Top 6 best currently trending Anime on the internet

When it comes to anime, it is tough to pick the best among them. You can take it like choosing the needles out of the haystack. Animes also have different vibes, shapes, and sizes, like the casinos for online bingo in Canada. Much cool anime run wild among the fans, following one after the other.

Let’s find a perfect anime watchlist to binge-watch this summer:

Cowboy Bebop

Even though this legendary anime aired in 1998, it still imprints the minds of its fans. Many people worldwide at least have a cursory awareness of Cowboy Bebop. It is a sci-fi masterpiece that remains unmatchable. 

The characters are complex, revolving the story around cyberpunk and martial arts, but it still oozes thrilling vibes. This 25-year-old anime will intrigue you if you are devoted to science fiction blended with action. 

Neon Genesis Evangelion

It is hard to believe that this anime still does not fail to awe anime fans even after so many years. Released in 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion displays the excellence of the characters and the mech. You will enjoy the delineated high and low tides of the story.

This anime wraps up the exciting story of four teens who fight the Angels by controlling the robots Evangelions. Although many mecha anime have surfaced, Neon Genesis Evangelion stays impregnable.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The concept of alchemy always intrigues anime or manga fans in particular. Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood is still the word of mouth of many fans when listing the best anime. The anime shows a dynamic story of brothers and their journey to learn alchemy. 

Elric brothers try every means possible, no matter how dangerous, to master alchemy to revive their dead mother. The strong characters and thrilling action blended with alchemy hold a special place in the public’s hearts.

Attack On Titan

Rise against the Titans! Since its debut, Attack on titan gained worldwide fame within a few years. The calamity and apocalypse of the titans threatening humanity are chilling yet action-packed. You will fall in love with each of the three main characters: Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert. 

Infusing many heavy topics like wars, racism, and the like, It is not wrong to claim that this piece of art is pretty impactful. Attack on titan holds a whole packet of action and killing. It will appease your thirst when you are craving some high-intensity action.


Who does not know about the cute little creatures with incredible strength? Pokemon is among those that depict countless pokemon to fill your day with all sweetness and fluff. The story revolves around Satoshi and his companion pokemon and friends, who travel the whole world to claim the title of pokemon master.  

Although there are many controversies about its ranking as the best anime worldwide, the diverse fan base remains on the list even today.


Another anime that has made many hearts bleed with its excellent story is Naruto. It is out of the question for you not to know this legendary anime. Even people not interested in anime must have heard the names: “Naruto and Sasuke.”

Naruto stands tall with a striking episode count of 720 among all other anime. However, it only beats some anime with thousands of episodes. It is not wrong to state it as among the long-running anime of all time. You will enjoy this anime’s sweet, salty, and spicy turns. So, buckle up, and Let’s Jam.

The Bottom Line

Aimes has dominated the world for many years, and their awareness is rising as you read this article. Join in the fun with some of the best anime. But remember, The exhilarating anime is even more intoxicating in combo with the online electrifying casino games. If it sounds cool, which online casinos have the highest payouts? Find out on this website.

Happy Binge Watching!

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