Top 8 Best Video streaming apps (Free and Paid)

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video streaming apps

Streaming was considered to be the next big thing, especially in 2020 because of Covid and everyone being shut to their house. 

Major streaming sites like YouTube had to change the resolutions of their videos so that it was able to handle the overall traffic that site was taking because of so many people tuning in once to stream content on its website.

However, as time has moved on, people have started to step out of their houses, and people are going to the movie halls and other places to take in the experience of watching something live or on a big screen.

Many people do consider that we are still in the infant stage of streaming, and businesses and consumers are both adapting and adjusting to it; still, you have many options these days to choose from for streaming your content.

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What are video streaming apps?

Video streaming apps are basically apps that you can download from popular stores like App Store, Google Play Store, and others. 

These are the apps that allow users to access different types of content that these streaming services provide to the users. You can download these apps on your smartphone, laptop, PC, and even your TV. 

If you are using a computing device, then you can also choose to watch the content online on your web browser; however, there will be some features that you won’t be able to access while you are using it. 

How should you choose a video streaming app?

As I mentioned above, you now have a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to streaming because everyone in the business of video content creation wants to join this train. 

That is why all the major streaming platforms are offering a wide variety of content on their services, whether it be Original content for the streaming platform or some content that they acquired from somewhere else. 

These streaming services are also offered at different price points, depending upon the list of features that you get with each subscription model. 

If you are deciding to choose a streaming service, you should first check your budget and the type of display you have because each subscription model offers 4K and 1080p resolution at different price points. 

After that, you should see what all you have to see on the particular streaming service that you are deciding to buy. If you don’t have the list of shows and content that you want to watch, then you are basically wasting your money on it. 

Lastly, you can also see how many users can simultaneously stream from one account at the same time, and that also affects the price model as well.

Best Video streaming app 

1. YouTube


Starting off the list, we have the most popular and the most used video streaming service. 

YouTube is not just a place where people can watch cooking videos or listen to music, many people have started to put genuinely well-produced content on it lately in the form of web series and as videos, in general.

There is a lot to talk about on YouTube, so without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

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Price – YouTube is predominantly free to use. However, it is also has a Premium version that costs $107.99/annually.

Best for – YouTube is best designed for watching different types of videos.

Platforms – It is available on all platforms.

✅Free content 
✅In-built search engine 
✅Loads of videos 
✅Free uploads
❌Lots of ads 
❌Stereo sound 

Key features of YouTube

  • Free to use 
  • Avaialble on all devices 
  • Unlimited uploads 
  • 8K videos 

Who is the right user for YouTube?

YouTube is designed for everyone to use. Anybody can use it for any different type of video. You have how-to videos, music videos, web series, news, etc. 

Anybody can use YouTube for different purposes, and it is not designed for one particular group of people.

Why we picked it? Overall rating & review

YouTube is such a popular option to choose from when it comes to streaming videos and watching different types of videos on one platform. 

You can easily fall into the rabbit hole of YouTube and find yourself watching the most random videos that you didn’t even know existed. 

It also has loads of ads that can be very annoying as well and even if you choose the Premium plan, you still have to see the ‘Sponsored’ segment in each video, so in a way, you still see ads on YouTube.

However, it is still one of the best video streaming apps that you can download and I will rate YouTube 3.5/5 stars.

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2. Netflix


Netflix is definitely one of the well-recognised streaming giants that basically started the streaming games and everyone else just followed it. 

Netflix offers its users a wide variety of Original content and acquired content and it has more than 300 Million users. There are a lot of things to talk about Netflix, so without wasting a lot of time, let’s get started. 

Price – Netflix has recently added an ad-supported tier to its subscription plan and it now offers 4 different types of subscription models.

The Ad-Supported tier costs $6.99/month, the Basic plan costs $9.99/month, the Standard plan costs $15.99/month, and the Premium Plan costs $19.99/month.

Best for – Netflix is for watching a wide variety of content from different countries.

Platforms – Netflix is also available on all major platforms.

