8 Of The Best Microsoft News Alternatives in 2023

Microsoft News Alternatives

Microsoft News works in partnership with numerous publishers in many countries globally and is world-renowned hence it can be a good News source for your mornings. Readers can Select from publications in more than 20 countries, delivering content from 3,000 top News agencies in the world. 

Microsoft News makes it easy for you to keep yourself educated. Now you must be wondering if Microsoft News is so good then why do we need its alternatives? That’s because it is always good to keep your options open and especially in this day and age where we have so much to see and read up for which these alternatives have proven to be very beneficial and all of them offer something different from the others which will make your news Reading experience very effortless.

We have explored and collected the most promising Microsoft News alternatives to help you make a knowledgeable decision as a consumer of news media as we know that these things can have a big impact on you in a way or the other and we don’t want to you to be trapped in the web of Fake news which has proven to be very harmful especially in the pandemic era. 


  1. We have researched and written this article based on the point of view of the consumer.
  2. We are not paid or sponsored by Microsoft or any of the other News alternatives mentioned in this article. 
  3. We claim no right on any of the apps or the information portrayed on them. 

Here is the list of the top 8 best Microsoft news alternatives in 2020:-

  1. Inshorts
  2. Flip board 
  3. TOI
  4. Bundle News
  5. News 360
  6. CNN Breaking News
  7. The Guardian 
  8. Social media platforms and other sources

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Here are the best Microsoft news alternatives analyzed in detail


Inshorts is one of the best Microsoft News alternatives present in the market. I am personally utilizing this app for the past couple of years and boy is it amazing or what. 

This Microsoft substitute has a lot to offer you. The highlight of this app is that it saves your time and effort by summarizing the news in 60 words. It will also provide you with the source and link to the complete article. 

You can use features like bookmarks, news searches, and also the relevance of the news. It even indicates the number of stories that are still unread and sometimes offers you a poll on some of its articles to make it interactive and to show how many people including you are in support or against the said incident or event.


Flipboard is a tremendous application and a very effective Microsoft News alternative that you can categorize to display stories that are relevant to the topics you’re interested in. 

The app has an incredible user interface, and you can even redeem the stories that you like, in the magazine section of the application. When you launch the application for the first time, you can select topics related to the kind of news you want from the app, and then, this application will automatically show you stories that are related to those topics.


TOI or the Times of India is an Indian news agency and a subsidiary of the world-renowned Times Group. Their application is what we are going to look at as this multi-platform application is a worthy Microsoft News alternative and is adequately placed in this list because of the features it has to offer. 

This application serves you News from International to regional sources and in 14 different languages. 

It provides you with breaking news and headlines in the form of Notifications and keeps you updated with live cricket and sports scores. 

Bundle news 

Bundle News is another one of the very good Microsoft News alternatives that you can surely check out.

 One of the delightful things about this application is that it allows you to select the region that you want to get news from.

 You can select global, or you can choose from the four supported countries, which comprises the USA, and the United Kingdom as well. You can always change these settings from the app settings if you wish to.

You even have the option to choose the source of news on this application. 

News 360

News 360 is another news proliferation app that can easily replace any of the Microsoft News alternatives and the fact that it lets you choose your interests to custom make the app is one of the best features of this Microsoft News Substitute.

 You can also select from options like Tech, Sports, Politics, and a lot more. You can just tap twice on an interesting article to mark it as a topic you like and see it later on. The app comes with an amazing interface, and you just simply tap on the articles you want to read about it is that simple.

CNN Breaking News

This amazing source of news which is also a great Microsoft News alternative is the CNN Breaking News app.

 While it is not a news accumulation app but it can be a very good source of news, so you can rely on this app to get your daily dose of breaking news from around the globe. 

The app has a decent user interface, and the news articles are very nicely laid out.

 You just have to tap on any of the articles that you want to read, and the app shows it up in the full-screen view.

The Guardian 

If you want an app that has some very promising and very high-quality news articles, along with some other great features, then The Guardian’s app is one you should surely check out

. This application is a great Microsoft News alternative as The app not only comes with a good interface but also gives you the headlines that you should know about.

 You can also use the side three-bar menu in the app to choose from a variety of topics, to read articles about the things you’re curious about.

Topics range anywhere from things like Lifestyle, and Fashion, to things like Education, Science, and World news.

Social media platforms and other sources

Many of you must have already used or at least have seen some news on social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, or even on Twitter but have you thought that all these platforms can be a very good alternative to other News applications like Microsoft News? 

There are tons of news agencies that have their own YouTube Channels and Instagram and Twitter accounts where they generally post and upload Recent news stories related to many different topics. 

Channels like the Quint, The Wire, BBC News, and many local/regional News agencies are very active on Youtube.

On the other hand pages like Brut and Vice are very prominent sources of international and regional news on Instagram and Facebook.

Other sources like live tv streaming applications and your google app feed can also provide you with your daily dose of news on the go and can be a very viable Microsoft News alternative. 

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No matter what is your need these Microsoft News alternatives can easily make your News reading experience very good and simple. 

News is a very important part of the day for many of us and that urge of knowing everything has a big impact on our mood and actions and not only this but it is also important to know about what’s happening or what is going to happen and in which way it is going to affect our lives and the society at large. 

News is considered to be a mirror for society in this day and age it appears as if there is a crack in this mirror as there are people who are spreading misleading and false News which is very harmful and negative for a person. 

Hence I feel that by using all these amazing News and Media applications you can be aware and be safe. 

I hope you will appreciate the efforts that we put into bringing these contents to you in the Best way possible and all we need in return is your support so, please comment and share and stay tuned for many such Informative articles. 

Thank you so much and be safe. See you in the next one.

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