10 of the best Apple News Alternatives (2023)

Apple News Alternatives

Apple News is an app and news aggregator developed for iOS that was launched along with iOS 9. So Apple News is the successor to the Newsstand app that was available on all the versions prior to iOS 9. 

The announcement of an app for news was done on Apple’s WWDC 2015 and launched along with iOS 9 on 16th September 2015 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Initially, it was available only for users in the United States but was subsequently available to users in the United Kingdom and Australia with the release of iOS 9.1.

At the WWDC 2016, Apple announced that with the next iOS 10 update, the News app will have a new icon and the app will be revamped. The app also was updated with a refined ‘For You’ section organized by topics. This was followed by many improved features to give the Apple News users a better experience.

While Apple news has many benefits and is really helpful to keep track of market updates and news from all over the world, you cannot install the Apple news app on Android or Windows. But don’t worry we got you covered, below is a list of top news apps like Apple news which give you daily updates from all across the world.

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List of the best Apple News Alternatives

Google News

Google News organizes every article about the current events of the world for you to help you understand the stories that are important to you.

Your very own ‘Briefing’

It may be backbreaking for many of us to be updated about every story that is important to us. Under this section of the free news app, you can stay in the know about what you consider as relevant and crucial to you. The section is updated through out the day and gives you the top 5 stories for you, which includes world, national and local content.

From Credible sources to you

Google News gets you quality content from an assorted set of reliable publishers and sources you probably haven’t come across before.

Maximum coverage

You can understand the whole story with just a tap on this Apple News alternative. Google News retrieves information about a story on the internet and organizes it for you including highlighting diverse perspectives, FAQs, important people, timeline of key events and a lot more.

Stories compiled for you

Stay updated with every news story of your interest in relation to business, tech, weather, sports, etc. on Google News.


Google news also lets you to subscribe to any magazine and newspapers you love with a single tap

Easy navigation

To give you easy access to the app, it provides sections that are segregated into Top Stories, Technology, Sports, and Weather. 


Flipboard is an alluring news app where you can also view photos and updates from your friends on other social medias. You can view your social platforms through a magazine layout making it fun and convenient to read. 

The free app news publisher also allows you to share photos and articles, like or favorite and comment on posts. Flipboard lets you revamp your content with section make from your favourite lists, Twitter blogs and people.

This free news publication is also maneuvered to be your personal magazine. It is an exciting way to stay updated on news stories you are interested in, stay connected to the people closest to you and even discover fascinating things from across the globe.

The first time you open Flipboard, you have to easily choose the content you are interested in from the list given. It also lets you choose renowned publications like Vanity Fair or The New York Times. 

This could be one of the few apps for news that also provide the option for shopping allowing you shop from Etsy directly from Flipboard.

There are diversified RSS feeds, websites and amusing sources like Brain Pickings for you to view. You can also view magazines that are created on Flipboard in the section “By Our Readers”.

Flipboard is a fun way to stay updated about the world events like being in touch with your friends by adding your social media. You can share and view the stories shared by your friends in a magazine style giving you a quick glimpse of the world.


News360 gives you your daily news whenever you need it. You can customize your news feed according to your interests. Based on these, the news for app curates articles, stories and content for you enabling you to see all sides of a story. Its news sources come from 100,000+ diversified places making sure you always have access to information and news.

News360 is one of the most user friendly news app for free that segregates and provides the news or stories into ‘Local’, ‘Breaking’ that’s gives you the top headlines or breaking news and ‘Interests’ where news or information of your choice is displayed. 

This is one of the top free news apps that allow you to read previews, scan headline and read full contents too. On News360 you can also link to your social media accounts to give you a much more personalized feed to cater to your specific interests, while eliminating any kind of clutter.

The Guardian

The Guardian is known for catering to their readers with unbiased journalism, new and fresh content. It is among the few apps news that provide you authentic world news, sports updates and opinions which have all rights reserved by the platform. Just like the news app by apple, it gives you access to business, latest political stories, sports, etc.

The Guardian makes a great news app Apple competitor as it brings breaking news stories right to your phone for you to access in real time, their award-winning journalism ensures no biased content, sports updates and news, world news and a customization feed.

Just like the New York Times, The Guardian also allows you to save stories for later, an option to share new articles or stories and for better reading experience of their user’s the app also provides a dark theme. You can also receive personalized notifications regarding your favorite stories, sports, celebrities, etc.

