12 Benefits of Video Editing (Start Learning Now)

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Video Editing and the world of video-related content have become quite popular over the last few years. Many businesses and individuals are turning towards the world of content creation for their audience.

Many people are learning about video editing and how to use a video editing software. While there are people who are already seeking the benefits of making videos for different purposes.

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There are some who still are finding it difficult to seek what are the benefits of video editing. So, in this article, I will deep-dive and tell you about at least ten benefits you can have if you switch over to the world of videos.

The 12 Benefits of Video Editing

Good for businesses 

Videos are a great revenue source for many businesses around the world. So many people these days prefer to watch videos about a particular subject rather than read about it because of better understanding.

And businesses can certainly take advantage of such situations by explaining their products and services to their customers so that they can learn more about your company and purchase your products.

Creating these videos for your customers does require a good set of skills for video editing because the better your videos look, the better are the chances of people being attracted towards them.

Accessible to a lot of people

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and everyone is on some sort of a social media platform. This is because almost all the social media platforms run on various types of video-related content.

One of the second-most visited websites on the internet, YouTube, revolves simply around producing various types of videos and having its audience hooked on them and binge watch different videos one after the other.

And because of everyone is using smartphones these days, videos have become a great tool to reach out to mass people and share your cause on the internet.

Content-driven world

Content creation has never been this high, and that is thanks to the vast accessibility of different smartphones available to so many people across the globe. Nowadays, people are earning steady paychecks just for creating content.

Video content has been around for quite some time now, but with the new short format video content, it just confirms it even more that they are here to stay. 

And people don’t usually go for simple-looking videos; you must have the skill of creating great videos on a regular basis to have your audience’s attention retained.  

A lot of different resources

The great thing about video editing is that you don’t have to learn it from just one particular place or medium. There are so many different video editing softwares that are available these days and so many different resources for it.

There are video editing apps for mobile phones and computing devices, and there are online video editing softwares too. All of them are great ways to produce and make videos.

And you don’t even have to look far ahead to learn how to use them, and there are tons of different resources available for each particular software that you can use to learn how to use that particular software.

Feasible to make

If you are a business company and are on a tight budget for promoting your company to your target audience, then videos are the best ways to reach out to them, and it is the most cost-effective one as well since it is practically free.

You just have to invest in a good video editing software, and there are also many that let you make videos for free and are quite simple to use, and publish those videos on the internet, making it super feasible to make.

It is a great way to market your product or business, and this model is even used by giant companies like Tesla Motors. 

Various different career options 

Since video-related content is on the rise and it is not stopping anytime soon, many companies and individuals are hiring personal video editors to mass produce videos for them and release them on different social media platforms.

Because of how competitive the business is, some companies and individuals are going on a limb to offer great salary packs to those certain individuals that can make anyone have a pretty comfortable lifestyle.

Here are some of the base salaries that multiple companies offer for hiring a video editor.

Base salary of Video editors in Canada

If you are working in Canada, you can expect a base salary of $51,896 /yr.

Base salary of Video editors in Japan

If you are working in Japan, you can expect a base salary of ¥2,35,551/mo.

Base salary of Video editors in China

If you are a video editor in China, you can expect ¥14,612 /mo as your base salary.

Base salary of Video editors in Brazil

If you are working in Brazil, you can expect a base salary of $2,654 /mo

Base salary of Video editors in Mexico 

If you are working in Mexico, you can expect a base salary of $12,000 /mo

Base salary of Video editors in Australia 

If you are working in Australia, you can expect a base salary of $65,000 /yr

Base salary of Video editors in the US

If you are working in the US, you can expect a base salary of $58,057 /yr

Base salary of Video editors in the UK

If you are working in the UK, you can expect a base salary of £29,853/yr

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A great skill to learn

If you are a creative individual and love to tell visual storytelling, then learning how to use a video editing software could be a great for you to share your work with the world. 

It is such a great skill to have and learn because you can basically do everything on it, and it is not like the olden times when you had to cut individual film strips to create a video of some sort.

All the tools are available to us from so many different companies, you simply have to download a particular software, and you are off to making videos that you like.

Good for filmmakers 

If you are a budding filmmaker, then having the benefit of learning how to edit videos can be very beneficial. Because there are so many times, you would be needing a video editor to edit your entire film.

So instead of relying on a particular person to edit your film, you can edit it yourself. And a lot of times, it is hard to communicate to your editors what exactly you are trying to achieve with the edit.

