10 Ways for Faxing Online to Have A Better Life

The scientific innovations and advancements are the most interesting and easy solutions that have changed the lives of millions of people around the world and continue to do so.  The fax is also amongst the innovations that are considered to be effective.

Although faxing used to be a work of anxiety, it has now changed into something so easy and effective that it never looks like the traditional face of faxing. The online faxing service is an extensive task that helps you to ease the fax transmission process and helps you deal with it.

CocoFax: The Top Online Fax Service:

CocoFax, like its name suggests, is an extremely useful and utilitarian application that is used around the globe for all kinds of faxing needs. CocoFax provides you evidence that faxing from Mac for free online is easy and highly useful in all kinds and regards. CocoFax alleviates all your problems in faxing.

CocoFax is a highly recognized and celebrated brand that is a maestro in all forms of your fax transmission needs. CocoFax is a superior and effective tool that is a co-product of Google Fax Free which is known and recognized by numerous brands. Such digital pioneers include BuzzFeed, CNET, Tom’s Guide, Android Authority, and the New York Times.

CocoFax and Its Benefits:

Following are the clearly stated reasons why CocoFax serves as the most intimidating and exquisite online faxing site and helps you to send fax online. The reasons are stated in accordance with their value in a common man’s eye.

1.     Economical:

CocoFax is a comparatively easier and inexpensive service as it provides you with the facility of digital fax transfer. The old traditional ways of faxing required bulk of investment and time while CocoFax helps you to send the fax easily over a wireless network that spreads across the globe.

2.     Free Fax Number Identity:

CocoFax is a customer-oriented service and therefore, leaves no stone unturned in turning your problems into facilities and comfort. CocoFax allows you a free of cost identification number known as the fax number and therefore helps you to easily send a fax with a unique identity.

3.     Trustworthy Service:

CocoFax is a highly recognized and reputable service that also holds a supreme repute amongst great brands and also provides high competition for opponents. CocoFax stands apart from the rest when it comes to services and utilities such as free fax transfer, online fax facility and low-cost maintenance.

4.     Free Service For A Month:

CocoFax also provides the facility of checking and testing the authenticity and brilliance of the application through several litmus tests. The best of which includes the 30-day free trial in which the service is rendered completely free for exactly a month. All of the inclusive and extensive features are available.

5.     Remarkable Innovation:

CocoFax has eased all of the complications and hassles that once hampered your way into effective faxing and caused relentless delay regarding your problems. Now with the help of CocoFax, you no longer need to collect pages and arrange bulky faxing machines just for the transmission of a simple paper.

The Procedure to Send Fax:

The sending procedure of fax is as simple as the way of sending and installing it on your computer. CocoFax prioritizes customer satisfaction in all spheres and therefore, assists you specifically in the sending process which is the initialization of the procedure.

All that Cocofax needs is a stable and simple internet connection upon which all of your digital fax transmissions can take place. The rest is an easy process and is followed by the best experience of sending the fax online. The procedure to send the fax online is hereby stated as follows:

Step 1:

The very first step includes registering your account and creation of a separate identity which would later form the basis of your fax transmission. You are requested to visit the site “Cocorax.com” and create your account on the website for free. The option “Create an account free” can be clearly seen in the corner.

Step 2:

Soon as you click the account creation option, the new window tab opens up and therefore requires you to enter some credentials upon which the free fax number can be adopted. Credentials include your identification such as the E-mail addresses. Once you enter the Email address, your account is automatically synchronized and a free fax number is granted to your Email address.

Step 3:

As your fax number is registered and provided to you for free fax transmission, you are now free to easily and effectively provide an answer to all of your fax problems. You can always enter the “Send” option in which you are required to enter the fax number of the person you want to send your fax. All you have to do is to add a “@” suffix after the fax number for clear identification.

Can We Also Receive Fax?

Just as sending was a pretty comfortable and facile procedure, receiving is also a secure and relaxed process so you can always receive the fax in serene tranquillity. Just like an inbox is separately dedicated for the storage of your emails, Cocofax provides you with a free service of a digital inbox where all of your fax, along with the information is stored.

Moreover, the best option CocoFax provides is that it automatically converts the incoming files into a digital PDF file which is easily-readable and therefore highly convenient for the receiving of your fax, just like Emails.


Despite the problems that have led to the recession of fax usage in the office, CocoFax has eased the entire process by converting it into a digital facility that can be used anywhere from anywhere. CocoFax has achieved a milestone in commencing the facility of office-workers, clerks and bosses.

All you have to do is to rely on and trust CocoFax for all of your fax transmission, we assure you of the service through our free trial. Happy Faxing!

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