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7 best Apps like Shazam to search for music

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Apps like Shazam

Shazam is a music discovering app that runs a very complex algorithm to find you the song that you are looking for. And for quite some time there were no great alternatives to Shazam because of its super quick algorithm that calculates thousands of songs per second.

But times have changed now and various apps like Shazam have pooped up that not only find the search you are playing but also detect the songs that you are humming, so that annoying persistent tune you have in your mind of which you can’t find lyrics to, can now finally be found.

Without further discussion, below are listed the 7 best apps like Shazam you can use to find your songs.

What are the best apps like Shazam?

NameBest ForPriceOur RatingWebsite
Google NowGoogleFree4/5assistant.google.com
Soundhound Music Recognition Free4/5soundhound.com
MusicxMatch LyricsMusic RecognitionFree3.5/5musixmatch.com
SnapchatTalking to your friendsFree3.5/5accounts.snapchat.com
Aha MusicChrome and Microsoft EdgeFree2.5/5aha-music.com
AudioTagPC and LaptopFree2.5/5audiotag.info
Song IdentificationAndroidFree4/5On the app store

1. Google Now


Starting off the list is Google Now. Google now comes in preinstalled on all the latest Android devices and if you are using an older version of Android then you can simply download it from Play Store or App Store for your IOS running devices as well.

Google Now does a lot of job than just finding you music, it runs Assitant, which is an Alexa like AI that you can command with your voice but its music recognition skills are also bonkers.

Google Now has a really advanced song recognition application that instantly recognizes the song you are listening to but that’s not all, you can actually hum a song and it will find you the best version of the song that it can relate to.

The feature works most of the time but if you are humming or whistling skills are bad then the chances of the song recognition are now very unlikely. 

Price of Google Now

Google Now is free to use 

Features of Google Now

  • Google assistant
  • Tells you recent news
  • Integrates well with your android app
  • Humming music recognition 

Pro and Cons of Google Now

✅Free to use ❌Assitance is not as advanced as other AI’s
✅Hum/Whistle your songs to get recognised ❌ Permitting Google to access mics 
✅Easy to use 

Review on Google Now

Google Now is a fantastic application for multi-purpose things which happens to also search your music instantly. But you do have to give Google permission to access your mics which can be a bit too much for some people as they have already provided a lot of their info to Google.

Rating on Google Now

Google Now gets a rating of 4/5 stars 

2. Soundhound

Soundhound is also considered as one of the biggest Shazam competitors because it is an app like Shazam in every way. It has an amazing application that recognises the song you are playing instantly.

Soundhound also has access to LiveLyrics so you can read the lyrics of the song you just recognised and sing along as you enjoy playing it.

Price of Soundhound

Soundhound is also free to use.

Features of Sounhoud 

  • Livelyrics
  • Automatic song addition to Spotify playlists
  • OK Hound
  • Libary collection of songs under different genres 

Pro and Cons of Soundhound

✅Song library  ❌Plays songs with YouTube Music
✅Easy to use UI 
✅OK Hound 

Review on Soundhound

Soundhound is a great app like Shazam because it does so much for free. You can get to know the songs, you can actually use their AI, “OK Hound” to search for songs via your voice and the app works really quickly as well.

Rating on Soundhound

Soundhound gets a rating of 4/5 stars 

3. Musicxmatch

Musicxmatch is another app like Shazam that you can use right now to figure out the song that you want to know. It is a free to use Shazam substitute. Musicxmatch also can play the song’s Youtube video on its app.

Along with that Musicxmatch also can run on Android Wear devices so you can also access the app on your smartwatch which is a pretty cool thing! 

Price of Musicxmatch

Musicxmatch is free to avail. 

Features of Musicxmatch

  • Integration with Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music
  • Available on Android wear
  • Translated lyrics to a different language 

Pro and Cons of Musicxmatch

✅Free to use ❌A bit complicated UI
✅Chromecast and Android Wear enabled 
✅Musicxmatch community 

Review on Musicxmatch

Musicxmatch is a great app, one which can also work as a Shazam substitute and it tries o differentiate itself from the rest of the apps like Shazam by introducing features like Translated lyrics, accessible on android wear, floating lyrics and more.