✅Loads of content 
✅Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support
❌Expensive plans

Key features of Netflix 

  1. 4K content 
  2. Simultaneous viewing 
  3. Dolby Atmos and Vision support 
  4. Avaialble everywhere 

Who is the right user for Netflix?

Netflix is best suited for people who are into watching a wide array of different content on this streaming platform. Netflix’s library is exhaustive and it continues to add more content every single month on it.

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Why we picked it? Overall rating & review

While Netflix has a wide array of content on it, for some people that can be a plus point and for others it can be a negative point as well. 

So many people get easily exhausted by simply watching its library and because of this a lot of times people don’t end up watching anything on its services and go back to watching Friends or some other popular show. 

You can very easily choose the type of content you want to see on Netflix, and it does offer some really good content as well, but the frequency of great content is quite low on Netflix. 

Still, it is one of the trendsetters in the world of streaming and many streaming services do look at Netflix to see how the world of streaming will be carried on. 

It is a good streaming platform with a lot of content on it, and I will rate Netflix 3.5/5 stars. 

3. Prime Video


Prime Video is also a popular option in the streaming world. Many people from around the world are tuning in to Prime Video for their content related to movies and web series. 

Prime Video is from Amazon, and the benefit of Prime Video is that you not only get to watch the Original web series and movies that Prime has to offer, but you also get other Prime benefits as well. 

There’s loads to talk about Prime Video, so let’s get started. 

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Price – You can get to watch Prime Video content by paying $8.99/month.

Best for – Prime Video is best designed for using other Amazon Prime benefits along with watching the latest movies and web series offered. 

Platforms – It is available on all platforms.

✅Prime benefits
✅Relatively cheaper price plans 
❌Limited Original content 

Key features of Prime Video

  • 4K content 
  • Dolby Digital Plus audio 
  • Prime benefits 
  • Inexpensive pricing plans 
  • Available everywhere 

Who is the right user for Prime Video?

Prime Video is designed by Amazon to retain its Prime customers and enable the company to have a steady income of money as well. 

If you are an avid user of Amazon and like the benefits you get while using its Prime membership, then you will definitely enjoy Prime Video as well.

Why we picked it? Overall rating & review

As I mentioned above, Prime Video is slowly and steadily being used by a lot of people across the globe. It does have limited Original content uploaded to it; however, the list of content that is on offer is quite good. 

You must have heard of some of the popular web series such as ‘The Boys’, ‘Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Powers’, ‘The Invincible’, etc. signifying that Amazon Prime is quite a contender in the streaming world. 

I will rate Prime Video 3.5/5 stars. 

4. HBO Max

Hbo Max

After a very controversial move by its previous owners in 2020 where it decided to release all Warner Bros 2021 movies simultaneously on HBO Max, HBO Max has since then proved to be a great streaming platform on its own. 

HBO has been known for genuinely great content production and through HBO Max users can expect the same level of content on this streaming service as well. 

There are both pros and cons regarding HBO Max, and let’s discuss all of them right now!

Price – HBO Max has a subscription price of $15.99/month 

Best for – HBO Max is best designed to watch some quality content in terms of writing and direction.

Platforms – It is also available on all platforms.

✅Great content 
✅Multiple different subscription options
❌Expensive plans 
❌Confusing platforms 
❌Not available everywhere 

Key features of HBO Max 

  • All of Warner Bros content 
  • Multiple different add-in options 
  • Great list of content 
  • 4K and Dolby Vision support

Who is the right user for HBO Max?

HBO Max is good for people who are already a fan of all the content that HBO produces. It is not that every show and movie that HBO produces is a sure-fire hit. 

It has its fair share of bad shows as well; however; the overall content that you can expect on HBO Max can be pretty consistently good as compared to other video streaming apps.

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Why we picked it? Overall rating & review

HBO Max recently released great shows in 2022 such as ‘House Of The Dragons’. ‘Barry Season 3’, and many more as well. 

This year it is also starting by releasing ‘The Last Of Us’ web series and that also looks pretty good by the trailers and promotional materials available. 

However, HBO Max also has its cons as well. Most notably, it is not yet accessible across the globe like other streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video. 

