Alan Howard: 20 things you need to know of this hedge fund manager

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Alan Howard

Alan Howard, a billionaire who has a high position on the successful business people list is a British hedge fund manager has made his wealth in the financial sector. 

The Hedge Fund Manager did not have much guidance along the way, thus putting him in the self-made category. 

Being such a prominent figure in the stocks and trading sphere, we can learn a lot from him on achieving success in business.

 These are 20 things you probably did not know about Alan Howard that could help you in your own business ventures.

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Born in a Jewish family

Howard was born in September of 1963 in England to a Jewish family. He studied at Hasmonean Grammar School located in the Hendon neighborhood in London. He had his regular education of completing high school, then graduated and went to college. He took up courses at the Imperial College in London, he then set up his career in the financial sector after achieving his master’s degree. 

Howard was educated about the financial market

He was hired at Salomon Brothers specifically in the ECU Eurobond market after he completed college which helped him gain an abundance of experience in the market. This was the start of his career in finance which led him to become wealthy. He became an expert in the management aspect of client assets by pushing himself to ace his job and gaining a deeper insight into how to best manage hedge funds.

 Alan Howard co-founded his own asset management company

After he gained an ample amount of experience in the asset management field, he co-founded a business along with his partner, Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP. It was set up as a European hedge fund management company in Jersey, the funds specifically for the business in the Cayman Islands. After opening for business in 2002, it went onto becoming one of the world’s largest macro hedge funds having managed around $40 billion and reaching its peak in 2013. Ever since the firm has cut back its operation and managed assets around the amount of $18 billion by 2016.

 He owns estates globally

Alan Howard can afford to live anywhere he’d wish to. After shifting to Geneva, Switzerland in 2010 from London, England and living in the countryside for five years, he decided to move to the US. Mr. Howard also bought a condo worth $14.5 million in Miami, Florida in the year 2015 after which he returned to his home, London in 2017. Despite living in various countries over the years, he managed to maintain his British citizenship.

He has stayed true to his family roots

 Alan Howard still carries in his involvement in the Conservative Party Crowd. He has a great political influence in spite of not being a politician. He formed the Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speakers Series in 2014 which includes conversations, entertainment, and talks by experts in their respective fields. The events are organized for the purpose of a good cause. The proceedings from the JW3 Speaker Series are reserved for a Jewish center in London

 Howard’s a philanthropist

Alan Howard established The Alan Howard Charitable Foundation with a philanthropic purpose. The contributions made help Israel and different Jewish causes. The foundation has helped charities such as charities for the homeless, education about the Holocaust and Israeli film.

Known as the “undisputed master of risk”

Mr. Howard has experienced his part of hardships. Due to the financial crisis, a huge amount of investors exited, making the value of Brevan Howard Asset Management hit a rock bottom of just $6.3 billion from $40 billion. Alan Howard and his partners took radical steps to overcome this obstacle.

 For setting their operations on the solid financial footing and earning the fortune back Howard formed a partnership with magnates on New York to frame complex strategies.

He reclaimed his title as an “undisputed master of risk” as he went on to venture into new businesses at a time when his reputation was nearly tarnished and when financially almost every business was on the downfall.

Howard always fights back

One thing is for sure this Hedge fund manager knows his businesses really well, he is not afraid to change his approach and adapt to market conditions. He is an analyst who will analyze each and every aspect of a business before indulging in it.

 In an interview, one of Howard’s colleagues in the finance industry had this to say about the billionaire,  “Alan is one of the guys who doesn’t give up, he has the fighter DNA in him.” 

With Howard it is just an ongoing cycle, he has remained on top and has continued taking on new ventures even at a time when most of the financial gurus have admitted defeat. His hunger and his predatory genes are what makes him so successful

He has seen billions of dollars being washed away

Many businessmen file for bankruptcy and close shop at the first sign of trouble, not many can live with failure or see their business fall, only the toughest make it to the very top. Alan Howard is one of those tough businessmen who just won’t give up, he has seen his billion-dollar business empire tumble and fall.

For the last three years, Alan Howard’s main fund has been posting negative returns, with a 5% decline being the most which were back in 2017. This phenomenon has resulted in various investors opting to withdraw their investments from Alan Howard’s Hedge funds which caused losses summing up to billions of dollars. 