So if you know how to edit, then you can simply edit your own work and make the desired type of video/film that you had in your mind.

Become a freelance video editor 

The above-mentioned salaries are for those if a company or an individual hires you on a contract to edit their videos. But there are so many different avenues if you are an individual video editor.

There are plenty of sites available online that share the work that client needs, and they hook up individual freelancing video editors with those clients to edit their work for them, and freelancing also pays good money.

So, that is another way you can earn yourself good money if you decide to become a freelance video editor.

Teach video editing 

As I mentioned above, video editing is on the rise, and so many people are heading to learn how to edit their videos. So, you can start your own YouTube channel, where you can teach people how to use a particular type of video editing software and its different tips and tricks.

Opening a YouTube channel on its own is a great source of revenue if you pass the certain limits that YouTube has set for a channel to get monetised, and having the ability to deliver content such as teaching video editing will surely help in boosting your channel.

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Good for self-usage

Learning to edit videos can be a really good advantage for yourself also because you might face a number of times where you would like to make a video or a video presentation for your own self and not for professional usage. 

So, in those cases learning how to edit a video makes it quite useful for you and your family members, as well, because then they can also depend on you for any time in the future when it is actually required to edit videos for something important. 

So, it is a good skill to learn, as well.

Helps in giving direction

If you are working with a video editor to edit a video of yours, and if you are already familiar with the working of video editing software, you can tell the editor exactly what you want and how the editor will be able to edit the clips. 

It is quite important because sometimes people just don’t have the vocabulary to explain what is inside their mind, and having that sense of vocabulary that can be a visual aid for someone hired to do the job is also quite important and useful. 

So, learning video editing does give you a certain advantage over those people who are trying to instruct video editors who have no prior knowledge about video editing.


What is the main purpose of video editing?

Well, the main purpose of video editing is to deliver the type of video content that you have been looking for. Video editing is basically all the hard work an individual puts in to create the final video that is available. 

Whatever you see on the internet or elsewhere, regarding a video that has multiple different cuts, transitions, effects, etc., has required a video editing software to deliver that type of video content to you.

So that’s the main purpose of video editing.

Is Video editing a useful skill?

It takes a certain amount of skill to edit a proper video, and if you have that skill, then your videos will turn out really well.

And there are so many people on the internet who love to watch a properly edited video to have a sense of professionalism in the line of work that the better your skill sets are, the better the video will turn out to be.

So, the faster you start learning about the skill of video editing, the quicker you will get to creating better overall videos.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of video editing?

Well, like all things, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to video editing as well. 

Let’s first start with the advantages of video editing.

Video editing is a skill that is required a lot in today’s content-driven world. Everyone wants to hire or be a video editor because there is a high demand for it. You will learn a whole lot about it if you start learning how to edit your videos today.

Why choose Video Editing? 

Video editing is a superb skill to learn. You can use it for making many different types of videos for your business or individual projects, and it is a great way to earn good money as well. 

It is a skill that is highly in demand these days, thanks to the number of content that is produced daily on the internet, and it is a really creative field to be in.

What are the disadvantages of video editing?

It takes a certain amount of skill and perseverance to learn how to edit your videos properly, and it takes a lot of time to edit even a 2-minute video clip. So, if you are someone who doesn’t have these skills, then you might find video editing to be boring.

What are the advantages of online editing?

As I had mentioned above, you don’t need to download a particular software to edit your videos. There are many different sites available online that let you edit your videos via your browser.

The biggest advantage of online editing is the fact that you can run those particular websites on any type of computing device, and you would be able to edit videos online.

Usually, video editing softwares require a certain amount of hardware specification, and people using older computers aren’t able to use those particular apps. But with online editing, that’s not the case.

Different purposes of Video Editing 

There are multiple different purposes of video editing, but the main purpose of video editing is the fact that you are able to create various types of different videos.

Now, those videos could be for your personal usage, business-related work, creative projects, content creation, creating ad campaigns, sharing awareness, etc. 

So, you can really start learning how to edit videos and get to fulfill different purposes of video editing.

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Well, there you have it. Ten of the many benefits that you can avail for yourself if you start learning how to edit videos of your own. The next step after this is how to choose the right video editing app.

It should be noted though, that video editing is not a simple skill to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it to be one of the better skills you would have to put on your resume.

But, as always, these have been my thoughts on video editing and its various benefits. Do you agree with them? Or do you think there are some better skills to develop?

Whatever your thoughts are, do let us know about them in the comments down below!

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