This means customers who don’t have access to the service won’t be able to enjoy all the different types of content that HBO Max has to offer. 

I will rate HBO Max 4/5 stars.

5. Apple TV Plus

Apple TV+ logo

Apple TV Plus is a streaming service that is launched by Apple to bring in more customers to the Apple ecosystem. Apple TV Plus also offers a pretty good selection of content on its streaming service.

However, Apple TV is fairly new to the streaming war, but it still has left quite a mark by hiring some of the most talented individuals working in Hollywood and it also won an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2022 for its film ‘Coda’.

Price – Apple TV Plus offers a 7-day free trial, after that, you have to pay $6.99/month to continue using its services. 

Best for – Apple TV Plus is best designed for Apple users. 

Platforms – Apple TV Plus is available on all platforms.

✅Inexpensive pricing plans 
✅Spatial Audio 
❌Limited content 

Key features of Apple TV Plus

  • Spatial Audio 
  • Free trial plan 
  • Exclusive discounts to Apple users 
  • Good list of content 

Who is the right user for Apple TV Plus?

As I mentioned above, Apple TV Plus is designed for people who already are using Apple devices as they get some additional discounts for using this service.

It does offer a fairly good collection of web series and movies on its streaming platform that many people would be quite satisfied with.

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Why we picked it? Overall rating & review

Apple TV Plus is a good option for people who already own a brand-new Apple product as they get it for free for a couple of months or more. 

The cost of Apple TV Plus is also relatively inexpensive when compared to other video streaming apps and more. 

However, the overall content on the streaming service is still limited and it is not as endless as you get on apps like Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

I will rate Apple TV Plus 3.5/5 stars.

6. Paramount Plus


Paramount had a terrific year in 2022 because of its theatrical releases and its success as a streaming service as well. 

Paramount Plus as you can tell by its name is released by Paramount Studios which also offers different types of content on their streaming platform,

There are loads to talk about Paramount Plus, so let’s get started.

Price – Paramount Plus offers two different types of pricing plans. It has an ad-supported tier that starts at $4.99/month and an ad-free plan that starts at $9.99/month.

Best for – Paramount Plus is a good option if you like to watch Live sports on your streaming service along with some of the other content on the site.

Platforms – Paramount Plus is available on all platforms.

✅In-expensive ad-plan 
✅Good list of content 
❌Not available everywhere 
❌Expensive plan

Key features of Paramount Plus

  • Live sports
  • Paramount movies
  • 4K content 
  • Ad-supported tier available 

Who is the right user for Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is a good option for people who like to watch live sports with the overall entertainment content that they get from any streaming service. 

Why we picked it? Overall rating & review

Paramount Plus is also a relatively good option for streaming movies and different types of content on your mobile devices and TVs as well. 

While you get a good list of content on this streaming platform it still has its flaws as its list of the content doesn’t justify its Premium subscription plan’s price. 

It is also not available worldwide like other streaming services and that is also a big con on its side. This is why I will rate Paramount Plus 3.5/5 stars.

7. Hulu 


Hulu also has been around for quite some time now and it has built its own little set of niche audiences who like to stream content on this streaming platform. 

Hulu offers users a wide variety of movies and web series from different streaming platforms and along with this, you also get the option of Live tv channels (separate subscription plan) and lots more.

Price – Hulu has multiple different price plans. Its ad-supported tier starts at $7.99/month, ad-free tier starts at $14.99/month.

If you want to access Live Tv on Hulu, then you will have to shell out either $69.99/month (with Ads) or $82.99/month (Without Ad Plan).

Best for –  Hulu is best designed for people who like to watch different content from different streaming sites along with Live TV as well.

Platforms – It is available on all the platforms.

✅Wide variety of content 
✅Live TV inclusion 
❌Confusing plans 
❌Expensive pricing plans 

Key features of Hulu

  • Live TV 
  • Ad-supported tiers
  • Good list of content 
  • Disney Plus bundled packs 

Who is the right user for Hulu?