If you search for news about apps this news app free is what you want to have on your phone. The app also has a premium package for $5.99/month which includes quicker updates, a discover section,  no advertisements and crosswords to keep you entertained.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is one of the top alternatives to Apple News for you if finance is your forte. This news apple app does the perfect job of giving it’s readers quick news in this fast paced, digital life with it’s superior performance delivering lesser loading time and steadiness.

The Wall Street Journal has more than 125 years of inimitable and award winning journalism. The news publication not only covers finance, but also Politics, World News, Technology, Lifestyle, Opinion, Business, Market and a lot more.

The WSJ also provides breaking news coverage, global headlines, also real time market quotes with its professional insights, informed commentary and in-depth analysis.

The news publication is regularly updated with new features like the option to print out stories from your phone. Another new feature added was Save and Share articles. It also offers notifications and alerts for latest headlines, developing stories with live updates and breaking news along with the option to follow your liked journalists.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News provides you with news articles and trending stories from renowned sources for every interest you choose.

The news also allows you to filter the content to your tastes and interests to eliminate anything that may not interest you. This way news for apps becomes easy for you to read through. You can also access this app on your apple watch so if you want latest news apple on the way to work or while hanging out with friends you should try out Microsoft News.

The content can be viewed according to your interests under “My News”, Top News, World News, Politics, Crime and more. The app also has breaking news notifications giving you real time updates. For a convenient reading experience, the app also has a Dark Mode for nighttime reading.  

Notably, the app supports a multitude of languages including Danish, English, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Korean and more.

BBC News

BBC News is a trusted news publication across the globe. An article about news apps is lacking without BBC News. You can make the most of the app by personalizing the content you see on the app.

It features top stories from around the world by their trusted journalists. You can command for news according to the topics or even the time. 

The app gives you article suggestions depending on your preferences, location, recently viewed stories and trending topics to make sure you don’t have to hunt for such articles. 

BBC News also provides a Live BBC world service radio where their journalists speak their insights from their expertise. You can tune in anytime as it is a 24 hour service, even while on the move.

CNN News

CNN certainly is a one of the leading media company. This publication can provide you with breaking news alerts and keep you updated with the trending developing stories. 

Additionally, you can watch Live CNN TV shows and events on the app but only if you avail this facility from your cable or satellite provider.

You can customize the categories to only view content depending on your interests. The publication also allows you to personalize your notifications in order to read trending topics without getting overwhelmed.

You can view the breaking news with comprehensive stories, news clips and photo galleries. You can share videos, photos and news articles with CNN from the iReport section of the app.

The HuffPost

The HuffPost is a news app launched by the Huffington Post that has started receiving a lot of attention. The news app displays it’s content through articles, photos videos and blogs in a very lively and customizable experience.

HuffPost is a great alternative to Apple News as it is one of the prominent sources for  politics, global issues, world news, entertainment and more. The app allows you to download articles and bookmark them to read it anytime and anywhere.

HuffPost provides you with local and global news. The news platform has you covered based on your interests, from fashion to politics, it’s all available. The app received real time updates from multitude of countries like Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan and more.


Flym is an open source project that brings you the news by getting hold of your blogs or websites and exhibiting them in a mobile optimized way.

This alternative to Apple News is an absolutely free app, it is contemporary, light and a free news platform with absolutely no ads.

This simple yes feature filled app allows you to search for articles, star the liked articles, offline reading to make it convenient to read it without internet connection.

The app also informs that it is not on the “Sparse RSS”. It does not synchronize with online feed readers as yet so if synchronization is needed, this app may not be ideal for you. It is based on the “Sparse RSS” reader.


Bundle is a great app like Apple News for the features it offers with it’s articles, blogs, breakings news and headlines. It is one of the top rated news app bringing you world news that matter to you. 

With more than 10,000 sources, news outlets, magazines, newspapers, columns, blogs and publishers from 18 different countries Bundle keeps you updated with the world events. 

Bundle is a great choice if you want latest stories given the availability of choices for news outlets that you find impartial and unbiased. Personalize the content you want to view and receive notifications for news that matter to you.

The app also offers a powerful and advanced search bar that gives you the best results you want from articles, columns and sources. Bundle also offers an offline mode where any article that has shown up on your feed can be viewed without internet access. Additionally, it also offers Reader mode that enables you to read the web-page without any of the clutter.

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