Wolf Run Review: Is Wolf Run a Good Slot Machine?

If you enjoy playing slots that feature animals as the primary theme, then you’ll love playing Wolf Run online pokies. This game has everything that a player could want from a slot about wolves. There are various images of wolves as well as other different types of animals such as foxes, raccoons, and owls. This is the type of game that you must play if you want to see how the symbols look and feel on a 5-reel slot with up to 40 pay lines. 

If you’re reading this article for advice about whether or not you should play this game, we have some good news for you – it is an excellent game! In terms of graphics and sound quality, it is one of the best slots available in any virtual casino currently. Even though there aren’t any bonus features, rewards, or multipliers in this game, it still manages to capture players due to its entertaining gameplay elements. But before you dive into the world of unrestrained gambling, you might want to learn more about slot machines and how they work. 

A Few Things to Know About Slot Machines 

Just like any machine, slot machines were designed to have a computer chip called a Random Number Generator, or RNG for short. As you might have guessed, the primary function of this generator is to quickly make mathematical calculations, about 1000 times per second or even more. Thus, the machine determines which combination of symbols a player will see in the reels. When the player pushes the spin button or pulls a handle in a physical casino, this prompts the chip to stop at that exact instant and select the combination to display on the reels. So, when you see the reels spinning, the actual result of what will appear on those pay lines has already been chosen by the random number generator. 

As you see, in reality, a slot machine wouldn’t even need any spinning reels to show you whether you won or lost, but it’s definitely more exciting for players to see the result of their gambling endeavors on the colorful spinning reels. 

When a casino orders a slot machine, the manufacturer will have a choice of computer chips to put into the machine controlling the percentage of how much that machine is set to pay back to the public. The range of payouts on these chips may vary depending on the machine and manufacturer. But it’s usually pretty standard in the industry to offer chips paying out from a low of about 85% to a high of about 98%. The same is also true for online slot machines whose popularity is rising by the day due to the convenience of this gambling option.    

Why Play Slots Online?

The notorious Covid pandemic confined millions of people to their homes and encouraged them to invent different types of entertainment. Online slots had been popular long before the pandemic, of course. But the online gambling community saw a truly impressive surge in their popularity exactly during the pandemic. And today, lots of players prefer this method to gamble in brick-and-mortar casinos. It’s easy, safe, interesting, and convenient. What’s more, one can easily check the reputation of their preferred online gambling vendor by doing quick research on the Internet and familiarizing themselves with the reviews of other players. 

What to Expect from Wolf Run Slot

Playing slots online isn’t only a fun and exciting way to beat boredom but also a good chance to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your home. The creators of Wolf Run slots took care to deliver the best possible experience to online gamblers that are not only interested in quick money but are also eager to have a lot of fun when spinning the reels.

First off, it has a simple gameplay mechanic. It is a 5-reel, 40-pay line title with a max bet of 500 credits per spin. Like most other slots, this one features a wild symbol, scatter, and a bonus round. The wild symbol is a yellow wolf head, and it replaces all other symbols except for the scatter. There is a scatter symbol in this game, and it is a purple, blue, and green colored crescent moon. Three or more scatters on the same spin will activate the wolf symbol’s bonus round. You’ll have to pick one of the three available trails to begin your adventure.

The best thing about spin casinos is that they don’t require any special skills from users, meaning even the novice player can expect to snatch the jackpot with a fair amount of luck. It’s random after all! And the same is true for Wolf Run slot machines. There are no underwater rocks or hidden agenda. Of course, you can try and devise some strategy that can help you take full advantage of your casino and win faster. But just like any slot game Wolf Run is a no-brainer. So, all you need is good timing and patience. 

The Demo and How to Play

If you want to play Wolf Run free slots with no risk, you can do so by clicking the ‘demo’ button on the reels. Here, you can play the game without any financial investment. When you want to play the real game, you must place a bet. There are two ways to do this. First, you can choose a specific credit amount to wager on each spin. Second, you can set your bet amount to auto. The auto option will let you play out each spin without having to manually increase or decrease your wager every time to hit the ‘Spin’ button. 

Symbols in the Game

Before you immerse yourself in the gameplay, you need to check out the pay table and learn the main symbols. There are 5 symbols in the Wolfrun slot machine, and they are all different types of animals. The symbols are a raccoon, an owl, a fox, a wolf, and a wild wolf head symbol. The wild will substitute for all other symbols, and the symbol pays the highest at 6 credits for 1 wild. The wild wolf head is the highest-paying symbol in the game. It has a value of 6 credits for 1 symbol.

Payback and Return to Player

The first thing that you’ll notice when you play Wolf Run free slots is that there is no RTP percentage listed on the reels. This isn’t uncommon on slots where the designers want to keep their game a secret. Normally, you can expect an RTP of at least 95% on slots like this. As such, we recommend that you play this game.


All in all, if you are looking for a classic slot game that has great graphics and sounds, this one is surely worth checking out. There’s no need to look for the best Wolf Run slot machine strategy as this slot is a game of chance. It is a 5-reel slot with 40 pay lines, so good payouts are guaranteed. If your goal is to find a simple slot game that can help you unwind and, hopefully, score some cash without breaking your back, Wolf Run can be the best bet for you. It is a great game for beginners and advanced players alike.

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