Hulu is designed for people who like to watch content from different streaming services and also some Hulu Originals with Live TV functionalities as well.

It is a little pricy but Live Tv has always been on that.

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Why we picked it? Overall rating & review

Hulu, as I mentioned above, has been around for quite some time now and many people still use it for the overall content that it has to offer to people. 

Since Hulu is owned by Disney, you can also choose the Disney bundled pack that incorporates different streaming services that Disney owns, all rolled in one package. 

Hulu is also not available worldwide, and that is also a big con on its side. This is why I will rate Hulu 3.5/5 stars.

8. Disney Plus

Disney Plus

Last but not least, we have a streaming service that is run by the House of Mouse itself, Disney Plus. 

As I mentioned above, Hulu is owned by Disney so you can see the benefit of both the streaming services, I will talk more about it later in the article. 

There’s lots to talk about Disney Plus, so without wasting any more time, let’s get started. 

Price – Disney Plus has two different price plans. It has an ad-supported tier that costs $7.99/month and an ad-free tier that costs $10.99/month.

Best for – Disney Plus is best for watching content from all the different assets that Disney owns, such as Star Wars, Marvel Studios, Pixar Studios, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, etc. 

Platforms – Disney Plus is available on all platforms.

✅Loads of content 
✅Quick releases 
❌Moderate Originals 
❌Expensive Ad-supported plan 

Key features of Disney Plus 

  • Dolby Atmos and Vision Support
  • Tons of different content 
  • Family-friendly streaming service 

Who is the right user for Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is a good streaming service if you are a big fan of Marvel Studios, Star Wars, Pixar, and 20th Century Fox. It is a family-friendly streaming service that you can use.  

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Why we picked it? Overall rating & review

Disney Plus has seen a loss recently, in terms of revenue and subscriber numbers and it can be due to many different reasons. One of the main reasons why I see this happening is because of its Original content. 

There have been quite a few Disney Plus Originals that have been really good; otherwise, most of its Original content has been moderate so far.

It is also a little pricy, especially for its ad-supported tier. However, you still get the advantage of using the Disney Plus Bundle pack of $12.99/month where you get access to Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu!

This is a great combination and many people might appreciate it a lot. I will rate Disney Plus 3/5 stars.


Let’s discuss some of the frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Which is the best video streaming app?

As I mentioned above, there are multiple different streaming apps and platforms available to use and download. You have to decide which one you want to use as per your budget and the content that is offered. 

That being said, my pick as the best video streaming app would be either HBO Max or Prime Video.

I find that the overall list of content that you get from using both these streaming apps is quite beneficiary to the users.

Which is the best video streaming app for free?

There is only one video streaming app that is available for free on this list, and I consider to the be the best free video streaming app compared to all the other video streaming apps that are available for free. 

YouTube is not just a streaming site where you can watch basic videos. As I mentioned above, you have access to some really good content on this site and the overall app functionality of YouTube is pretty great as well. 

Also, unlike the rest of the streaming services, on YouTube, you can easily upload your content and create your own type of content.

What features should I look for in Video streaming apps/software/platforms?

When you are choosing a particular video streaming app or platform you should really see what all types of content that you are able to see on the service.

If the overall content that is offered on the streaming is not something you like to watch, then you are probably wasting your money. 

The other list of features that you should look into is its 4K resolution videos, whether it supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. 

How many viewers can simultaneously watch on different accounts at the same time on the streaming service and many more other things.  

Are paid Video streaming apps better than free alternatives?

This really depends on the type of content that you want to see. If you want to pay less money then you can also choose to pay for the ad-supported tier that most of these streaming services have also started. 

However, if you want to get the best list of features such as 4K resolutions, Dolby Atmos audio, etc., then you definitely need to pay for it because you don’t get access to those features on the free alternatives.

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Well, there you have it. A list of 8 of the best video streaming apps that you can download for watching different types of content. As always, these have been my thoughts on this topic.

What about you? Do you agree with what I have said? Or do you think I missed out on some other video streaming apps? Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below! 

Sanjit Mansingh

Sanjit Mansingh

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