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8 of the best Vudu alternatives to watch live tv shows and movies online

Vudu is a streaming service that originated out of a video retail store owned by Fandango Media in the US. The company offers transactional video-on-demand rentals and digital purchases of films, as well as integration with digital locker services for streaming digital copies of films purchased as home video at retail. 

It is a paid and free platform partially you can read more about Vudu in this article.

As the platform, many related to the US, not all the masterpieces are present in its video library, and for some of the titles, you have to scan the QR code physically through the Vudu stream app to get it on your TVs to watch. You may incur some cost for that.

This platform is good but not good enough. So we have compiled some of the Vudu alternatives which are even better. Some of them are free of cost and legal.

List of the 8 best alternatives to Vudu. 

  1. Cyberflix tv
  2. Tea TV
  3. Thop Tv
  4. Tubi TV (Editors choice)
  5. IMDB TV
  6. Laola1.tv
  7. Mobdro
  8. Pluto TV



Cyberflix is a free Vudu alternative and is a very well known website among all the websites like Vudu. There are more than 1000 titles for you to choose from.

Cyberflix provides its users with a 4k experience without any kind of subscription. Cyberflix is a well known and very well respected website.

How to download and install Cyberflix on multiple devices

Supported devices for cyberflix

 This streaming platform is available for all the major players like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Amazon Fire Stick which is very rare for other apps like Vudu. 

Features of cyberflix 

cyberflix apart from being free provides a user-friendly interface and an option to download the tv shows and movies for your future use. This Vudu alternative is also compatible with the vast majority of devices.

Review on cyberflix 

Cyberflix is used by millions of people worldwide. This is a very good Vudu alternative as it provides you with an option of 4k and HD streaming without costing you a single penny. 

Tea tv


If you are looking for websites like Vudu then Tea tv is a good alternative. It has an easy to use interface which allows you to search and view all of your favorites absolutely free.

Tea tv has an option to switch from SD quality to Hd quality.

Supported devices for Tea tv

 This Vudu alternative is available on all the devices that have Android and iOS. 

Features of Tea tv 

The key characteristics of tea tv are its wide range of titles and movies which are actually free to watch. HD quality streaming is one of it’s USP. 

Review on Tea tv 

Tea tv is a great application in itself. Apart from some ads and some legal issues it’s one of the best alternatives to Vudu.

Thop tv


Thop tv the best app for free live streaming and watching movies in my opinion. This another app like Vudu is a very well known application as it was once available on Google play store with high user ratings.

Now, this Vudu alternative is available in an APK format which can easily be downloaded on any of your devices. If you are finding it difficult to download and install Thop TV apk then I have listed an entire article with the step by step process

Supported devices for Thop tv

This application is available on all the mainstream devices like Apple iOS (both iPhone and Mac), Android devices, fire tv,  firestick, and browser. 

Features of Thop TV

Thop tv is full of features like it’s easy to use interface makes it simple to find what’s the users are looking for. With 300k plus titles, you will never run out of entertaining movies and shows if you use this application.

This Vudu alternative also has nifty little tricks like an option to live stream tv channels and sports in full HD resolution. 

Review on Thop TV

Thop tv is better than many other sites like Vudu,  it provides its users with an incredibly easy to use interface and also provides them with many of the famous OTT platform titles absolutely free.

Thop tv is worthy enough to have its own independent article which we all have on our website please do check out to know more about this Amazing Vudu alternative.

Tubi Tv

Tubi-tv site like vudu

Tubi tv is one of the most versatile applications and a great Vudu alternative which is completely safe and legal as it is owned by Fox Star entertainment which in itself is a very reputed company. Tubi tv with a good user interface offers a 4k streaming option with very few ads. 

Supported devices for Tubi tv

Tubi tv is available on valuable service providers and devices like Roku, Android, iOS, Xbox, and 25 other devices. 

Features of Tubi TV

Apart from the vast compatibility with 25+ platforms, Tubi tv has features like 4k streaming and a large collection of all the famous movies and tv shows anyone can ever imagine. This Vudu tv alternative has very few ads which will be very helpful in the long run.

Review on Tubi TV

Tubi tv is a Vudu alternative that deserves 5 stars for its free and legal streaming services for over 20 thousand titles. There are no loose ends in this application unlike many other sites like Vudu. The 4k streaming and user-friendly interface are just the cherries on the cake. 

