have done that, you simply have to do nothing but enjoy the content through the plugins that you have installed.

And this is particularly great since you are basically able to watch Kodi through any device, so you can enjoy your sports from many devices all at once or on the go as well.

What we didn’t like about Kodi

Kodi can be a bit too much for many people. Since many people are simply looking to watch their desired sports, it can be a bit of a hassle for them to go through so much to watch their sporting events.

Which is a big complaint that is often heard for Kodi is that it is a bit complicated to set up, and since there are various different plugins available, people often get confused about the app and end up not using it.

Why did we choose Kodi as a StreamEast alternative?

Kodi is a great alternative to StreamEast simply because you have the ability to watch across not just live sports but also a whole lot more on its application. 

It is also an alternative for those who are looking for convenience for watching free sports as well because that is something that people have to compromise on when they choose the option of watching live sports for free.

And the overall rating and customer satisfaction of Kodi are also really good and very high.

Review and rating of Kodi

Kodi is for a specific group of people, and I get that. It is not for everyone because not everyone wants to go through so much to watch sporting events, and many people already have their entertainment sorted out.

But, for those, who are into setting up a media player which will allow them the features of watching free sporting events, they sure as hell can use this option because it is genuinely a good option.

For that reason and more, I would be rating Kodi 4/5 stars.

BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer, just like StreamEast, is also a website that I have mentioned countless times in many different articles, simply because of how good the app is and how much you are getting from that app.

BBC iPlayer, as you might have guessed from its name, is a streaming website from none other than BBC itself. But, it is not a streaming app like other studios streaming services.

The main differentiating factor about BBC iPlayer is the fact that it is completely free to use!

What we liked about BBC iPlayer

So, obviously, the major great thing about BBC iPlayer is the fact that the website is completely free to use and is legal to access as well, something which you can’t say about StreamEast.

On BBC iPlayer, you will find all the things that BBC has the rights to, which includes sporting events and everything that BBC has ever produced or is currently producing as well.

Plus, BBC iPlayer also has an application for all the major viewing devices, so you can simply watch the games from any device that you would like to use for free!

What we didn’t like about BBC iPlayer

The major disadvantage of BBC iPlayer is simply the fact that the website and application are only restricted to the UK. You can’t access its services anywhere else in the world.

Which, on the one end, I sort of get it as well because the features they are offering are a lot, and they might not want to over-exploit themselves.

But, then again, the features that they are offering are genuinely so good that they should really start to spread their wings and share it with other countries as well!

Why did we choose BBC iPlayer as a StreamEast alternative?

BBC iPlayer can act as a great alternative to StreamEast simply because many people would like to watch their sporting events, which they know are legal to watch and can be accessed on different devices for free. 

It is an application that is also free to use, like StreamEast, and all the bells and whistles which you can expect from a premium streaming service, but you get all of that for free on BBC iPlayer.

Plus, you are not restricted to sports on iPlayer; you get a bunch of different entertainment on iPlayer as well!

Review and rating of BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is also a popular option for many people, obviously for those who are residing in the UK, because it is a great way to watch your sports and the rest of your entertainment. 

And BBC does produce some really good content overall as well, so you are actually getting a lot for free if you are able to use their iPlayer!

I just wish that it was also available in many different countries as well, for people to avail its features. But, for now, I would be rating BBC iPlayer 3.5/5 stars.

Yahoo Sports!

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports can act as a great source of knowledge for everything sports and all the sports information online. It is a website that is dedicated to sports from Yahoo.

Over at Yahoo Sports, you will get a bunch of different news, scores, standings, rumors, fantasy games, and sometimes live games as well on the website.

It is truly a website dedicated to sports junkies, and you can really get a lot of information from this website. There are also many things to discuss on Yahoo Sports, so let’s get to it.

What we liked about Yahoo Sports!

As mentioned above, you get a lot of information on sports when you are on Yahoo Sports, and the best part about all of this is that you get this information for free!

And the articles and news on Yahoo Sports are actually very well written, so you can expect some quality sports journalism and information when you are on this site.

Plus, on some rare occasions, you can also live stream some of the games on Yahoo Sports. This is something that has happened in some of the NFL games.

What we didn’t like about Yahoo Sports!

Obviously, the biggest gripe against Yahoo Sports is the fact that you are not able to watch all the live sporting events on its website. 

However, it must be noted that Yahoo Sports does have a paid subscription as well, and in that, you do get some added features and benefits, but live streaming is also lacking in that feature.

Since the site already provides so much information regarding sports information that it has to share, it would be nice if it figures out how to stream the live games on it as well.

Why did we choose Yahoo Sports! as a Stream East alternative?

Sports information and news are something that you don’t remotely get to see on Stream East. It is a website that is strictly restricted to streaming live sports and nothing else.

So, it is a nice feature to have a website that provides all of this information for free on its dedicated website.

