Webshare Proxy Review: Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons

Webshare Proxy Review

Webshare is a proxy service provider based out of California. Its aim is to build a strong and competitive data center proxy infrastructure. Webshare is the go-to choice for over 30,000 active users and now also offers ISP and residential proxies.

It has several features like freemium data center proxies, self-service for customers, and customizable subscriptions. But how does Webshare compare to other proxy services in the market? Is a Webshare subscription worth it? Check out this article on Webshare Proxy to learn more about this.

Webshare Proxy Features

Support for Multiple Proxies

Webshare offers support for multiple proxies, including HTTP and SOCKS5. General authentication and password authentication are also available here.

Free Country Selection

Webshare proxies are available in around 40 locations. The majority are located in the US, but you can choose other targets in Europe, Asia, and South America as well. You can specify how many IPs you want from each location, but there is no option for city targeting.

Emphasis on Anonymity

Webshare places great emphasis on anonymity. It protects against complex detection techniques such as HTTP header inspection, TCP fingerprint proxy, DNS leak detection, and port scan prevention.


Webshare has a 99.97% uptime, 24/7 monitoring, and an aggregate network of 100+ Gbps. It uses both Speedtest.net and Fast.com to monitor its proxy speeds.

Webshare Proxy Pricing

Webshare offers several proxy products, and the pricing differs depending on the type of proxy. It uses a subscription-based model, but the user has full control over the subscription. The solution’s list-based plans have a pay-per-IP pricing structure, while the rotating proxies charge based on traffic use.

The HTTP/SOCKS5 endpoints start at $18.75/month for 1 GB, but there are several options to scale up, such as the 10 GB for $120/month plan, the 25 GB for $270/month plan, or the 1 TB for $4800/month plan.

Webshare also has a free proxy plan which is limited to 10 IPs and can be useful to get an idea of the service’s utility.

Webshare Proxy Pros & Cons


Free Tier Available

Webshare offers a free tier limited to 10 IPs for users. This is an excellent option for small projects and for potential customers to check out the service before committing to a paid plan.

Robust Speed Monitoring

Webshare uses both Speedtest.net and Fast.com to maintain its speeds. Each proxy gets benchmarked every 5 minutes as the target is to keep it above 500 Mbps. The network team is sent a dispatch if it falls below that.


Anonymity is a top priority for Webshare. It works to provide real-time protection against complex detection techniques like TCP fingerprint proxy, HTTP header inspection, and port scan prevention. Webshare also claims that user data is entirely safe and is not sold to third parties.

Multiple Tiers Available

Webshare offers multiple proxy products and pricing tiers so that users can find a plan that truly fits their needs. The price is based on not only the number of proxies but also bandwidth, refreshers, and additional features.


No Free Trial for Higher Tiers

Webshare does not offer any free trial for its higher-priced tiers. This can be a disadvantage if you learn that you don’t like the proxy after sinking money in it.

Limited Proxy Locations

Webshare covers only 40 countries worldwide. This means that most smaller countries do not have a proxy and even some major ones have relatively few proxies.

Limited Support

Webshare has no dedicated support page. There is a Help Center with articles for self-help, but that is not exhaustive either. Further, there is only an email for direct contact with no choice for a support portal or chat.

How to Use Webshare


First, you have to register with Webshare if you want to use its services. Fill up the registration form and confirm your email and you are ready to begin.


You can manage all your proxies from the Webshare dashboard. Here, you can check the details of your plan, manage your subscription, and go through usage statistics and API documentation.

Subscription Management

The subscription management part of Webshare is divided into three categories- My Plan, Browse Plan, and Invoices. Browse Plan is where you build your proxy as you choose the proxy type, quantity, and bandwidth. You can add additional features like IP authorization and higher network uptime.

The My Plan tab displays all the necessary information about your plan such as the fee, your wallet balance, and other details. In the Subscription tab, you can find a separate section for invoices where you can add or edit your billing information.

Proxy Management

You just have to navigate to the Proxy tab to set up your proxies on Webshare. Under this, the List tab shows the list of proxies and you can select an authentication method, proxy type, and connection method here.

You can rotate your static proxy list in the Rotating Proxy tab. IPs are automatically shuffled, and configuration examples in eight programming languages are also available.

Further, you can find general information under the Settings tab and check replaced IP addresses and IP authorization.

Usage Tracking

Visual usage graphs can be accessed from the dashboard. You can filter the graphs by date and see how many requests you have made, the number of proxies you have used, and the error ratio.

API Access

Webshare offers an API to every customer whose features cover several aspects of the service. These include registration and login, managing notifications, creating user profiles, setting traffic limits, and viewing proxy configurations. It also provides code examples in major programming languages like Python and JavaScript.


Webshare’s Help Center page has three sections- billing and payments, set up and proxy configuration, and proxy issues. Each section has articles with answers and instructions for different issues. There is also a Help button at the bottom of the Webshare dashboard.


You can contact Webshare directly via email only. According to the platform, customer support responds to each request within 24 hours.

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