Rating on Musicxmatch

Musicxmatch gets a rating of 3.5/5 stars

4. Snapchat

Snapchat, yeah the same app you use to create streaks with your friends. Bet, you didn’t think of this one to be on this list. Snapchat actually integrated with Shazam around 2018 so you can actually use Shazam on Snapchat and basically find your favourite songs on the app.

The way it works is that open your Snapchat app where you have all the filters and play the song you want to know the name to, now when you are playing just double or triple tap on the screen and that would activate Shazam music on the app.

With that, it would instantly use its algorithm to find the song and display it on Snapchat only. 

Features of Snapchat

  • Shazam integration
  • Chatting with pictures 
  • Various augmentation filters 
  • Playing online games with friends
  • Streaks with friends

Pro and Cons of Snapchat

✅Numerous lenses and features❌Not enough analytics for the snaps
✅Voice changing app available well❌No engaging in terms of content
✅Not owned by Facebook or any other tech giant  
✅Vanishing messages

Review on Snapchat

Snapchat is a great app to chat with your friends but its latest integration with Shazam makes it a great alternative to Shazam as well. I mean, technically you are still using Shazam but you don’t have to download it.. So alternative much? You decide.

Rating on Snapchat

Snapchat gets a rating of 3.5/5 stars 

5. AHA Music

AHA Music is an extension app that you can use on Chrome and Microsoft edge to find out the songs that you are looking for.

It has a mediocre website and no app support for Android and IOS devices.

Price of AHA Music

AHA Music can be used for free. 

Features of AHA Music

  • Song recognition 
  • Chrome extension

Pro and Cons of AHA Music

✅Free of cost ❌No application 
❌Only for Chrome and Microsoft Edge
❌Basic Website

Review on AHA Music

AHA Music is alright if you want to find out songs via your pc or desktop but not a great alternative to Shazam.

Rating on AHA Music

AHA Music gets a rating of 2.5/5 stars 

6. AudioTag

AudioTag is also another basic website on the web from which you can find your favourite songs. It is free to use and is solely run on ads but if you have an ad blocker installed you can still use the website.

It doesn’t have any chrome extensions and any other extensions so you just have to go to their website every time to find the song, which frankly speaking can be a bit annoying from time to time.

Price of AudioTag

AudioTag is also free to use. 

Features of AudioTag

  • Song recognition 
  • Browse music from the database
  • Recognize from the direct link

Pro and Cons of AudioTag

✅Free to use ❌No extensions
 ❌Basic website
❌Not  a big database 

Review on AudioTag

AudioTag, just like AHA Music is an alright site to search for your favourite music.

Rating on AudioTag

AudioTag gets a rating of 2.5/5 stars

7. Song Identification

song identification app

Song Identification can, by the name of it should tell you, identify your songs. It is an app made for Android devices and has over 2 million downloads to it. It has linked with Spotify so you can listen to the song you just discovered on Spotify.

Other than that it can also detect some retro songs from indie games as well.

Price of Song Identification

Song Identification is free to use 

Features of Song Identification

  • Stream songs on Spotify or Deezer
  • Simple UI
  • Party flashlight on that syncs with the beats of the song
  • Widget  

Pro and Cons of Song Identification

✅Easy to use ❌Not available on IOS
✅Free of cost 
✅Good algorithm  

Review on Song Identification

Song Identification is an app like Shazam and it has some fan following as well, it has a pretty simple to use UI and also has a Widget so you can instantly search for the song without even opening the app to find the song. 

Rating on Song Identification

Song Identification gets a rating of 4/5 stars 

Final note 

They are actually studies done and papers written on how Shazam detects songs because our brain has been tuned to pick up songs instantly due to years and years of evolution but that kind of data is very difficult to put in codes.

Shazam and the other apps like Shazam do that, for free! We actually take these apps for granted because of their free of cost by just not giving a damn about the immense technology behind them.

We are living in the future people, no matter how simple these apps look, this kind of stuff was something people imagined as a sci-fi story and right now we are a part of that sci-fi story. How cool is that?

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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