The Best Health And Fitness Apps For 2023

It will never be too late to commit yourself to start a new health and fitness routine – may it be a change in diet or conducting exercises every day. Today, various health and fitness apps sprung in the market to help you with this new endeavor. Let’s take a look at these potential app partners that you can engage with this 2021. 

Aaptiv Workout App

Aaptiv has taken exercising to a new level. Starting this app requires you to take a quiz regarding your fitness goals. This way, the app will know what your target is and come up with the best program that will bring you there. It will set you up with a personalized approach on your cardio machine, yoga mat, or even outside. 

What sets this app apart is that it eliminates the concept of boredom. It pairs the songs you love with the audio cues from your personal in-app trainers. This way, these beats will inspire you more and give you the drive instead of listening to pre-recorded beeped workouts. 

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is one of the best fitness trackers due to its ability to personalize your program based on the realities happening in your life. Basically, it uses the logged daily activities by your tracker to come up with its recommended activities and workout for the day. 

At the same time, it also takes feedback seriously. If you feel that the workout set for you for a certain day is too easy, you may tell the app. From here, expect that it will give you a more challenging routine in the next few days. 

The only downside with this is that you have to pay a subscription fee to receive all of these amazing and helpful features. Just set aside $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year to keep you going. 


Noom is an all-around health and wellness app. It monitors your daily food plan, tracks your weight regularly, and gives you the avenue to connect with people who have the same mindset as you. 

Noom is basically a checklist. The app refreshes every day and comes up with eight tasks that you have to complete for that day. Some tasks may be as simple as reading short articles about psychological approaches, nutrition, diet, and more. In several cases, you even have to take a short quiz to ensure that you understood what you have read. This is Noom’s way to reinforce every concept they are trying to teach. 

The checklist also requires you to do two compulsory tasks – food logging and daily weigh-ins. This app takes pride in its calorie-counting feature. They give you daily calorie consumption goals that you have to stick to every day. What’s good about this app is that it can scan the nutrition label barcode so you don’t have to manually input your meals. But if you like to do it manually, it won’t be a problem since almost all kinds of food are found in their database. 

The daily weigh-ins also require you to input the number that shows on your bathroom scale. However, it also has the option to connect smart scales to the app itself. 

To give you a more detailed idea of how this app works, Total Shape wrote an honest review on Noom on their website. Don’t forget to check it out! 


If you want to keep track of your food intake and the effects these are giving to your body, then Fooducate is the perfect app for you. 

First, it has a barcode scanner that will help you determine whether it belongs to your cart or should be left on the grocery shelf. Once the food item has been scanned, it will give you a letter grade. This letter grade indicates the level of health it possesses. 

Fooducate also monitors your nutrition status. After inputting the food and drinks you have consumed throughout the day, it will tell you what nutrients you are missing out on. For instance, the app will order you to eat more food with iron since this is what is lacking with your diet in the past few days. 

Lastly, it also has a section where you can spend your time. It boasts various healthy recipes that they recommend to be able to achieve a healthy diet. Their community support is also helpful just in case you’re lost on what to cook for dinner or you just want to have a body confidence boost. 


With the realities we have now, it might be difficult for you to visit the gym as much as before. This is where Shred will come in. This app aims to cover all range of workout routines and training styles that you can undergo even while at home. Their training is composed of different types like bodyweight, gym, and cardio. Just pick the best one for you and you are on the road to fitness greatness. 

What sets Shred apart is its activity logging through interactive visuals. It’s easy to track your daily progress since the way they present it is very detailed yet easy to understand. They also established a Shred community where you can go to just in case you need extra inspiration to proceed with your set workouts. 

Choose The Best Health And Fitness App

There is no perfect health and fitness app for every day. Instead, it will depend on the users’ needs and your goals. Therefore, make sure to explore these different options so you’ll be able to land the app that you’re comfortable with and will push you to go to the next level of wellness. 

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