How popular is Afdah, its world Worldwide trend, and demographics

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afdah world wide trend

Afdah is a search volume of over 600k users per month according to Ahref which is phenomenal. The traffic has been growing streadly over time and users from all over the world visit Afdah to watch free movies and shows.

Worldwide Google Trends analysis of Afdah search interest for the past 12 months

According to Google Trends, In March Afdah afdah was trending at its peak of 100 on 100 which means thousands of users per day were searching for the free movie streaming site.

In April, the trend dropped to 50 out of 100 since then the trend is hovering between 15 to 18 on Google trends.

According to Ahref the search traffic has been stable at 500k to 600k users per month.

How popular is Afdah

Free movie streaming sites are very popular but Afdah was a step above it all. The Google search for the keyword Afdah moved very high when compared to its competitors like Tubi TV, Pluto Tv, Cotomovies, 123 movies.

How did Afdah get so popular? 

Afdah offer free movies and shows like other torrent website. Users from all over the world could tune in and watch the latest movies and shows on afdah. Users love this features and kept on visiting the website. 

The website at one point of time had so much traffic that its servers could not handle it. The main reason why afdah got popular is because the streaming service didnt place a lot of ads like its competitors.

Afdah plays movies and shows in Good quality which makes the viewing experience for its users amazing. The users of Afdah have always had a positive word of mouth for the streaming site which is another reason why afdah is popular. 

Afdah demographics

Im sure you would want to know the age group of the users using Afdah. Users between the age 16 to 45 love using the websites. Most of users are in the their twenties.Afdah has not published about its exact demographics but this is an analysis done by our team. 

The geograpical locations for Afdah for where afdah is popular is not known as the streaming site has not released any data on it. 

Final words

I have have given in detail about how popular is Afdah, world wide trend on Google and its demographics. If you have any additional information let us know in the comments below.

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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