It is not something for everyone to manage to stay positive despite these terrible losses, and to still make it into Forbes list of billionaires is something we would only expect from Howard.

Alan Howard is listed on Forbes

For the year 2019, Forbes magazine placed Alan Howard as the world’s 1425th richest person. 

Howard takes up the number 13th spot in Forbes’ list of the Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers for the year 2019

Alan Howard’s Hedge Fund still remains a multi-billion dollar behemoth, despite it not performing at a peak of $40 billion in asset management which was a constant for many years.

This hedge fund manager has been termed as a self-made billionaire and he aims to rank amongst the top 3 billionaires of the world.

Elwood Asset Management is owned by Howard

Alan Howard owns several asset management firms, with Elwood Asset Management being one of his asset management firms that are exploring new ideas, particularly with the idea of a cryptocurrency hedge fund. 

Currently, Elwood Asset Management is working towards developing a platform for tailoring portfolios of cryptocurrency funds for investors. Additionally, it is aiming to manage almost $1 billion in crypto fund assets. Find more details about it here.

Howard has made several crypto investments

Before he decided to experiment with cryptocurrencies through his venture, Elwood Asset Management, Howard invested in cryptocurrencies personally and studied and got a fair share of knowledge about the cryptocurrency market. nd currently, the hedge fund manager has made several investments into cryptocurrency firms that include EOS developer, Block One and an ICE owned digital assets platform called Baakt.

Howard is ranked amongst the world’s top 200 art collectors

Many people are not aware of this, the hedge fund manager is very passionate about paintings as is listed as one of the world’s top 200 art collectors. He has many other passions as well, but the fact that he is able to get his hands on some of the world’s most sought paintings is an example of what a great businessman he is.

He owns a painting worth $43 million

When it comes to art, Howards leaves no stone unturned, in his illustrious collection he has a painting worth $43 million, the painting is a Monet water-lily painting. 

Howard has in possession one of the world’s most sought after painting

You definitely would need some serious contacts in high ends to get hold of the Monet, a painting which formerly belonged to the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s widow. Alan Howard was hell-bent on acquiring the Monet water-lily painting for which he paid the victims of Ferdinand Marcos a hefty amount of $10 million.

Howard is highly regarded in art collector circles

Howard has a good taste in art and is fascinated by some of the world’s best paintings, precisely having a taste for Impressionism and Modern art genres.

In the year 2013, Howard made it in the lists of the top 200 art collectors and continued having his name on the list for four straight years in a row. Howard is known to have some of the most intriguing, rare and highly sought after paintings of the world in his possession.

He served as director for a parliamentary group

Alan Howard is highly regarded in the Jewish community, particularly in the Jewish community of Great Britain as he played an important role in strengthening the cultural, business and political ties between United Kingdown and Israel. Howard has never been interested in politics, however, e once voluntarily served as the director of the conservative for Israel. A committee that was a parliamentary group in the

Alan Howard is an influential individual

Allan Howard comes in the illustrious list of being one of the 2,153 billionaires of the world with a net worth of $1.6 billion as per Forbes. Which naturally makes him an influential personality and a leader. 

Allan Howard was highly instrumental in parliament on behalf of British-Jewish relations. Many of the top most personalities in the world highly regard and acknowledge the hedge fund manager, which gives him the ability to make decisions that influence the entire world. Howard also acquired one of the most sought after paintings of the world, the Monet painting. 

He prefers a quiet personal life

Even one of the most sought after hedge fund managers of the world loves to have his downtime and has kept his personal life relatively quiet. There is not much information you will find about Alan Howard’s personal life. He was married to a French citizen Sabine Howard, and later filed for divorce back in 2015. Howard is survived by his four children whose mother is his ex-wife Sabine Howard.

He’s not finished yet

Although things have gone to the extreme south in the hedge fund market, one thing that is a certainty is that he’s still fighting to get back on top. Howard has the innate ability to create new businesses in the financial sector, and it seems that he is predisposed to take the greatest risks in the ventures that he undertakes.

Currently, Howard is taking another major risk as he has ventured into a cryptocurrency-based hedge fund business, investing a billion through his Elway Asset Management company. 

The undisputed master of risk has never relied on luck, rather he has always arguably taken calculated risks and the knowledge that sometimes you win big and sometimes you have to try something new is just priceless. We wish this Hedge Fund Manager all the best in his future endeavors, not that he needs it.

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