And many people are also more interested in reading content writing as well, which is exactly what you are also doing right now as well, so maybe you will like Yahoo Sports as well.

Review and rating of Yahoo Sports!

Yahoo Sports is not a direct alternative to Stream East, but it is still a website that many people would be interested in using since many people are interested in knowing what is happening in the world of sports.

And that is information that Yahoo Sports provides very well on its website, with detailed articles written by professionals. So, if you are someone who is interred in such information, then this is a site just for you.

Hopefully, in the future, you are also able to stream live games for all the major sporting events, like NFL, on the website, which would make the website even more useful. But for now, I would be rating it 3/5 stars.



VIPRow is also a website that I often mention if you are interested in watching free sporting events live. You can very easily go on its website, and you would be welcomed with a dozen of different sports.

All of these sports have different links attached to them, so you can very easily watch the sporting events live from your laptop or desktop.

What we liked about VIPRow

VIPRow is a website that prides itself as one of the few free sports streaming sites where you will be able to watch almost all the sports which are played on Planet Earth.

You have all the popular sports, but then you also find some really rare sporting events like ‘Darts’? Who plays Darts as a proper sporting event? Well, you can find that out on VIPRow.

What we didn’t like about VIPRow

There isn’t much to dislike about VIPRow since I usually put StreamEast and VIPRow in the articles recommending alternatives to such sites. 

But, if I have to nitpick, then I would say that since there are multiple different sites that have the same first name as this site, it can be hard to track down this website.

Why did we choose VIPRow as a StreamEast alternative?

VIPRow is a website that you can compare to StreamEast simply because of how much you are able to watch on this one website regarding sports and sporting events.

It has a website whose design is comparable to what StreamEast’s website has to offer, and on top of all this, the website is also quite fine to use since it gives you trivia about the sports that VIPRow has.

Review and rating of VIPRow

VIPRow is a streaming site that you can very easily choose if you are looking for alternatives to StreamEast. It is a site where you will be able to watch different sports and sporting events for free.

For this reason, I would be rating VIP Row 3.5/5 stars. 



JokerStream is also a streaming website available that you should look into if you are into watching free sports.

JokerStream offers a wide variety of sporting events to its users, and all of them are under this website only, so you don’t have to go elsewhere to watch the streams other than the main site.

There are also plenty of great things about JokerStream to discuss, so let’s get to it.

What we liked about JokerStream

JokerStream offers a website that is clean and very easy to use, the overall UI can be quite comparable to StreamEast, and that is saying something because StreamEast has a great UI. 

The whole website is in a black-and-white theme, which makes it look quite cool.

The streaming links provided on the website are also pretty good. Over here, you can expect to watch sporting events in good quality on your laptop or desktop, and that is an advantage that you don’t see quite often on such sites.

What we didn’t like about JokerStream

JokerStream, just like Joker itself, is a site that is difficult to find, especially if you are looking for it without a VPN. So that is something quite similar to what StreamEast faces, as well. 

The website is pretty hard to find, and if you simply type ‘joker stream’ on any browser, then you will only see cloned websites of Joker Stream, which are nowhere near as good as the actual site.

This will be an issue for many people since not a lot of people have VPN installed on their browsers right now and will find trouble looking for the actual site.

Why did we choose JokerStream as a StreamEast alternative?

JokerStream offers a wide variety of sports when compared to StreamEast’s website, and the interface of JokerStream is also pretty good. You also get good streaming links on the website as well.

Plus, Joker Stream doesn’t take links from other popular streaming sites as StreamEast does; it finds its own streaming links and embeds them on its own website.

And also, the overall performance of JokerStream is quite better when compared to StreamEast.

Review and rating of JokerStream

JokerStream offers a good amount of content and data on its site; you get a pretty decent-looking website that is pretty easy to use and looks pretty cool as well.

Along with this, the more important point, the streaming links on the website are also good as well, so you can enjoy your favourite sports on this website properly.

For those reasons and more, I would be rating JokerStream 3.5/5 stars.

Our recommendations on the best StreamEast alternative?

StreamEast is a really good website when it comes to streaming sports, so for this list, I didn’t want to go the usual route and just name six basic sites which do the same work as StreamEast does.

And, to be honest, I am also kind of bored writing about the same websites over and over again for recommendations because there is only so much you can write about a site, so this time I tried to make an interesting list.

Each site named above has its own unique quality, which will attract different people, and you have to decide which one is the best for you.

If I had to choose an alternative from the six websites, I think I would go with YouTube.

Why did we choose YouTube as the best Stream East alternative?

I usually like to get my information from YouTube, and sports is also an area for which I can rely on YouTube for. 

But, like always, these have been my thoughts and alternatives, which I feel are great alternatives to StreamEast. 

What about you? Do you agree with my choice? Or do you prefer some other alternatives to StreamEast? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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