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IMDb-TV vudu alternative

The world-renowned rating platform has its own live tv streaming service which is currently only available in the US. All the other users can easily use this website/application by using a VPN.

IMDB Tv is a Vudu alternative that provides you the ratings and the background of the title along with it. Users can browse through its simple interface to watch free movies and tv shows. 

Supported devices for IMDB Tv

All the devices which are able to use the browser can use this site like Vudu easily. 

Features of IMDB Tv

The IMDB tv application is completely legal and free and offers its users a wide range of movies and American classics in very high quality, the user interface is very easy to navigate and search your favorite titles which are always accompanied by the IMDb ratings and reviews which will surely help you to choose what to watch.

Review on IMDB Tv

IMDb Tv is a very handy Vudu alternative that provides its users with all the great sitcoms and tv shows from the 90s and early 2000s which in itself a very rare feature. We have a dedicated article related to this application which will guide you through the process of being able to get a good streaming experience.



Laola1.tv is one of the highest-rated sports streaming platforms so we thought we should give one dedicated Vudu alternative for all the Sports geeks out there. This application unlike many other sites like Vudu offers free as well as paid subscription accounts both of which come with an array of features. 

Supported devices for Laola1.tv

This app like Vudu is available on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and many more. 

Features of Laola1.tv

 The free version offers users with all the major leagues and other sporting events like the champions league and European league. The paid version is feature-rich as it provides the users ad-free content, playback option, and up to 4 simultaneous streams on 4 different screens. 

Review on Laola1.tv

 Laola1tv is on this list as it is one of the best Vudu alternatives when it comes to sports streaming. The application is available worldwide and is legal to use. The nominal subscription of 4.99 euros is worth it in my humble opinion. The playback options and the multilingual set up is an added bonus. 


alternative to vudu

 Mobdro is already a very well known application and all its users know that this is a worthy alternative to all sites like Vudu. Not only it offers high-quality video streaming options but it allows you to download your favorite Tv shows and movies to watch them later on.

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Supported devices for Mobdro

Mobdro is supported on all the smartphones and smart TVs and is available on other platforms like Roku and fire tv. 

Features of Mobdro

The highlight of this Vudu alternative is that you can download your favorite movies and shows from its huge library. This app like Vudu streams its contents in HD for a great viewing experience. 

Review on Mobdro

Mobdro keeps itself updated with new features with every new version that comes out. This website like Vudu offers a wide range of compatibility and an array of HD shows and movies to choose from.

In case the Mobdro application is not what you are looking for we have a list Of great Mobdro alternatives, please do check it out. 

Pluto Tv


Pluto tv is a way better Vudu alternative than any other website like Vudu. Many of us at geekymint use this platform for a long time to curb our daily hunger for tv shows and movie streaming. This is a legal and safe site like Vudu as it is owned by Viacom. We even have a dedicated article for the details and a list of all its mouth-watering features on our website please do check it out to know more about Pluto tv.

Supported devices for Pluto tv

this is one of those sites like Vudu which has a wide range of compatibility. users can easily get access to Pluto tv in various places like Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, and many more. 

Features of Pluto tv

This Vudu alternative is my personal favorite option from all the others mentioned here in the list today. pluto tv offers over 170 channels in 4k and is completely free and legal. 

Review on Pluto tv

 Pluto tv earns its revenue from the ads it shows in the videos apart from this the app is not at all sloppy or weak in any category when compared to other sites like Vudu. The wide range of channels and the compatibility with the different devices is a steal deal for me.  This is a very well made legal, safe, and free alternative to Vudu.

Final words and conclusion

All the above-mentioned sites are phenomenal. All the websites here are well equipped with features that can easily replace Vudu and become your go-to application for all the fun binge streaming sessions. We have tried to provide you with as many legal and free alternatives as we could.

We also have dedicated articles on many of them so feel free to browse through our website to know more about our alternatives. 

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Disclaimer- All the following Vudu alternatives are well researched and shortlisted for your entertainment. We do not get paid from any of the below-mentioned websites and applications. It is all our own honest opinion which we have formed after using these platforms personally.  

Rishikesh Y Dube, 22 years old I am a fourth-year BLS LLB student apart from law school and my love for human behavior and phycology/criminology, I love to cook watch anime, and practice Mixed martial arts. I am a person who is keen to know and gain knowledge about everything on which I can put my hands on. I am also an IAS aspirant and thus interested in politics and all the sociopolitical and economical issues.


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